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You Live and Learn LMAO.

Posted by MindChamber - January 4th, 2009

MindChamber001: Yup
MindChamber001 : Sup
TBAHardcore: Nothin sweettits, enjoying the festivities? LMAO
MindChamber001: not anymore,
TBAHardcore: LMAO Psi got you good with that picture, you look like a douche, roff.
MindChamber001: Uggh, if you say so
MindChamber001: look not in the mood for any BS, so what do you need.
TBAHardcore: haha nothin. must be pissed hes gettin a tablet now.
MindChamber001: not if he actually uses it Im not.
TBAHardcore: also heard you sending him stickers and patches, n stuff.
MindChamber001: Not really any you business, but whatever.
TBAHardcore: its a mindchamber patch , and angrystickers right? ;-)
MindChamber001 yah, and....
TBAHardcore: haha nothin I just think its gonna be funny when he burns em.
MindChamber001: burns what
TBAHardcore: hahah your patch, dumbass.
MindChamber001: really now.....
TBAHardcore: haha ya why did ya think he told you he couldn't afford them? why buy something he aint gonna keep.
MindChamber001: well thats kinda lame, I actually plan to pay for that patch, and stickers for him.
TBAHardcore: haha man, you gonna look fuckin stupid.
MindChamber001: Well considering I bought those patches for the store and then now Im paying for them to keep the inventory straight, I feel twice as stupid for paying for that patch twice.
TBAHardcore: hahahahah man, you fuckin idiot.
MindChamber001: amazing what one kid would do to impress a group people he'll never meet, on some forum.
TBAHardcore: Hahaha PWNED
MindChamber001: yah owned. you taught me. you taught me good, now kindly tell you and your crew to go fuck themselves.
TBAHardcore: HAHAhahaha

you live and learn.

Update: it seems like this may be a hoax after all. who knows whos telling the truth?

At 1/4/09 6:48 PM, Psi43 wrote:
am not burning the patch and I am not burning the stickers. I already said that would be really fucking stupid. I mean that wouldn't just be stupid, it would be really fucking low as well. Rtil might do that shit but I am not rtil, neither am I some kind of "rtil minion" or something like anigen used to be. Burning presents is stupid......

..... I do not want to impress rtil, nor do I want to be like him cause he's a dick towards 90% of the people I know. ....

So maybe RTil was TBAHardcore after all? I mean he does admit to registering it. how bored would this kid really be to send me this post then fool me into posting it only to claim he just registered it to prove me wrong?

I seriously can't believe I was a fan of this kid. He has proved to me how nasty he can really be, and basically convinced me you just can't ignore a person's efforts to make your time as miserable as possible, and still be their fan