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Embroidered NG Patches! Word

2008-05-20 17:15:42 by MindChamber

With only about two weeks lefts to the BigAppleCon, Ive been hustling getting postcards designed, making Games and Videos list of the the flashes we will be displaying, and trying to come up with new or different Items to have presented at the Con.

Well The First of these just came to the office which was the Embroidered NG tank Patch. Theres just something cool about feeling the stitching of the Actual tank in your hands. On top of that it has an adhesive back so you can pretty much stick it anywhere. Its a nice subtle way to show your NG love.
The 3inch version is great for shoulder patches and backpacks, while the 1.5 inch version would go perfect on a blank cap. more news about the Con as it arrives. Even had some made of my Logo for myself.

In other news, have you guys tried FlashPlayer10 ? Its still in beta but damn is it blazin' I tried out Baron, Newgroundsrumble, and DadnMe, and all the games are superfast now. I have yet to see any real errors aside from some highlighted buttons looking misaligned, check it out.

Embroidered NG Patches!  Word


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2008-06-09 22:42:16

I got a nice 10+ year old denim jacket that'd go perfect on >:P

If I see this in the store, then I'll make a purchase, then I'll sew the bitch on!
Take that you band punk, you suck, I rock, I got teh tank to blow your ass up, whats your bitch-band patch gonna do?

Truly a great day :P
luv yal


2008-06-09 18:53:37

I got one on Saturday and it's sticking right in front of me on my monitor. I'm scared to even touch it.


2008-06-06 22:21:02

manage to get an animated gif on there and I will be impressed, still looks cool though


2008-06-04 22:24:57

lmao "ye he my lovely assistant"


2008-06-01 13:28:57

awesome! I hate not being able to go to the con I've been a fan of this site for so long...this is the times when living in spain is not that fun haha crap I'll just have to wait longer to get one of this


2008-05-31 05:30:37

Also, thanks for the flash player 10 tip.


2008-05-31 05:29:58

Holy Fucking Wow.
When the new store launches I am having my fingers crossed together in every way possible, hoping you'll accept UK debit cards, i'm getting one soon and I really hope there's cool stuff I can buy.


2008-05-31 04:50:58



2008-05-31 00:44:35



2008-05-30 20:58:47

That is awesome, I would love to go there and check out the NG desk. Hopefully you guys will get a good turn out on the patches and get them in the store with a larger variety, I wouldn't mind one myself...


2008-05-28 19:50:50



2008-05-28 01:09:10

is it just me or does player 10 speed up load times too?

MindChamber responds:

its probably just the framerate, because of browser lag most programmers set there frames 35 fps or higher to compensate. Flash player 10 is playing these flashes at the speed they were uploaded, and most of the time the bar in preloaders are animated, so it should appear to be moving faster as well.


2008-05-26 12:14:20

We have the same beard!


2008-05-26 11:52:24

When is the exact date and do you know how much tickets cost I plan on going with a friend if I can get enough cash and those patches look sweet I plan on getting one at the Con or at the NG store if they become popular enough. Hope to see you there. Oh yeah and who else is going to be there in New York.


2008-05-26 08:02:13

That's great. I'll (hopefully) get one for my jacket.

A question: How much did P-Bot cost you? :D


2008-05-25 21:14:44

Cool. I have wanted one of these for a while.

There is alot of NG merchandise isnt there. I dont mean this in a rude way, but there is alot. Its abit like quantity over quality. I love NG and have for years. I always thought of the old store (the offsite one) as a bit of a joke (NG bibs, boxers, panties, skateboards etc) but now its more official it's a bit more in your face.

I like the idea of NG just having the NG Logo shirt and that be it. It is cool having variety though.

MindChamber responds:

ya that cafepress page (the old NG store) was kinda of a joke and not really as good as the temporary one we have now. just wait till the official one launches


2008-05-25 11:37:45

If they had grunge NG patches, i'd buy one. (grunge as in the same way as the grunge UK flags <
> )


2008-05-23 20:30:39

Dat's a great badge. How's The Rise of P-Bot coming along?

MindChamber responds:

slowly, but its coming along


2008-05-23 19:56:12

I love you.


2008-05-23 19:26:22

So that lovely little patch you have may not be for sale? Quite a bummer, but it does look nice though and I acknowledge it with two thumbs up and a smile.


2008-05-23 16:33:45

Well I don't recall anything but if I'm banned then I probably did something, but please un-ban me as today I was sending you a PM about a spammer which no one noticed but I found out I was banned, but then I PMed Ramagi who sorted it!


2008-05-23 14:41:54

this looks great, put a comment onto mine leitchsam


2008-05-23 11:35:52

Haha I'm banned from sending you messages!?

MindChamber responds:

i dunno did I? what you say? were you annoying or somethin?


2008-05-22 21:57:22

That would go perfect with my cape!


MindChamber responds:



2008-05-22 20:14:50

You guys desperately need to add that to the store.


2008-05-22 19:32:31

hey is it true that there is a hack for newgrounds?!?!?!?!?

MindChamber responds:

lol, dumb worthless comments ftw!


2008-05-22 13:38:01

Did you check out the games i posted in the forum? Also cool embroidery.


2008-05-22 12:21:55

Haha, that's cool. Maybe now it'll be easier to reach out to the patch-kids, the one who back when i was young used to call themselves "punk rockers". i think they (d)evolved into "emo" or some shit...

MindChamber responds:



2008-05-22 08:30:04

in 27/may/2008 is my bithday
13 to 14 years old!

MindChamber responds:

sweet!! that and the fact that youre in Indonesia means youre ready to work..
chop chop on those tankman figurines bitch!!


2008-05-22 06:51:55



2008-05-22 02:15:46

Wish I had one of those in middle school when I had those things all over my backpack.

Oh wait I didn't frequent this site in middle school like I do today ;P Well, new crap is always cool. Moer ways 2 hoer ;D


2008-05-22 00:35:20

MAN, I want one of those! When do they hit the store?


2008-05-21 21:58:50

Please put it up for sale at the NG store. Please.


2008-05-21 14:35:18

Awesome, im going to buy 10!


2008-05-21 14:16:31

Okay seriously.
This is a great idea.


Also, I hope I'll make it to the BACon.


2008-05-21 13:35:54

wow!! AWSOME!!!


2008-05-21 13:09:29

Cool...The best things are those ones with the Iron-On glue though...they stay on better.

Any chance of seeing this in the store?

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

I chose the stickon cause sometimes people dont want to wait to get home to slap it on . but yea I agree iron ons are better. these still feel great tho.

as for the store thing, it all really depends if these sell well, and I can prove that you guys really want them.


2008-05-21 11:41:50

I might be in business here, yes they do! They print the ready made pathces to sew on!


2008-05-21 10:09:37

I think you better have it on the store coz thousands people would love to buy one. Isn't it good to make so much people happy?


2008-05-21 05:06:25

Why wont you guys ever come to Sweden!?
Damn it to hell!


2008-05-21 02:34:59

As if it wasn't enough that I have NG stickers everywhere, soon my jackets will be covered too. I'm like a Newgrounds whore.

I feel so dirty....(but I like it.)


2008-05-21 02:22:15



2008-05-21 00:42:32

FUCK, you should add that in NG STORE


2008-05-21 00:19:52

That is totally lame, patches havent been cool since..


patches were never cool.

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

neither is standing around taking pictures of yourself. no thanks queer, hand me da patches. haha


2008-05-20 23:09:35

give me


2008-05-20 22:52:11

It's been ten years since I even thought of putting another patch in my hoodie.

I am so getting this.


2008-05-20 22:48:56

kewellll i wonder if i get a discount.

MindChamber responds:

no >:c


2008-05-20 22:17:49

How do you get to make patches liek those :O ? and thats crazy !


2008-05-20 21:37:39

I want one. :3


2008-05-20 21:35:05

this will shatter our world.