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StickSlayer will live on Forever.

2009-10-22 11:56:53 by MindChamber

Ben Spurgin (aka Spurginator) has been gracing newgrounds with his creativty for almost a decade now. I loved his over the top flair for the dramatic, as well as the ridiculous, and I rarely found anyone who was able to marry the two so effortlessly.

No matter what medium he worked with,be it film,games, or music, he attacked it with the same Zest and flair that only Ben could do. At times Ben would come to me for advice, but I would always go to him for inspiration, and thankfully I still can through his submissions.

I feel selfish in saying this, but I'm more pissed than sad that he's gone.

We had plans man!!!..I wanted to see both of us grow, compare notes, goof on each other. Whatever. Thankfully he left us his StickSlayer , Power of the Geek, Peeman cartoons to watch, and forever will his work be immortalized on NG, for the old and new flash artists alike.

And to Ben's mom,

well you know how I feel, and that feeling is echoed throughout NG and every upcoming flash artist hes ever inspired.

StickSlayer will live on Forever.


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2009-11-14 05:33:22

i think you and some other flash artists of newgrounds who were his friends should make a tribute flash

RIP ben we will miss ya


2009-11-14 00:10:58



2009-11-05 16:36:08

May Ben rest in peace and go to the great NG in the sky. His legacy will be his awesome work and the good times that he had with his family and friends. I feel that it would be a fitting tribute, and if Ben's family gives it the green light, if MindChamber is allowed to complete SS9 and thereby complete the apotheosis of Ben Spurgin as one of the true legends/Gods of NG. I believe that the users of NG are like a family and each of us a brother.

Rest in peace my brother in NG. Your light will never dim or be extingushed.


2009-11-04 13:07:58

Maybe someone could take a drive out to his place, grab his computer, and see his last project published.


2009-11-03 17:27:30

wow, i feel so bad..he died on my birthday :/


2009-10-30 16:08:14

OMG! i cant belive it. I loved his work and i wanted him to make more and now hes gone. that really sucks.


2009-10-30 01:57:42

is he still dead?

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

is as dead as you are worthless


2009-10-28 19:44:48



2009-10-27 03:26:29

the spurginator will live on in our hearts and newgrounds forever RIP


2009-10-26 22:32:23

RIP Ben. My heart goes out to his family and friends. What a terrible loss.


2009-10-26 22:12:22

"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."

MindChamber responds:

and the reality is, your music sucks. lol


2009-10-26 20:50:49

sucks but you auto fish stick slayer for him and pimps quest two to honer his death


2009-10-26 03:14:01

Do you think we'll ever see the finished parts in Bens latest work before he passed away? I heard he was working on StickSlayer 9.

R.I.P Ben, your series was awesome and a message to all newbie animators everywhere.


2009-10-25 17:11:55

RIP, it's a shame


2009-10-25 16:50:32

Frankly, I don't feel sorry for him. It's his fault. Heroine overdose...completley and truly his fault. Send hatemail to me, I don't give a shit.

MindChamber responds:

why would I send hatemail to you? I don't even know or care who you are.


2009-10-25 13:24:53

Yeah, it sucks he's gone.
Yet, I think it's a good idea to make a memorial page.


2009-10-25 08:10:56



2009-10-24 22:47:52

Real shame to lose a comrade even though i never actually knew him... Weird that ive never seen his work before (ive known about ng for over 6 years now), and i never stumbled across his work, what a shame... to bad people like this have to go in such a way, you really see the impact they left, only when they're truly gone. Some people might even over shadow his greatness with just the simple fact that he died of a Heroin overdose which really ticks me off if people do this.
Just goes to show you people come and go, some sooner than others... a reality check really, I can't really say I know how it feels since the only family members ive lost were my grandparents, (it was expected they were 88+ years old, its hard but not hard as this is).


2009-10-24 22:47:40

Goodnight Sweet will always be remembered


2009-10-24 20:01:18

mins chamber i hope all you and your friends stay alive for a long time cause i dont want you to suffer the same fate as ben


2009-10-24 19:59:44

dear father of the lord may ben spurgin rest in piece aman


2009-10-24 18:45:21

Good freaking god.
Newgrounds has had murderers at least twice, car accidents, and now a drug overdose.


2009-10-24 13:25:48

I remember watching stick slayer come out when I was only eleven or twelve. Back when everything was cluttered with Xiao Xiao wannabes. He inspired me to stop being another copy cat and pursue real animation. Ben changed Newgrounds, and he'll always live on in his creations and the creations of those he inspired. Rest in peace Ben.


2009-10-24 11:39:49

I never really got to know Ben as well as I would have liked. When he moved to Colorado we talked about getting together... he was even planning on hitting the Denver meet last month, but it just never happened.

But his work and his vision... Those things I knew well. In the early days of the portal, everyone and their dog was posting crappy stick man movies and watering down the overall quality of the submission pool. It was a constant point of irritation for many of the more serious arists, and when Ben took a stab at the stick community, we were all inspired.

What started as a simple backlash to an annoying trend soon turned into a popular series, with each new episode showing Ben's dedication to self improvement. For me personally, seeing the transformation from poorly animated episode one, to the epic feel of the later installments was truly inspiring. No amount of bad reviews could keep him down... he just fed on them and showed everyone he belonged on NG.

His work inspired many many people, who went on to inspire other people, who in turn kept raising the bar, forever fulfilling Ben's dream of a portal ruled by quality, not laziness. I often wonder just what the portal would look like today without the guys who challenged the conventions of what Flash could be back in the early years of this decade.

Ben's death was a tragedy. Be it poor decisions, or some personal demon that set him on the path he ultimately chose, we can't simply look at the way he died and judge the man for that. When someone dies, that is when you celebrate the life they lived and the people they touched. Ben touched everyone who has ever used Newgrounds whether you know it or not.

My most sincere condolences go out to his friends and family. I'm sure there are no stick men where Ben is now.


2009-10-24 09:33:40

Aw forgot to say.

What I learned from him.

Always give 100%.
Don't compromise.
Don't be afraid of critics.
Keep improving.
Be honest with what you do.


2009-10-24 09:27:20

I have to push my personal music video aside and start working on a movie about stickslayer after Halloween. Great to know that you will continue SS9. This is awesome.

I don't know whether he did these ridiculous movies for money or not. I watched his movies when they came out and now don't even remember what they are. It was like long ago. Many people hated sticks back then I think. Many new people don't seem to appreciate this guy. I have to say his videos were badly made and art/animation was below par from technical standpoint. But did he give up? No. He kept making these crappy movies because some people love them. This is the kind of passion artists share. He has already made his point. He wants to create movies about a hero and companions battling countless sticks. Love them or hate them. All up to the viewers. It's important to create rather than sitting on a sofa and foul-mouthing other people's work.

MindChamber responds:

I agree. we all improve if we keep doing what we love to do. Id like to think I improved from my puppymuch animation back in 2000, and Im sure SS9 wouldve shown the same kind of progression.


2009-10-23 23:48:27

God speed dude your works will be remembered.


2009-10-23 23:22:44

I heard, I heard. He was a wonderful guy.

Have you considered making a tribute yourself?


2009-10-23 23:17:18

R.I.P Ben. I personally have heard of, but not seen, his stick slayer series but its always a shame to loose such a talent. I think i will go watch some of his work now as a sign of respect.


2009-10-23 22:28:01

Well, if he didnt want to die, he wouldnt be taking heroin, now would he? Or would that just make him really, REALLY stupid?


2009-10-23 21:40:08

:'( I may have not known him at all but i have watched his flash's recently and would love to see more but with him passing away rly sux and I wised he was still alive to this day:'( Im srry for your loss chamber ikno he was a friend of yours i just hope you will carry on with SS9 cuz i believe thats what he would want most :) to be remembered 4 the fantastic work he has brought us with his bright thinking and skillz in flash creations i would be happy to c his work carried on by you :)

R.I.P Ben Spurgin you will always be remembered through your creative art.


2009-10-23 20:49:37

I never really knew him, but it is always sad when a member of Newgrounds passes on. After watching some of his flashes, it is clear that he was a talented individual. If you are going to finish his flash, go for it, just keep in mind that it is for him.

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

absolutely it would be his flash not mine, its still up to his family though.


2009-10-23 18:18:36


ok but seriously. It does suck to see news like this and it sounds like you two were really good friends. I haven't seen the stick slayer series before but once im able to actually sit down I will. Years and years ago, I remember playing Pimps Quest but never really knew who made it.



2009-10-23 16:46:53

Michael Jackson, Bill Mays, Facett, Frank Vandenbroucke, and now an old NG member... 2009 was really a year of death and not even finished, who is the next?


2009-10-23 14:23:49

If you want to finish his vision than do it.

C/P THIS IF YOU WANT MINDCHAMBER TO DO S- awww who am I kidding no one will.

MindChamber responds:

it all depends how much is done, he might not even need it , we'll see


2009-10-23 10:03:28

You should definitely finish Stick Slayer 9 for him once things cool down a bit.

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

I would definitely be honored to. I just want to help him finish his vision


2009-10-23 03:34:45

its sad he's gone (although i'd never heard of him till now) but at the same time its good that he's pushed NG forward as a community. I just watched his demo real and just from that i can tell he had a vision. i can understand why you'd get inspired by his flash. i'm going to have to watch stick slayer now; it seems pretty epic


2009-10-23 03:24:09

Since I have discovered Newgrounds, I have been constantly visiting the site searching for funny, creative and just plain awesome content, of the likes a man would find nowhere else than here. And I just took all that for granted, and sometimes I forget that the Masterminds behind all that wonderfull creativity will eventually pass away. I have never heard about Ben Spurgin, hadnt had internet long enough for that, but I checked out alot of his flashes, I really enjoyed them, so full of unspoiled awesome!
It cinda makes me sad to see such a teriible message on a site wich normally is filled with joy.
May you live long Mindchamber.

MindChamber responds:

ya I dont mean to be too somber about it, I kinda just wanna say hey, this dude is gone now, but he was pretty cool, check out his stuff


2009-10-23 01:19:10

You would finish Stick Slayer 9?

I completely support this, dude. That would be really awesome of you.


2009-10-23 00:03:39

He was an idiot for doing heroine in the first place but may he rest in piece and all that shit.


2009-10-22 23:32:29

Tim Jewell also died recently, it's sad these guys are pretty young and seem to be in some sort of psychological pain.


2009-10-22 22:45:38

I wish this were some sort of sick joke - I remember laughing my ass off when I was a kid to the first Stick Slayer. That cartoon really cheered me up when I was down. I can't believe this happened!


2009-10-22 22:00:30

Its sad I had forgotten him, seeing only a few way back then. Considering his flashes dates, they are extremely well done. After seeing his last SS, no doubt the next was going to be the flash worth watching. It sucks his comeback was cut to soon.


2009-10-22 20:20:44

Watching every episode I have to admit Ben deserved this role of inspiration. His work had elements in it which I would never have thought to see in such early flash files. There was some pretty good 3d, some slick animations, after episode 6 it was just nuclear epic after nuclear epic.

A damn shame to have lost him, I too can feel his loss now.

MindChamber responds:

definitely. He treated flash more as a medium instead of a gimmick


2009-10-22 20:15:39

Newgrounds is full of heroin addicts and murderers.

MindChamber responds:

and you pretend to be both, but mommy allows you to be neither.


2009-10-22 19:50:55

What an awful feeling it is to have lost a friend. One of the first movies I remember watching of his was Stick Slayer vs Xiao Xiao. Funny shit.

Sorry for your loss

R.I.P Ben


2009-10-22 19:38:07

Did he pass away?

That's sad. I've never heard of him, but it's sad to hear nonetheless.


2009-10-22 19:06:58

oh wow, i grew up watching this guy's stuff.



2009-10-22 19:00:33

Man that is sad..
Gone gone, the damage done.

Rest in peace..


2009-10-22 18:55:55

*sniffle* we will all remember him..

MindChamber responds:

Except you,.... since well , you just signed up this year and you wouldve been 3 when he was around.