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Haha that was damn cute

Fantastic, love how this showcased so many styles and yet still maintained the vision of the original show.. This is some serious studio work here!

That was pretty damn Profound. The humans will know the truth soon enough. :3

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That baby cry is creepy !!
I cant seem to feed her, any tips?

edit thanks for the tip,, youre right that second half is nuts! haha nice work

Notabla responds:

You have to collect three things around the house and then heat the whole thing before feeding her. :)

very cute, the monochrome colors bring back the fun days of neo geo pocket. nice work

Harlemblack responds:

Thank you, sir. Yes, the idea was to make a game with retro graphic style and the hardcore gameplay of arcade/atari games.

nice game, has real charm, and feels solid. And ol Octi found a side job selling warez!!

haha Ill be joining that kickstarter plz

squidly responds:

robot warez :o

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This was quite beautiful.. It immediately felt like something Philip Glass would've dreamt up .
really great for inducing powerful imagery and visual landscapes

I dig it. Reminds of those funky space games from the 90s..great atmosphere. good luck on the game too, sounds really cool, keep us posted posted

whoooo man those drums.!! and that bass ooff!! and even some fun synthy stuff very reminiscent of Vince Di-cola.. (original transformers movie) Loved it

Quarl responds:

Transformers always had sound to die for. Never heard of Vince Di-cola but with a name like that I hope to hear about him again. It's fun to say!

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That's a gorgeous render.. As for your other situation, you gotta stop beating yourself up over this stuff.. push away from that desk, and get out there and enjoy life dude.. it's not going anywhere.

IvanAlmighty responds:

Thanks man! Tru that, just gotta take it one day at a time

Loving these colors! Great shading too. The midsection full of spirits is Definitely cool

TheDyingSun responds:

Thank you so much MindChamber! It was fun to make sure details like that were in there!

This is very cute, brings me back to the good ol days of Gameboy color :3

IrisOfTheRepliforce responds:

It is one of my favorite handhelds, I have two of them. My favorite games for it are Monster Rancher Battle Card and Mega Man Xtreme series

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