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The prodigal son has returned.

Nice to see your work on the front page again ✊

rtil responds:

this review feels like the final episode of a 300 episode shounen anime

Goddamn, that was so much fun.. you guys had a blast with this.. super jelly I didn't take part.. great work every one

Amazing and trippy.. loved it

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You guys did a bang up job.. so many of these pics flow so perfectly into another.. and that puzzle mode is nuts

cant get over to that second platform..
instructions definitely need to be clearer.. I drop a petal, float across, and hit the wall, and fall down.. why.. am I supposed to drop more than one pedal for more float? I noticed I can gain lift.. why isnt that explained? are the vases for display? at first I was trying to drop a pedal in it.. why isnt there, some ledge forgiveness? I tried to clear the second gap with a run-jump.. no good.. why do I have to wait out the whole plucking animation to move forward.. does this play into a fight or flight mechanic later on?

How do I clear that second jump.

HealliesGames responds:

Hi! If you are referring to the tutorial stage, while you're on blue flower power, you can move up and down.

So, you need to take the petal and hold up to float.
Also taking the petal while jumping can give more height.

And yes, vases are aesthetic. Except those you will see later.

That baby cry is creepy !!
I cant seem to feed her, any tips?

edit thanks for the tip,, youre right that second half is nuts! haha nice work

Notabla responds:

You have to collect three things around the house and then heat the whole thing before feeding her. :)

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nice work, this is a great remix

Amazing how this tune defines my youth during the 90s.. great job

This was quite beautiful.. It immediately felt like something Philip Glass would've dreamt up .
really great for inducing powerful imagery and visual landscapes

Grandvision responds:

Thank you :) I haven't quite listened to Philip Glass but I'll be sure to check him out. Thank you for the comparison!

Aren't you one of the Moderators for Newgrounds?

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WTH...... How is this not a shirt 😂

Nice job, really love the energy.. this is a perfect intro to an awesome game

gatekid3 responds:

thank you thank you. im gad you think so

Dude.. that's so awesome.. and the music video came out great.

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