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"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
"Do not be defined by your conditioning, Otherwise the rest of the world will define your path."~IntraFace

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robot day yeaaaa

Some new Robots before the Summertime?
Sounds easy enough since we've just barely started Winter. :P

times Flies !

@Syrupmasterz @MindChamber
Very true, I'll make sure to not zone out and forget. haha

hehe Ill try my best not to :p

This looks awesome, shall check back on progress later on...

Also thought this might be a post in regard to your site. I remember it having a pretty bad-ass design back in the day! Is that career bit a scrapped part these days though?

Yah.. It was really awesome having my own site, and made some long time friends on there, who actually migrated here. @zombiepimp and @sinistermentor being just two of many.. But these days.. having a site is just not in vogue. It was also a huge hassle updating the back end. that wordpress was always getting infected with something :p

WOW that looks epic!

thanks homey, still figuring this ish out!

Badass, I'll start planning something!


Enjoying seeing your struggles and problem solving with the 3D printing via FB. You seem to be having a LOT more problems with your machine than I have with mine, but you're also doing a lot more custom prints so far (though I'm trying to catch up).

I also have less patience than you :3.. Its a fun machine for sure. and yah cant wait to see your custom stuff as well

Hahaha nice dude!! Maaaaan with your 3D skills I can't wait to see what you unleash into the world with a 3D printer, you've got insane vision and it's awesome that you can bring it to life like this

What kind of printer/slicer are you using? I've had an Ender 3 for a few months and it's been pretty swift

I grabbed the ender 3 Pro... pretty much the same as 3 but with some upgraded parts.. Its a lot of fun, but its definitely a learning curve for an old head like me.. cant wait to see your stuff man.

Joining again.

Oh yes!! I am so excited to present a new piece of art this year!!

No user "sinistermentor" exists in our system? :/ Hope typo...

Regarding the site though I had no idea you were using WP way back when! :D Tried a ton of CMS stuff back in the day but they quickly turned to a favorite, and I think they've tightened their security since, I haven't had any issues for maybe a decade now *knock on metal*.

Do you by any chance still have the theme files there? Some kind of replica on that layout up and running once more... that'd be amazing.

Hopefully it's just a typo

Or name change. :/ If you do still have and ever feel like sharing or open-sourcing those theme files though...

that was like 3 computers ago, But Ill look around... also which version?

Hope they're still out there somewhere... there were multiple versions too? I only remember glimpses but any one or all would be awesome. If you mean WP version that shouldn't be a problem, I could switch out deprecated bits if those exist, theme structure's still very similar.

All systems operational.

If anyone wants to collab on it, I can provide some music!