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Congrats to the winners! Glad to see you chose animation, music and illustration, but I also was expecting to see some games (even if there were not many), but you are the boss and you know best (and choosing for only 3 places it's hard).

I will take note from all this pieces to come with something cool next year.

So much robo goodness, fantastic!

Lots of lovely pieces!

Thank you so so much! I can’t wait till next year!

Thanks so much for your the supporter and mention! Already looking forward to the next robot day :)


Aww man, quite a bummer. Kudos to the winners though!

Lots of cool entries! congratz to the winners.

Well it fuckin sucks that I didnt win but good job to the winner they did very goof


These are all so wonderful! I didn't get to see a bunch of these at first, totally gonna dive in now. Thank you for holding this event, definitely gonna draw something for it next year too.

Thanks a lot man !
Well deserved first places.
Glad to be in the close calls.
Very nice pieces among honorable mentions.
And last but not least : Great work to everyone who took part on this event.


Objectively wrong.

@Garnet-Frost Mate I started joining Robot day way back in 2012.It wasn't until 2015 until my work started to take notice even and it was total garbage back then, believe me. Then after that I slowly started to appear in honorable mentions. By 2019 I made the site skin for Robot day.

But this is not even the point of Robot day. The whole point is to get together and make some funky content involving all kinds of bots. This whole event had started as something silly that Mindchamber and co. made up back in the day.

I don't know what you expect but NG has more content than ever with the recent influx of users and like Mindchamber said, it's getting harder judge all the entries. I don't know if you have noticed but a few popular artists are in the same category as you .And the 1st place winner is not a regular participant at all.

Funny how this isn't the first competition you have whined about. If you only care about winning some cash then man up and grind or stop participating in these events at all

Everyone else on the other hand did a fantastic job. @Ozrk kills it again with some stellar artwork!

W00t, thanks for the shout out, I had great fun doing this. Happy robots!

@Garnet-Frost .

"Yeah, Newground robots like I-Bot and P-Bot, but screw everybody else's original characters."

Literally all the 3 prize entries have nothing to do with NG Characters. The ones that do are runner ups and honorable mentions

"All I want is to feel like a somebody, like I didn't wasted my time and each time people like you and your friend take that away from me."

Tough shit. What makes you think you put more effort than all the other participants? Yeah my sole goal in this contest is to crush your efforts and I have my imaginary mafia gang to back me up. Imagine actually believing this

"You'll never know my pain because you and your friends can glide on by on easy mode while excluding others."

Yes I pressed the magical button to make things easier for me instead literally describing to you in my last comment how I had to grind my way for years to reach the point to where I am.

"I'll never stop participating"

That's great. Either you will improve both in skill and personality and make something really cool or you will fail miserably and whine again....and I will laugh again.

I'll stop posting because its hilarious how much of a tantrum you are throwing for losing a competition

@Garnet-Frost if one person hates you does not mean the whole world hates you...

woah! thanks everyone!

Please make more stories with these guys <3

Great robots! Congratulations to the winners!

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