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"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
"Do not be defined by your conditioning, Otherwise the rest of the world will define your path."~IntraFace

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Comments (69)

Wow, what a douche.

I want stickers and a patch.. :<

that bastard
what are you going to do now..

learn from my mistakes and move on

wait wait wait WAIT
what does tba stand for!!!

"Looking for a good artist to work with a poor... I mean, confident writer! ;D"

you might wanna work on your writing first, cause that wasnt even funny

wait who the fuck is that no one over here on the dark side knows knows

pwnt n00bie

thebackalleys.com it's a site full of wholesome, fun loving people who love to chat about politics and metal gear

p.s. dunno who that guy is but damn you are one gullible fellow

Now that I actually have something worth selling and something people have actually wanted to buy, I made a store. I have hundreds of posters of Wonder What's Down There and I am now unleashing them upon the world. At 3 feet tall and 9 inches wide, I'm selling them for only $10+shipping, which is a bargain

how do you make a mindchamber patch bark?

you light it, "woof"

wow you really think what you're doing is funny,

I pity you, good luck getting real friends in life.

06:37 rtil ok "tbahardcore" is not a real screen name
06:37 PSI43 because of that patch thing
06:37 rtil because i just registered it
06:37 PSI43 how can you be sure?
06:37 PSI43 oh
06:38 PSI43 wow
06:38 PSI43 so it was faked
06:38 J_Seed lmao msg him with it
06:38 rtil haha ok
06:38 ropesnake wtf
06:38 ropesnake mindchamber made up a convo?
06:38 ropesnake what the christ
06:38 Flash tbahardcore001
06:38 J_Seed well wait did psi send tom that thing about what hes doing
06:39 NoneZop ahahahaa

actually youre both idiots. , unlike you queers I had no intention of revealing who actually AIM'd me, so I changed the zeros, to o's in the conversation cause I wasn't sure who it was, but now that I know its bullshit, and it was probably rtil, Im not gonna bother.

"how bored would this kid really be to send me this post then fool me into posting it only to claim he just registered it to prove me wrong?"

only to make you look like an idiot

but really why should i bother, you already do that on your own

These posters are on high-quality gloss paper - the same stuff that is used for movie and anime posters, etc.

There's always going to be assholes like that on the Internet, unfortunately.

ya true, but If Im actually sending someone something, using my own money, dont you think thats pretty low?

well i die and get stupid how do you like that mr.chamber

I got some tank patches...expecting a thin cloth patch..or maybe iron-on patches...but they're all sticky and shit and really thick. how do I permanently get this bitch onto my left ass cheek?

Woah dude..I don't c why u even bother wasting your time with these dudes 4real.
We're animators...can we just animate?

tru dat, you are totally right,

hold on a sec, theres a few dollars sticking out of your pocket, let me snatch those off of ya.
HEEEEEYY B.. come on now!!! dont get mad!! weeze animatorz B, just animate!

Even if they do go about doing something like that, fuck 'em; kharma's a bitch. :D


That isn't just low, it's very low.

Trolling someone about it is one thing, but exploiting someone for free stuff is a totally different thing.

But, these people usually do it for the laughs, or because they have no life or have nothing better to do with their time.

Frankly, that's not even remotely funny to me.

Yeah you and him are both dorks.

hey Crusty-Gorilla, thats not a banana you're chewing on.

Mindchamber you are the greatest payin for somthin twice and one of the greatest animators i have seen. And I don't know who those people are but there are always assholes and trolls and I hope kharma does work and that those douchebags get whats coming

OK, from what I understand, this is what's going on:

You guys are joking about BURNING A PIECE OF ARTWORK GIVEN TO YOU BY A FELLOW ARTIST AS A GIFT? What the fuck is wrong with you people? We're a community of artists. This is not a funny joke in the least. Mindchamber made those patches, its his own original artwork, and you're saying that you're going to set fire to it. Really now?

what's going on now?

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