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Ok Folks, This get harder every year, so Ill say again what I said last year:

"Just know I understand and appreciate the work that went into every submission, and if you didn't get placed just know this is all subjective, and I hope you had fun creating and keep creating."

Ok Lets hop on to the Winners


1st Place:

Shemmet's little series of a "Couple of Robot Boys" had me watching them over and over.. They're just little moments, in the lives of these two robot friends, but they are extremely well done, and make me want to know more about these guys. Here's hoping Shemmets makes more of them.!

2nd Place:

Quarl hits us over the head with another amazing banger!

It doesn't particularly tell a story, that's up to you.

its this soundscape vibe that's perfect for letting your imagination run wild in.

3rd Place:

Ozark knocks it out of the park with another eye-catching piece..

he needs to make a comic already!

hit me up with your PayPal Addys in PM guys.


Close Calls : (1 year supporter) in no particular order

1) ThePsycoSheep's

Animated Logo Design, is the perfect example of style and effectiveness.

its eye-catching and smooth and represented Robot Day really well.

2)aki-T144 nice fantasy feel, catching some Moebius vibes too!

3)MrPakoMan hitting us with that Max Fleisher-styled P-Bot!! Gotta Singa';

4) LexRodent & LuckyDee whipped up something a bit different, Bluesy yet still had that rustic Robot feel.

I could easily see this as a credits song in such Robot Western games such as SteamWorld Dig

5)Canucko Putting a light on I-Bots shy personality :3

Honorable Mentions. In no particular order

1)PsychoGoldFish I saw this and I was immediately transported back to the 80s staring at some super expensive transformers in Sears.. PG nailed the Box art aesthetic from those days perfectly.

2)Krinkles has been steading improving his craft and has just turned into this cyborg illustrating powerhouse.

all his robotic designs just keep getting more detailed and impressive every year.

3)HeavenBreak0 Obscene level of detail.. looks like a still out anime!

4)EinMeister's Mechanical Leg is intricate and possibly functional?

really great design Id like to see more of!

5)Chdonga made a fun little robot platformer where you collect junk to keep alive

Still have no idea who Clyde was though. :D

6) PredatorMusic created some really nice music that could easily be in an Epic video game

7) Garnet-Frost Brings back the TF animated style with her soothing colors and polished lines.

8)StarDustJarr entry has smooth soft colors that almost feel like its airbrushed

9)doffu0000 Intricate and symmetric design could easily be on a shirt or skateboard

10)ScepterDPinoy Pixel art is tricky and Scepter's eye for small details is envious!

This Year was kinda nuts, sorry it took longer than before to Judge, but the influx of old and new artists submitting this year has really added some breath into this contest! Already Excited for what's to come next year.

Once again if I didn't pick or mention you, it's only because I can only post so much, and only have so much money :-p

There was a lot of really cool work and everyone that submitted did a great job!

Art by Shemmet



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