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The BigAppleCon Postcards have arrived.

2008-05-29 12:53:58 by MindChamber

We'll be giving these out at the BigAppleCon next week

I think they came out pretty sweet. At first I was a bit put off that they are a tiny bit dark, but I love how rich the colors Look. Its pretty cool to see my art in solid form and on something you can actually hold.

I did get a few gripes about the statement on the card as being a bit pretentious.
"The Most creative Group of Artist, animators, game designers, and musicians on the Web"

I dunno, I think its true, and isn't pretentious at all. maybe if I said "The ONLY Group of..." or " The Most Talented group" or " The most respected" <---LoL

In terms of the sheer amount of creative talent, we are certainly the biggest. And being creative doesn't mean we don't still have room to grow... Y'know?
I think its safe to say we ARE the most creative group on the web, and it really makes me proud.

The BigAppleCon Postcards have arrived.


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2008-06-15 06:04:17

Whoa! Ninjas! Did you see them?


2008-06-13 19:32:47

i so wish i could go just so i could get one of those those are awesome

MindChamber responds:

well if you buy anything from the store ask for the card and we'll pack it in


2008-06-13 18:47:32

Wow LOL! I wish i was there.


2008-06-12 03:57:18



2008-06-11 18:47:42

camera shy boogoo


2008-06-10 21:07:48

man i love that card with the characters on it!


2008-06-10 11:06:31

Did you sell all of those patches?
If not, wanna send me one? ;)

MindChamber responds:

we still have some left, I put them on the shelf in the store room, not sure what when they will go online, but maybe if you PM bob he would sell ya one.


2008-06-09 23:00:46

Hey Mindchamber it was really cool to finally meet you. Don't worry about the cards they are awesome i actually took like 5 of them to give it to people at my school(maybe they ill get into flash lol) you were really cool with us (by us i mean doomshock and muahh) and the booth was really great. I bough one of those NG patches and my mom is gonna sewed it up on one of my best jackets!!! It was really nice to meet you.

MindChamber responds:

same here man, definitely cool to meet kids that are just plain excited about NG and really want to get into flash, you and doomshock were really cool.


2008-06-09 20:34:01

k, kool


2008-06-09 19:11:00

Yo, mindchamber! it was awesome to meet you.Thanks for being nice and all, sorry if i wasnt what you guys were expecting me to be but we . YOur the man

MindChamber responds:

lol what? what do you think we were expectin'? we all thought you were cool dude, dont sweat it.


2008-06-09 08:37:08

Good to meet you man, look forward to hanging out again in the future.

Did traffic pick up at the booth after I left on Sunday?
It wasn't looking too hot man.

MindChamber responds:

ya traffic died down pretty much because of all the P day parade goodness, but we had the hardcore fans keepin us company :-p


2008-06-08 22:01:53

Yup i was there and got more then a post card. Also Mindchamber hoping for alien snatch attack 2

MindChamber responds:

haha same here dude


2008-06-08 20:25:54

WTF?? The Kitty Krew cat at the bottom right?????


2008-06-08 16:31:14

damn i cant go to the con
well at least im a level 7 this week
so yay!


2008-06-06 11:14:40



2008-06-06 05:50:26

i would go but i dont live in america =/


2008-06-05 21:57:54

Why isnt Darnell on the card?
Seems to be more then a coincidence...


2008-06-05 12:25:33

pico dead


2008-06-05 07:52:21

But really though a lot of people here are quite impressively creative.

But they are outnumbered. GAME OVER, MAN.

MindChamber responds:

They sure are XD


2008-06-05 07:50:50

Yeah, we're all proud that the most popular stuff on this site is hentai and crappy video game sprite movies and lame parodies.


MindChamber responds:

Lol more bitchin' and moanin' from the Siskel and Ebert of newgrounds.


2008-06-04 18:26:27

I lol'd at alien hominid's face and tankmans. By the way I saw a reply asking for NG Rumble 2 on blog post D:


2008-06-03 18:18:07

im band from PM box but its not my fault it was my dick of a brother

MindChamber responds:

well, let me ban you so you can keep it in the family


2008-06-03 18:09:43

id take the mc bot thats holding the card if i were there

and personally i like krinkels talent more
even if his madness interactive sucks >>


2008-06-03 02:55:21



2008-06-03 02:54:54

Good luck at the booths


2008-06-02 12:26:20

Will they be shipped with shirts like the comic con cards were. Also if your still shipping the comic con cards is foamy in it?

MindChamber responds:

foamy isnt in that one as far as I know. and I think we are out of those


2008-06-02 06:38:43

Why are you making a post like this when you could make Pico 2?

MindChamber responds:

because Im not the programmer of pico 2.


2008-06-01 23:18:13

Man, I would really like to go. Someday I want to hang with NG at a convention.
Also the MoCCA Art Festival is kinda* close to where you guys are going to be.


2008-06-01 16:23:54

Well, if you ask me, not the entire site is original, we do HAVE the most creative people on the web, but not the whole site is like that, mostly just people like The-Swain, Adam Phillips, Krinkels, etc. If you look at the new artists and "Riff Raff" You'll see "Dress-up Naruto!11!" As one of their submission titles. And why are the KK on there? Their submissions are just Spongebob with a cock or a crappily drawn cat standing there with a seizure-enducing background....


2008-06-01 12:52:55

Hey,guys in hanks final level cant jump or fell,you or somebody else shold fix it ya now.


2008-06-01 04:15:43

I am pretty much loyal to NG on all fronts, except when art is mentioned. I think that statement is pretty much true if you confine it to flash media.

I don't know about art and music. I've always found the art on NG to be severely lacking. The music section has some good stuff, but it's not really up to par.

MindChamber responds:

Well I think we are a pretty creative bunch, granted not the most sophisticated or the best skilled. which is what I'm really getting at.


2008-06-01 03:27:13

whens madness 9 comin out >:c


2008-05-31 21:37:42

I'd pay extra to get knocked out by Swain.


2008-05-31 15:48:47

Well, I live in Holnes, he lives back on Long Island, my old 'hood (XP)


2008-05-31 11:33:36

to bad i cant come


2008-05-31 09:53:14

I wish I could go will you be going every year?


2008-05-31 09:49:54

Newgrounds Needs More Publicity...
Well Done On The Award Mindchamber Rumble is a AWESOME Game



2008-05-31 05:45:24

hey mind chamber wheres blockhead on the top plate thing i was playin weres blockhead for a sec and i couldent find him


2008-05-31 03:19:35

Is the MC bot done as in complete? make more then sell at NG store weeeee


2008-05-31 03:15:36

Cool post card...all of Newgrounds most influential characters that were submitted by the coolest artist from around the world.

BTW...congratulations on winning the 2008 game tank awards! NG rumble is such an awesome Flash game. I'm sure you, Luis, and Aaron must have worked very hard on it.

Have fun at the Apple Con! Don't get too overwhelmed by all the over eccentric fans.


MindChamber responds:

thanks man!


2008-05-31 01:22:46

HEY, if I make it to apple con will you guy help me get in, lol, I don't live to far from there I can make before 10 am. i'd hate to wait on a line for a jillion years lol!

MindChamber responds:

its a really small con, shouldnt be a long line


2008-05-31 00:03:43

NG is globally growing bigger, day by day. It's a worldwide phenomenon. By far the best flash and games site, easily. I mean with people like: you, Luis, Egoraptor and Tom Fulp, this site can't fail. Because it gets better every time. And with events like these, you're only becoming more popular.



2008-05-30 20:53:20

I saw Tom mention working on Pixel Puncher again.
That games got the Alloy Platformer Engine right? I really want to see another or THE Alloy game soon. I'm hoping the completion of PP brings it a step closer.

MindChamber responds:

well its kinda has alloy's engine in the sense both were being worked on around the same time and both have the same elements. more or less.

PsychoGoldfish is in charge of the Alloy game tho. so once he finds the time then I can help out


2008-05-30 17:35:49

Fucking sweet, I love how you've got your robot holding the top one, lol.

Also, I believe that between you, Swain and I handing out knuckle sammiches. The pretentious comments shouldcome to a halt fairly rapidly as word spread about our intolerance of dissent.

I'm starting to believe that I should have ignored Luis and flown into Philly instead of NY being that I'm probably going to rent a vehicle in NY I could have helped cart some stuff to the con. From what he's told me so far you guys are having space issues as far as what to bring and what not to.


It would be a terrible shame for him not to make an appearance.

MindChamber responds:

haha , we'll see about P-Boddy, but its all good


2008-05-30 07:40:36

Great! and is tht gta in the background?

MindChamber responds:

damn you must really be squinting hard to catch that


2008-05-30 05:01:30

good work!!!


2008-05-30 01:40:45

Is that midchamber bot holding the postcard? It's cool BTW who made it?

MindChamber responds:

yes, and I did.


2008-05-30 00:36:23

me wanty, me wanty!

me also wanty my shirt. ;-;


2008-05-29 23:50:28

A full poster I'd not only gladly pay for, but I'd totally cum.
Also, TCD + MC = Garbage Whistle Brothers. :P


2008-05-29 22:49:43

haha ur whistle is garbage

MindChamber responds:

lol your a normal whistle , go outside moar.