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this still doesn't elaborate or clarify what robot day is.
I kinda get what it is but I don't know the specifications

I'm assuming it's where people make robot themed stuff.?

It's the celebration of our pursue to creating artificial life.. your submission could be anything from giant mechs in a battle, a robot falling in love, to a human failing a Turing test..

@Scuinox Anything that relates to robots be it giant mechs, cyborgs, cyborg-hybrids, etc. There's no right or wrong way to demonstrate the theme as everyone views the theme differently.

@TopazAzul okay thanks

I'll post this saying I forgot about Robot Day and am now frantically trying to get something done.
Beep boop.

Don't stress too much dude, if your submission is also part of 2nd Jam, then you still have time!.. just make sure to tag it robotday2018 when you do upload so I can find it.

@Syrupmasterz @MindChamber I got everything roughed out tonight, if I can clean it in a simple style tomorrow I'll post it, otherwise I'll just be a late robot. :P

Man, I saw it only a few days ago since my friend mentioned this post.
Threw something on the portal anyway.
Glad to have helped bring it back.
Happy robot day.

Alrighty! Managed to throw some art up just in time for today. Happy Robot Day everyone! https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mikemichaelmic/begrudgingly-best-buddies-robot-day-2018

This Year's Robot Day was awesome and I am glad to have been apart of it!

Hey, you get down to see the folks at Pico Day? Also, have you played Andromeda ME? Still kinda considering picking it up one day. Just got done viewing and reading your M-P3 piece, only a true fan could write something that good.. even if it means Robocop must self terminate. Anyway, sure seemed more enjoyable than the rebooted movie, which I kinda give a tacit thumbs up.. gotta rewatch that again sometime

hey Bud.. sadly I didnt make it to this years Pico day.. But if theres another, I plan to save vacation days just for it, so there wont be another hiccup again.. Thanks for the Mp3 love.. the self terminate scene is a bit more nuanced in my head, but I ran out of text in the art portal. Robocop should definitely end with a self terminate. Robocop should never have been a trilogy.. But I do have Faith that Neil BlomKamp will make it at the very least horrifyingly beautiful, even if the story will probably be very derivative.

I actually BECAME a robot for you. Everyone else here is just a poser.