Favorite Audio

Never Again Trance Song
Waves Dubstep Song
The Beach Dubstep Song
Our Last Hope Video Game Song
Mickey and a Dalek: Ep 1 Comedy Voice
Machina House Song
Robotniks Revenge Dubstep Song
XS - Transforming Dubstep Song
Panic Zone Dubstep Song
A mexican wubwub Dubstep Loop
ToRtiK-ProjectBattlefield Dubstep Song
LB - Halo Revival Remix Dubstep Song
No Crown Dubstep Song
Eudorix - Slenderman Dubstep Song
DustyKicks Hip Hop - Modern Song
Alone Tonight Dubstep Song
Autobots Rollout (PREVIEW) Dubstep Song
Cadence Dubstep Song
Heavenly Horrors Video Game Song
Somebody I used toDubstep Dubstep Song
Static Dubstep Song
Joy Miscellaneous Song
Rig - Old Machines Dubstep Song
Mostly So Dubstep Song
Shutter Speed Dubstep Song
Emotional Vibe Dubstep Song
Overdrive Dubstep Song
A New World (Epic Soundtrack) Classical Song
I am the BEAT (instrumental) Hip Hop - Olskool Song
My Little Pony: Fim Derp Theme Miscellaneous Song
Humble Rain. Ambient Song
Violence... Miscellaneous Song
Leaves. Miscellaneous Song
ECHO - Alive [RD2011] Miscellaneous Song
Automaton - RD2011 Drum N Bass Song
XS - Hallow (Feat. Veela) Dubstep Song
Deathless (Instrumental D Heavy Metal Song
~NK~ "Take Me Away" Dubstep Song
Asylum (Album Version) Heavy Metal Song
Krowe - Juggernaut Dubstep Song
Xkore - Moar Unfinished Lololo Miscellaneous Song
xKore - Destroyer (NG Cut) Dubstep Song
Hands Up Motherfucker Hip Hop - Modern Song
ellipse Drum N Bass Song
[oove] Requiem Dubstep Song
xKore - Last Chance (ADM) Dubstep Song
xKore - bleepbloop Dubstep Song
xKore - Untitled (WIP) Dubstep Song
xKore - Magnum (ExPrev) Dubstep Song
Shapeless Ambient Song
[S,J] Derezzed Dubstep Song
Transformers - Rising Prime Classical Song
[IMD]~--||/Takeover\||-- Industrial Song
It's in your mind Industrial Song
xKore - Eden Dubstep Song
Fukin' Bitches. Hip Hop - Modern Song
This Is What I Do Hip Hop - Modern Song
I Fucked An Alien Pop Song
Heart of a Beast *C-Star* Classical Loop
Reflections >Dubstep< Dubstep Song
Fried Pig Pussy Dance Song
Artificial Messiah Techno Song
Optimus Prime (Remix/Preview) Dubstep Song
Fight For You (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Xkur Top Secrut Preview!!!!!!! Dubstep Song
RA 3- Lady Fury (DFR Dnb Drum N Bass Song
xKore - Cries (FL Core) Drum N Bass Song
Piano vs Violin Hip Hop - Modern Song
xKore - Syntax Dubstep Song
MechanicalThunder RobotDay2010 Drum N Bass Song
~|| Last Resistance Hip Hop - Modern Song
[8bit] because she said "no" Video Game Song
If I had Lungs Miscellaneous Song
GTA - American Titties Drum N Bass Song
Rig - Sentient Machines SFX Miscellaneous Loop
[KOA] - Introduction Hip Hop - Modern Song
NGHH KO1 - Exceptid vs Vasheli Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Back to My Rootz Hip Hop - Olskool Song
NGHH - Sample Battle '10 GSG Hip Hop - Olskool Song
>:L:<speakin the truth Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Newgrounds Chat Hip Hop - Olskool Song
The World Below Ours Classical Song
A Traditional Children's Waltz Video Game Song
Straight Out of Competent Hip Hop - Modern Song
Yun - Rouge (PZ Preview) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Tenrai ~Divinity I Hip Hop Rmx Hip Hop - Modern Song
Wish Remix Techno Song
Flashpoint (Spurgin) Heavy Metal Song
Tom Fulp, Share Your Chicks! Indie Song
[V] - Pitfall Drum N Bass Song
statict bit Drum N Bass Song
Dr. Robotnik 1, 2 and 3 Mix Video Game Loop
Heroes March ~P~ Classical Loop
Twins of Duality Hip Hop - Modern Song
BLU Fantasy Boss Hip Hop - Modern Song
[ f ] Brawl Remix (Remastered) Hip Hop - Modern Song
WS - Zatoichi Tribute Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Hall o.t. Mountain King Remix Drum N Bass Song
- [Trenches] - Classical Song