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I,Pet Goat 2

Posted by MindChamber - November 19th, 2012

Probably the most important animation you'll see this year

PS. I also review games for this local gamesite in my area.

I haven't posted many since its only on my freetime but you can check em out here


Saw this last night, fantastic.

thet was niec

Looking slick, but I'm not quite sure what's going on all the time.

Wow... Just wow.

Thank you MindChamber, please keep up the good work!
I love how you imbue reality into brilliant art, if only half of the people that get to see this would also understand it.... but hey you do not need everyone to change the world.

i didnt make this, I wish i did

Some of this would be hard to interpret for some, but I saw it, the subliminal symbolism in this is an amazing, real, deep and accurate interpretation of the United States of America we're living in today, this relates to how I see it. A lot of people think we're "ok" and the music on the radio is "phenomenal"...sigh. There's only so little hope left for this world, but Newgrounds is part of the small hope for the rich talent and knowledge we have left, even if most of the users are a bit ignorant, there are good people here. Probably made this post longer than what it "should have been" by most standards, but freedom of speech is one of the only great things we have left, exercise it well, friends. Thank you for sharing this Jose, this restores more hope in humanity, the animation is really fluid and beautiful, and really strikes a nerve or two. TL;DR: People, be a REAL American, wake up and see what we're really dealing with here, watch this film.



It's beautiful! But I don't understand any of it... Can you please explain it???

theres way too much symbolism to break down. and lots of great conspiracy stuff to.

Literally gave me chills! The underlying messages are just everywhere, and I don't even think I picked up on most of them. And that music was phenomenal as well! If this gets put into the portal, I can easily see it getting some sort of Uber award!

That was the most terrifying and beautiful animations I had ever seen.

Is there an 'commentary' side to this animation? Or is the animation piece free for individual interpretation?

the creator stated it was from a dream and that it was up to interpretation

Wow, that was a load of mind-fuckery right there. Beautifully animated but I doubt my feeble mind will ever even BEGIN to grasp the symbolism in it.

I feel like this is made to be read into in as many different ways as possible. There's WAY too much message for me to actually digest as something. It's fun though, it's a fun ride.

My favourite part was when the illuminati monitor flashed to a lizard eye at 5 minutes, cos everyone knows the media is controlled by lizard-men.
Wait no my favourite part is when Jesus Christ escaped the christian church before it collapsed at the end, because what the fucking hell is that about.
Hammer and sickle guy drowning... giant dick tower is also a highlight.

I loved the puppeted presidents, great animation

I have no idea what the hell I just watched... but it isn't something I'll soon forget.

Now that is art!

i love seeing whats inside other people's skulls through art.
It always reminds me that sanity, personality, and memory are some of the greatest catalysts for what we create from thought to function, to existence through perspective experience.
cogito ergo sum.

Thanks for posting that, really interesting piece. Showed it to friends and such.

Yeah that's all well and good but, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Hah, just playing. I'm sure there's hundreds of messages hidden in there, and a hundred more openly on display.

Personally? I don't really enjoy things where there are hidden meanings and you have to look for them. I enjoy being sat down, and told a story, where everything is explained. Sure, mystery is nice, but hidden meanings and subtly don't really appeal to me.

Artwork blew me away, and I didn't think about not watching it fully after the first thirty seconds.

I think it's been said before but, it was a nice ride. I just sat back and enjoyed it in my own way. Maybe that's what the Author intended, or knew that people might do that, who knows.

Great work all the same.

I totally agree, no one has to take away everything from something this great looking, Enjoy for its exceptional work. I really love the almost painted caricature style if it.

Can't figure it out completely on what's the message, but I do read these words from it:
Dumbness, Technology, solitude, catastrophy, fate, hope, faith, miracle... = New world order?

when Bush turned into Obama, if you look closely, he wasn't a puppet any more.

Anyway I didn't get what implied messages were about either, until art games started annoying me and I really dug into it. On one hand: it feels ingenuine and like you're being talked down to when the author obfuscates a plain meaning behind a load of artsy garbage, right? Like why don't they just straight-forward make Zeitgeist or Loose Change or some documentary if they have this message to get out?

The part where it starts to make sense is that you can communicate things MORE THOROUGHLY if you show n don't tell. Like if you wanna know the story of LOST, or Breaking Bad or whatever, you're not gonna get that experience from me TELLING you about it, even if I spent a whole hour. You need the actors and characters and music to get all the right feelings at all the right points.
If you look at political caricatures, they're ALL ABOUT communicating big philosiphies and ideas. Sometimes an author can't tell you about something because they're not even 100% sure what they're looking at. Like if it's something gigantic like immigration laws, or really personal like your dad developing alzheimers, the author can't tell you what they're going through because it's too big and complex understand. They can only evoke the same feeling of insecure confusion in other people, and hope it triggers some thought excercise where they ask themselves the same questions.

Like I'm playing Walking Dead right now, and it's a game about making hard choices, and then justifying them. It makes you think through a lot of tangential things, and it definately wouldn't have the same effect if they had just made a movie that says "racism is bad, family is important etc." There'd be no discussion there.
There ARE hundreds and millions of movies and songs that have really obvious themes that could easily be written down on a piece of paper and given to you. That's the definition of "being pretentious", when an author says "I can only communicate this porperly through a 2D platformer!" when really all they wanna say is "deaths are sad".

Anyway now you know what symbolic storytelling is for. It's art-types communicating big ideas that they can't effectively articulate directly. Sometimes it's just fake assholes being pretenders. I'm bumping up against the character limit on this comment. Characters remaining: 1

You pretty much nailed the way I took it. The director basically made a visual poem of all the conspiracies and fears and wikileaks we've all known.. Im sure he doesnt even know what half of them mean, but he knows how they make him feel, and hes trying to invoke that at a very basic and visual level, and for those that don't know what each one might entail, moving them to research that symbolism, is half the the journey. Its part of that experience you're referring to. He doesn't tell it directly, he wants you to discover them and explore them, which in itself makes the whole association to the video more personal.

I also still think obama's a puppet. The strings dissapear the minute the classroom lights go on, but imply they are still there. Obama comes in with a diploma's cap, but his white gloves still implies hes a puppet. ( to me anyway).. also his chuckle turned old mans laugh gives me the vibe hes still being controlled by the "old money" hands.

I saw this a few months ago, and I watched it over and over again and most of what I got from it was just conspiracy theories that I'm not so sure about.

They did an amazing job with the pacing and everything, it really blew my mind. It would still be interesting even if they weren't trying to push a bunch of messages through it.

Welcome to shit America. War on terror we are almost done! Then war on EVERYTHING! AHHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

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