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I'm almost done my art portal submission and I've got a pretty sick story for the writing forum! They both should be up sometime this month!

Cool. Too bad my RD submission isn't eligible for the contest.

Too bad!I was about to submit art on Robot Day but I only got MS Paint!


As long as its a cyborg more in the vien of robocop than terminator

I have made something for robot day but I'm banned from the Audio Portal so can I submit it here <a href="http://www.theaudioportal.com/">http://www.theaudioportal.com/</a> and then just post a link in the Robot Day thread? Or maybe someone will unban me (I doubt it) or, as a last resort, should I make a new account?

I asked you why where you banned, you never told me, and no that audio portal is not accceptable

I'm considering setting up a collaboration for a poetry/art storybook. Technically, it's neither film nor game, but I'm guessing it'd just be judged as such in the collaboration pile, correct?

Yah should be fine

Looks like my P-Bot art. LOL

No,your pbot looks like shit, LOL

Looking great! You should record your work and post it on youtue... you know, one of those sped up videos! Would be fun to watch your progress! Can't wait to see the finished piece!!! :D

Haha I ain't good enough to do that, but thanks

I sent you a PM but incase you send me a PM back and I don't get it (like last time) I'll post here aswell. Here is an extract from my PM:

I got banned because instead of submitting the good music first I choose to submit the crappy guitar loop and got banned for that. I promise you though that if I get unbanned I will not ever, EVER submit anything unless I think it's good enough to submit. (Please respond quick, I'm going to Italy in 3 days)

There's plenty of shit music in the portal, no one gets banned for shitty submissions. Unless that loop wasn't your own

I seem to notice that you are deleting some of my comments!

stop posting about cracks or asking for cracks.

True, true.


What cracks?

You're asking for/and posting about pirated software. Just cut it out

I do?I didn't seem to notice that.Sorry about that!

sure no problem :)

P.S. now take off that link to the pirated flash 8 you have on your userpage, before I have your account deleted.

Yay. I love robots! Btw awesome P.Bot drawing.

Great job on the art work so far. I have a question though, do you think your P-Bot movie gonna come out on Robot Day, or do you not really have a release date yet?

the plan is to release a teaser, the actual movie is 15min, and I work on it on my spare time now, so no release date on that, sorry

Looks terible-ly great! I'll be submiting some pixal art, your very good at art, I guess that's why you do all the pictures on NG, like that picture of p-bot when I was signing up, and that picture of pico putting his hand in that scaning thing when I was getting validated.

Okay I deleted that news post!


I always figured F-Bot was A-bot's bitch for some reason.

Also: In M-Bot's userpage banner you can see his left hand as being a normal hand. When did it change to a gun? Or has he got some kind of transformers thing goin' on?

I thought G-Bot had wheels too, but meh. I think too much about pointless details anyway. I'd LOVE to do some bot drawings, but (as you can see from the one on my page) I'm really not capable of doing them well enough. God I wish I could draw worth a shit...

..OOH, I know; I'll do I-Bot. No-one knows what he's supposed to look like anyway, so I can't really fuck that up, right? Right?? ( ._.)

F-bot is just posin on him, thats all :) and Mbot does have two hands and only transforms it to a gun when in battle, or in this case posing. and yes Gbot has wheels..

just draw for fun, dont worry about the rest

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