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Maybe next year I'll go to applecon

The ending of the hulk got me really excited for whats coming up :)

I wonder if maxvm will shut up..
Also, "that was the name on the show, whatever....fixed.. nerd"
Well what do you expect? this is Newgrounds XD

Okay, well, that aside, are you guys going to have maybe another collab during the summer? Homework and shit kept me from submitting to this one D':

yes there will be another collab

But, am I in the collab!!!!! I am dying to know!!!

Its a no isnt it :(

Oh, and I didn't go to the con because Stamper didn't.

But yea..Hulk looked amazing!!
The first movie can not compare at all.

lol, I love it at the end of the Hulk when Tony Stark shows up. Me and my friends were watching and we were all like "Oh, HELL NO! AWESOME!"
It so cool that Marvel is making movies now, because they can put characters in movies that otherwise wouldnt be allowed to, because they own all the rights to all the characters.
I can't wait for the final movie where the hulk, Ironman, Captian America and all the other members of the avengers are in it together ^_^

...Cus thats what there doing, otherwise teh wouldnt bother puttin Tony stark in Hulk. Duh.

I hated the Hulk when I saw it...
anyways, when did you get out of jail..and did you stab your brother-in-law again when clinton dropped out?

You like one of those kids that say a joke over and over again till someone tells you it's funny so they can shut you up?

Ahahaha, that was funny.....

I was actually not looking forward to see the hulk movie because of the first one but after reading your review of it I find myself anticipating it much more...

granted, its still a "Hulk" movie, lol. but they did well with the skimpy material

I have only told that joke 1 time..

old joke. still, find a new trick lol

Its still good to hear that your still making rise of the P-bot, just one question (dont get mad) will Pico be in there or not. Will the animation be more complex like Pico unloaded? (just curious thats all).

That picture confuses me.

then click the large one

'very few of the gags have anything to do with the game itself.'

that worries me lol

tbh, i'm actually really looking forward to how every one has drawn snake and the other characters.

I saw The Incredible Hulk 2

oh yah? are you from the future?

Am i going insane? i could have sworn i beat the game that goes with this movie about 4 months ago...

As for everyone saying the game was bad, i thought the game was an excellent sandbox game. I have spent hours unwinding while smashing the shit out of random things. The game is a vast improvement over the last hulk game and there are a shit ton of moves to unlock (that are actually cool). I recommend at least renting the game.

also, the original hulk TV show was awesome.

I think you are refering to Hulk ultimate destruction, which wasn't tied to any movie.
sadly the game tied to this movie bombed.

Is Newgrounds setting up a booth at the San Diego Comic Con this year?

Arg other than that I agree the Hulk was full of win!

no but Tom and a few of the NG staff will be there to help behemoth



so is this why we're having to wait? 'cause you guys are just now finishing your pieces? haha if that's the case... lame.

nah but damn this collab sounds pretty epic. can't wait to see it... eventually.

I love mind chamber. <3

lol, emos dont know how to love! <3

RE: D) - If this whole art/animation thing doesn't work out for you (;P), you could always become a film critic. I was just going to wait for it to come out on dvd too, but after reading your review I might just have to catch it on the big screen! Did you have popcorn and a slushy?

hehe yup! I also toss raisnets in my popcorn. Its like a surprise with every handful :p

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