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Free Art and Game assets.

Posted by MindChamber - October 30th, 2021

I've been getting a lot of requests for older stuff, like assets for games, fla's for older preloaders, and such..

I've been handing them out on a request basis, but it would simply be easier to have it located all in one place.

Some of the game assets link to opengameart.org but should that ever go away I'll make sure to post backup copies of stuff here. you're more than welcome to request items in the comments below, and if I have it I'll update the list.

Just remember I don't own the rights all to these characters. unless specified, If you plan to use this in any commercial fashion whatsoever you need to make arrangements with the original creators..


Tranforming Tank

Pico Day 2007

Pico Day 2008

Cartoons fla's

Pico's Unloaded

Flash /png Game Sprites

NG Rumble Characters

Simple Zombies

Madness Regent (BGs)

Madness Accelerant (BGs,assets)

Pixel Puncher royalty-free

Red Baron royalty-free

Dark Saber (from redbaron) royalty-free

Defector (from Red Baron) royalty-free

Pink Knight royalty-free

Jing royalty-free

Armored Squids royalty-free

Viking royalty-free

Trolls royalty-free

Shmup assets royalty-free

Heavy Terror Machine royalty-free

Night Strike royalty-free

Random Effects and Splatters

Madness Accelerant effects

Red Baron Effects

old Pico and Alloy Arena Effects

Unfinished Alloy .GBA Demo (more of a prototype really)

For the last 8 years I've been rummaging through my old files trying to find what I could put up for free, it was just this thing I was doing every year on my birthday. I'd love to keep up the tradition, and now that I'm a free agent again that's what I intend to do. I would love to just make free assets as my main job but I still got bills, so if you'd like to help me do this full-time, any ko-fi tips would definitely be awesome, and if that's not possible, a simple credit for any of the art used would be hugely appreciated. :)

Ill try and update this list everyother week, even with smaller sprites.

Till All Are one.



damn bro thanks

definetely gonna look at the pd2007 and ng rumble flas

Thanks, really wanted to see the assets for Pico's Unloaded. Do you still have the Picoday 2009 preloader? I dont know anyone who has it

Did I do that one?
Ill look in my older harddrives.. If I do Ill post it

newgrounds rumble 2


@kubernikus18 there was no animation for 2009, just art

@LucianoZ @MindChamber it's true =) .

Speaking of assets, I took a look at some sprites and bg art you made (preferably the ones you sent me a link to), they look amazing.

Yooo newgrounds rumble sprites thats pretty cool

@MindChamber I confused it with the pico day 2008 preloader sorry

sorry I only have the rough fla, of it.. I don't have the final copy, Stamper was the one that added the final flourishes. and sounds.. but I'm guessing he doesn't have it :/

This will help alot of people, Thanks Mind! Ill be looking forward to use these once i get a computer

Also, I have the Pico Day 2010 loader (it was just an image with buttons) but I'm pretty sure the art was made by you. if you want the PD10 loader to put on here let me know

imma try to make NG rumble 2 with the ng rumble characters file

Hell yeah bro, I've been after these for quite a while.

Can you add one of the games too?

I didn't program any of the games so you'd have to ask the programmers , sorry

This its nice you helped me thanks

"till all are one" I remember transformers good times good times

"Till All Are One" -_-

how the hell do you open an fla

no really i dont have animate how tf do you open an fla

then get the free trial and extract the art?

Thanks for the preloading intro jose