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Robot Day Approaches, resistance is futile!

2010-06-10 20:38:37 by MindChamber

Just a friendly Reminder, Our first ever Robot Day Kicks off July 10th. That's exacly one month away!
Lets make it the most kickass NG holiday ever!

This time the Prizes have been broken up evenly into five categories

Movie, Game, Music, Art, and Writing

Its 250.00 for first place
40.00 for second
30.00 for third redeemable in cash or store credit.

Then theres the 500.00 bonus prize for the movie (or game), that does the best job of collaborating with users from other categories , kinda like Power of 3, but for movies as well.

Deadline is July 10th 11:59PM eastern Standard time

really try and make it.

Other requirements:

All Movie submissions must have the Robot Day 2010 preloader splash which will be released the week before.
All Music submissions must have "robotday2010" in the description, or "rd2010" in the title.

you should also link to it here in the Robot Day Audio thread

All Writing submissions are being posted in the Robot Day writing thread.

All Art submissions must have "robotday2010" in their tags when submitting to the art portal, as well as be submitted to the Robot Day Art Thread

all these threads link to discussions threads where you can get advice or get suggestions on your work before officially submitting .

at this time, I haven't made a discussion thread for the animation forum, as animators tend keep their ideas close to the chest until the final reveal, but if you guys want one, and think it would help, let me know.
Also please try and make something original for RobotDay. Granted Robots are a very popular subject, and I'm sure theres already work you have that pertains to them, but we want something fresh.

In the meantime Im working on the sidebanner art for robotday, its going to be a collage of all the Robots that run newgrounds, heres a WIP of PBOT almost finished, the rest are outlined and have flat colors but I liked how this looked with the ruffs in the background . you'll see the finished piece on robot day, JEAH!

Robot Day Approaches, resistance is futile!


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2010-07-18 14:30:03

Robot Day was great! Even though I was in Glasgow at the time, I did get a good luck at the submissions. Can't wait for next years.

I heard you weren't in the office that day, that's like not attending your own birthday party! Also, from the sounds of it, judging it was hard, you'll probably have to have help from some of the staff next year.

Congrats on the successful NG holiday!

MindChamber responds:

Judging wasn't that hard, though for the amount of content I had far less time than the average contest. I thought I did just fine.Of course you can't please everyone, and the babies and whiners are sure to follow


2010-07-16 16:36:52

Yo mindchamber.
i heard you like bots
me too.but you like robots
and its your happy day.
happy robot day,mindchamber


2010-07-16 01:37:27

robot day shouldn't be an annual thing. It should just happen, two maybe three times a year. On the lofty air of your whims.


2010-07-15 02:16:07



2010-07-12 16:23:30

100 th comment


2010-07-12 10:28:25

comment number 99, i am cool


2010-07-11 13:35:26

Robot Day was a damn blast! Lot's of real talent out there.

Btw, is something being done so Titanomachina gets his Daily 1st, and each flash beneath gets a trophy bump-up? I take pride in those things, and I'd like my Daily Fifth.

MindChamber responds:

im sure they are working on it, but it is recognized as such. youre definitely in as fifth :)


2010-07-11 04:01:50

Ah, messed up, apologies! I've read rules carefully once more.


2010-07-11 03:56:22

7. make sure to upload it to the art portal and tag it with ROBOTDAY2010. It doesn't matter if your scouted or not, just make sure you link to it when you post your image here.


2010-07-10 20:14:47

I like rooboootz

MindChamber responds:



2010-07-10 14:50:30

Really nice Robot design.


2010-07-10 14:00:46

How do you know of us?


2010-07-10 13:46:11

The whole crew's been Reinterpretated. pleas check it (If Tom allows you to take a break) xD


2010-07-10 11:27:21

Haven't found my pic in art portal - droid-music/catafalque-bot-in-ghost-c ity, what's wrong?

MindChamber responds:

youre not scouted, and it takes 3 more submissions to be considered for scouting


2010-07-10 09:26:05

@lolcat2020, the pink one is F-Bot, the silver one is I-Bot, the gold one is G-Bot, the green one is A-Bot and the dark blue one is M-Bot. Did that answer your question?


2010-07-10 07:34:37

what are the names of the robots i know p bot but the others is a blur


2010-07-10 07:30:54

I hope you don't mind but I used that picture of Portal Bot Posse (AP version) as my profile pic on FaceBook. Don't worry. I told 'em that you made that pic.


2010-07-10 06:17:54

Happy robot day!


2010-07-10 01:51:49

Mah eyez sez I-Bot (the White Bot)
And... what the F*** is F-Bot for (Forum bot?)


2010-07-10 00:21:50

YEA! happy Robot day Man!!!

MindChamber responds:



2010-07-08 06:23:14

Let's be honest, Chamb... You're working on Steve Jobbs, yeah? Otherwise I can't understand where is the I-Bot came from LOL


2010-07-08 03:29:03



2010-07-07 21:46:08

Where mah RD prelodar foo?

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

Tom has it, probably will post it on the Next front page.


2010-07-06 16:03:41

P-bot... 3.14-bot... Oh, gotcha, he's a calculator?

Also, "All Movie submissions must have the Robot Day 2010 preloader splash which will be released the week before." Well where is he then?

MindChamber responds:

let me see whats up with that.


2010-07-06 14:54:13

yeah now i am grounded from making robots becuse I broke my mom china vase

MindChamber responds:



2010-07-06 01:07:02

Awesome contest, just wondering though, can we submit hand drawn pixs as well?

MindChamber responds:

sure, just scan it and upload it to your art page


2010-07-04 18:59:53

Great pic! plus, why does M-bot have red eyes?


2010-07-04 12:40:30

last night I made my first robot and he wercked the house then blew up

MindChamber responds:



2010-07-03 12:03:15

I hope that I-Bot is finally unveiled. He has been under construction for too long.

I also hope that the other bots write new news posts, especially G-Bot. His post is so depressing.


2010-07-03 10:36:11

ok ill leave it


2010-07-03 09:17:15

I can still see some guide lines on that pic. Are you gonna put that in the art portal? If not, can I take that pic and submit it to the art portal myself? Just kidding... but are you really gonna put it in the AP?


2010-07-03 09:08:27

Oh wait, this is July 2010.. I dialled the wrong year again in my Tardis. XD


2010-07-02 23:25:04

Did you hear!? Adult Swim uploaded Robot Unicorn to NG..

MindChamber responds:

link, or it didnt happen


2010-07-02 04:37:18

COOL!I can't wait to see it finished


2010-07-01 17:21:01

in about 2-4 years I might make robots

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

Ok get back to me then


2010-06-30 22:38:14

BEST BANNER EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-06-28 19:49:12

Whos the Silver bot?


2010-06-27 15:06:45

well i m trying to do frame by frame but no promises

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

ok, thanks for the heads up.


2010-06-27 09:41:55

your artwork is downright inspirational, mr jose.

just wanted to say that


MindChamber responds:

lol I likw youe goatee


2010-06-26 07:14:18

is I-Bot dead?

MindChamber responds:

what do yo mean


2010-06-25 10:04:24

Hey, glad if I'm for some help.
Now, if you don't mind, I'll keep drawing I-Bot mt badass way until July the 10th.

One more thing. what about an update for each bot NewsPosts? I mean... I don't know if you guys does have that in mind for the robot day, but that would shurely be cool.

MindChamber responds:

Haha its all good, your IBot is awesome, keep making him the way you want!


2010-06-24 15:45:00

Is the one at the left I-BOT!!! omg... I... I think I'm a bit amused... wha... what have you done?
just joking. the design is cool (yet not great)... i gues the EGO made me hope a bit lot cooler bot for my favorite portal... yet (had to admit) Rt portal isn't by far the most popular portal in the grounds so... I think it's fair.

By the way, that's a great art and that's a huge G-bot. I always thought he was kind of shorter but hi is seriously a big bot

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

hahah yah, I-Bot isnt the badass you drew, hes a bit more sensitive, (even more so than G-Bot) he stays by the computer alot, and since the Art portal has its own scout system there isn't any need to be a protector. But HE IS white and silver thanks your inspiration! :)


2010-06-24 05:55:31

WHOA!5 down,one to go!Who's the last one?M-Bot right?


2010-06-23 21:06:33

Whos' the silver bot?


2010-06-23 15:18:21

coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ol


2010-06-23 12:58:32

Nice art man, but I think F-Bot is there because its never the same without a female bot! Like the Jetsons... 1 female bot and alot of males... O.o Sexist. ANYWAYS. Really like your art, and I'm REALLY psyched about robot day, looking forward to the spam of admissions and all the great flash from the pro's :D!


2010-06-22 10:03:04

It was my own, it was very simple, but my own.


2010-06-20 14:05:18

Maybe F-Bot runs the store? Btw, thanks for finally showing what I-Bot looks like! This will not only help myself but future generations.


2010-06-20 07:58:36

Good point.


2010-06-19 01:00:13

Hmm....some one in Yahoo! Answers told me to download Gimp too.