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On a totally random note...

I saw Transformers!

That was a very very very good movie. I'm not usually into action films that much, but it was cute, sassy and the jokes were fun. In addition I liked the fact none of the characters were stupid. For example everyone believed the kid generally.

I also liked the military technology on display. That was good... So yeah, overall a very good film, and yes I'll buy one of those yellow cars.

im glad you enjoyed it, it is a fun movie in a popcorn movie sense.

The video game world, like Hollywood, is WAY behind in the racism curve. Black people are finally being represented, at least a little bit now, but how many games (or films) feature Latinos as the central character? Being that Latinos are the largest minority in the United states, it makes no sense that they are so terribly underrepresented. What about Arabs? They only exist as antagonists in video games, that's a pretty sucky position to be in as well.

I agree its not ment to be racist and no one should bitch at this point. But I gotta say that last screen shot with the white guy bustin' caps in a bunch of african villagers gone evil lools kinda wrong lol

I honestly don't know how this can be construed as racist. They are zombies! A viral mutagen makes them that way! Why can't other races be involved in some sort of imaginary plot like this? Are we so idiotic a global community that the only inoffensive stance regarding races other than whites is to feign apathy and forget they exist?

I hope that when u blast the black people away with the shotgun if ure really close to them and the blood splatters on u i hope that chris redfeild can catch aids and die.

I'm black, and I liked every Resident Evil... and this new one coming out to tell you the truth.. I just looked at that pic you have.. and that scariest fuckin' zombie I ever seen in my life seriously.

It's 2007! People still shouldn't be on this racist shit.. I know what happen in the past and there are still racist people in the world but I mean there are some games where the main character for example is in japan.. killing the yakuza or whatever.. it doesn't mean people just make it to kill japanese people... seriously people need to chill the fuck out.

To tell you the truth it looks like the most interesting resident evil ever!!1
Those graphics are fuckin awesome.

Wow.. and again that's a fuckin scary ass zombie.. seriously..why is he jet black tho? that's too black lol

I really love resident evil and that one when it comes out will make me love it even more because those zombies look scary as fuck and I want to know why is the virus in africa. =P


sure make fun of the irish and no we dont wear kilts and were no different than fucking americans and i cant belive u think we river dance thats scotland and northern ireland but having a game in tralee co.kerry would be fun but if capcom get our culture wrong ima gonna hav to go hank J.wimblton on there asses >:)

please dont hurt me :i:I:I

ur absolutely right.
peoples shouldnt bitch about this. besides, theyre zombies. ZOMBIES!!

zom%u22C5bie%u2002 %u2002/%u02C8z%u0252mbi/

-noun 1. (in voodoo) a. the body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less, by a supernatural force, usually for some evil purpose.
b. the supernatural force itself.

so who cares if those zombies are black. theyll kill u if u dont kill them. (im not racist)

Racist Bitch