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that was insane. loved the visual, and that animation was buttery smooth!

that was alot of fun.. definitely miss the old school days pixel fight animations, and this one really brought back all the fun and flavor of those times.

While I definitely appreciate the time it takes to construct, write and edit a review. I cant help but feel this isn't the right venue for previews and reviews such as these.. I get they are popular and I get how some extra traffic could definitely help bolster both newgrounds and the submitter. But there's a reason newgrounds is the internet underdog.. They cater to the arduous crafting for the arts... yes this goes in the face of the numanuma dance, and Jem dance videos, that have graced the front page, but Those were the exception.. I hope, and not the rule. There are plenty of reviewers on youtube that go the extra mile by animating their reviews.. (look at mashable) and even Toy reviewers who take the time to animate their figures to show articulation ... I feel pieces like those, have a place at NG... maybe teaming up with an animator ?
This is just my opinion.

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nice game, has real charm, and feels solid. And ol Octi found a side job selling warez!!

haha Ill be joining that kickstarter plz

squidly responds:

robot warez :o

nice work man, very cool

Butzbo responds:

Thanks MC! :D

your flash games are great!! I predict you're gonna make it big as a programmer <3

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This is nuts man, really creative.. nj

really sweet! reminds me of some of the industrial levels in some of the older sonic games

DESHIEL responds:

It reminds me of back in the day when the "composers" just winged it :D

you just keep getting more and more amazing dude.. how is it youre not touring yet???

aaronmusslewhite responds:

haha thanks man, appreciate you still comin round to check my stuff out a lot!
But probably because of my inconsistency lmao

I've been producing with a local rap artist here tho named Ph4de who's getting pretty poppin on FB, check it out sometime if you're into rap at all :D!

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sorry for the late post,
great work! love the Da Vinci aesthetic

Saminat responds:

It was a pleasure to pay an homage!

Sorry for the super late reply.. but yeah, I love it <3

He was like everyone's favorite granduncle.. he will be incredibly missed.. this is a great illustration perfect likeness and style

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