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16 Bit + Noisia x Transformers = <3

Kinda coincidental...my submission for the Robot Day music contest is heavily inspired by Transformers. It's got the transforming sound effects n' all that good shit :P

ha nice, cant wait to hear it

is this the way the actual commercial was done? or is this just a fan who cut it together - if so, they did a pretty seemless job : )

official :3

I don't care if it sucks.. It looks too cool

robot boner achieved, im sure

i was so dissapointed in the transformers movies so far, its just impossible for me to get excited about the new one at this point. As for robot day, I'll be sure to contribute something again

I know the movies are bad..

but they all I have left in this world <:c

looking forward to your submission :3

lol, I own this album ...

Machine Gun (Nosia) ... the 16-bit remix.

Amon Tobin has a sick mix of this around 2:30 it's just stupid cool ...

It's worth 4 bucks : <a href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/machine-gun-ep/id352168092">http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mach ine-gun-ep/id352168092</a>

im picking it up.

good on them for getting into such a popular trailer

I never saw the second movie. I thought the first movie had a 'really' lame plot device. Those stupid glasses still makes my sense of sci-fi logic go 'wtf'.

I never had time to watch the second one. But I heard rumors that Megan Fox was actually 3D animated in some of the scenes.

As for this third installment however...I have to admit. Michel Bay really knows how to sell it this time. It looks really good! And I think the plot makes more sense to me.

I wonder if it has something to do with that planet sized Transformer Unicron. He was a Cybertron moon right?

*I still don't like the redesigns of Megatron. They made him beastly and monstrous. The real Megatron looked more intelligent and devious in the older series. I like villains who can meditated on their evil schemes. Monster villains are over-rated. Rawr, Grr, Snarl....Appeals to kids I guess.

haha a CG megan fox.. well at least it wouldnt be far off from the real thing.

two stiff plastic looking characters :-p

hey believe me I hated the designs more than anyone. and I still think the decpeticons are getting the shitty end of the stick here. But the designs are bulkier and more solid than before, so I am alil more happy about that.

it just looks like they might actually set the mood they promised us with the first movie.

dark, with a real sense of gravitas.

we can only hope.

Looking forward to your game though.

Can't wait to play it.

i love that character that looks like a freeze-frame of a shrapnel explosion.

Tell me

Oh, Michael Bay... I'm gonna go see it for the fireworks, lol.

Also, Nosia is awesome. Never heard this one, though. :D


I never considered that dubstep actually works well with the transformers lore.

lol what.

dubstep is how robots communicate >;c

The theory that dubstep is Transformers buttfucking is now irrefutable.

so is Alloy gonna be the robot minigame... :>

haha nah, the next alloy game will be slightly bigger than a mini :>

aw man i didn't know there was gonna be a robot day 2011. its a shame free time for me is limited at the mo, otherwise i'd get a few things out for it

boo, and I love your stuff too.

well you can at least get out a neat picture no? :3

Damn dubstep is getting hella populars huh looks like a fad we'll be able to joke about in sitcoms in the 2020's or 2030's

Imho dub step was an extension of our childhood memories, video games etc. We took those action scenes and video games scores, turned the into high HIGH definition sounds, and now it has come back around to those action scenes but as dubstep..... and as ive been saying dubstep will diffuse shitty mainstream, until dubstep has whored it self out. Keep your eyes out for flux ft* britny spears

Thanks for the tip, I'll see it tomorrow!!

^^ ps i <3 dubkips <3

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