"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
"Do not be defined by your conditioning, Otherwise the rest of the world will define your path."~IntraFace

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At least youre not a queer

Once again you have done it. But this is almost a mockery of AlmightyHans' post, but in a positive and good way (Strange, no?) Either way, I like your defense about liking bigger using the quote in the picture. I'll admit I don't like the body of the typical anorexic teenage girl, but I don't really like BBW either, the one that is sort of in the middle that has a bit of meat but isn't exactly very hard either. Besides, the anorexic girls have like cup A breasts D: as oppose to large women having D breast cups : D. More to love : D




It's all good man. You one of my favorite Flash Artists, you'll always be awesome.


"Genetic Glitch"? I think humans are hard-wired to be attracted to those who can best reproduce, and a healthy, well-fed woman ain't too far from that truth, AMIRIGHT. There's a reason women can no longer reproduce once they get too scrawny.

Just as long as you dont put your girlfriend in a room and feed her 24/7 everyday like some rrrrreal creepy people out there I am absolutely with you man. Dont mind some curves either. Its the most natural.

that shit is nasty I heard about that

More cushion for the push'n ;)

If your talking about girls who look like the ones on that picture...
I'd say go for it.

Don't really think she's fat. Just well rounded. :D
I mean... I'd do her.

Good luck with whatever your trying to change, or prove.

"who look like the one" on that picture.
Lets not make silly typo's here.

Yeh... I don't mind girls with some fat, I do mind obese women but I know a lot of people who LOVE big girls (i'm in Mexico, more than half of the population are overweight)... So, good for you MC, ummm I'll dedicate a flash to you or something.

but ten year old boys are sexy

Dude! You've Got NOTHIN' Be be Ashamed of.


You may think that likin' Chubbies is a Bad thing...but Damn...some of them Black Girls have such a BIG BOOTY-Lishious BUT!

No shame in that my Man :P It's more Cushin' for the Pushin' lol

Besides...this sexual preferences was the MAIN focus around Italy of the Olden Artistic Days. You may have noticed that Artists and Sculptors made images of women to be more "curvy".

It was considered a sign of health and beauty. (cause a chubby woman could better support the nutrition of a child if a famine broke out).

Your sexual preference is nothin' to be ashamed of. It's Healthy.

"There is no Law for Love."

(Side Note:)

-But people who read this shouldn't take that message the wrong way either. I mean...Come On...don't go kidnapping and raping little kids and saying it's your right...that's just down right EVIL. But yeah...truth be told...girls in the old days were brought up to be betrothed at an early age. So TECHNICALLY... Pedophiliac Desires is a sexual preference. It meant to the Man that she's a virgin, easy to control, and will bear only his children. But this Attitude towards relationships is NOT accountable or acceptable for Today's Society and Culture. It's kinda looked down-upon to take advantage of a Younger Person's Naivety. But if you do have a relationship...much like the Famous Jerry Lee Luis...well...at least He MARRIED her.

-As for Gay's and Lesbians'....I TOTALLY SUPPORT you guys and gals. My viewpoints are BEST explained through this Video.

Gay Education Cartoon
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PooEhBxh0NY">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PooEhB xh0NY</a>

-As for lovin animals...ew....GROSS...that' technically Animal Abuse. Your messin' with their instincts for your own personal desires.


Seriously Mindchamber...in regard to what I just wrote above...

Likin Chubbies...is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Not Controversial or Bad...AT ALL.


And Don't worry about being Atheist...It's Far better to question and seek to understand...than to follow a "cult" or "religion" blindly.

I'm mean...come on...the Catholoic Church hasn't exactly been well...Honest with the Masses...Rumors are that the Vatacian owns the largest collection of pornography.

I don't mean to insult any Christians...but Seriously...Be aware! Religion through-out history has ALWAYS been there to "Manipulate" the Masses. Jesus would be very upset at the way people treat religion these days...

I mean don't you know that "Using God's Name in Vein..."

doesn't mean "swearing" (GOD-Dammit, or JESUS CHRIST w. an Exclamation mark) Hell...you can swear your ass off and you would do nothing wrong.

Using God's Name in Vein, means using the Word of God (by lying though your smiling teeth)... using it for selfish gain...to manipulate and control.

See the Samurai Champloo: Season 2, Ep 7: Unholy Union.
You'll see what I mean.

If a man can wear a Mask and Discieve you...so can Religion.

It's better to feel the Truth in your Heart....than to try and believe the so called "Truth" being told to you.

If your Feeling Anxious about the afterlife...Even if there was a God...I'm sure He'll hold no grudges against you for being skeptic due to the way Religion has been 'perversed' these days.


If you want MY personal preference on Religion...

I believe that the Old Testament is a History Book...not a guide book for life. Jesus' New Testament hold many words of wisdom...and it's far better to live a "good-honest" life than to believe in some God. There are over 200 religions out there..some being OLDER than Hebrew and Christianity. If God DID exist back then...He would've had to have some for of teaching to help keep his children in good hand and good manners.


I've studied some other Religions...and I've come to like what they taught back then.

Japanese Shintoism...is poetic and a beautiful story...

Amaterasu is described as the Sun Goddess (sometimes from Mt. Fuji). It is her WARMTH and COMPASSION for which gives reason for people to worship her. Not Fear of Damnation...but by Truth and Love.

Shintoism hold high regards for Nature...and that people aren't inherently evil. But rather it is the perverse nature of Amaterasu's brother (Susano) who creates Chaos and tries to break the spirit of men and women.

Amaterasu's Beauty shines over us...and "over-shadows" our evil side...leaving only our good side to flourish in the sun like a flower.


I even find the "Vikings" Ideology are Cool...how dying honorably a Hero can only gain access to Asgard.

Besides...Asgard sounds kinda COOL.

Fountains of Meed (a sort of Root Beer)
Tons of Beautiful Valkyries (or your wife in youth eternally) to keep you company.
Then Fight to the Duel in the Battle Ground...for FUN! like a Videogame..only you can't die.

My Entire Religious Viewpoint can best be explained through "OPM's" hit single...

"Heaven is a Halfpipe"


As for your "Lack of Self-Confidence"....uh dude...don't worry...EVERYONE feels like that.

They may not show it...but EVERYONE has inhibitions. But if it makes you feel better...all that stuff I wrote above...I meant with utmost certainty. I am confident that what I wrote was truth.

You've just gotta know what's really worth feeling Shame over and what's not so bad.

If you want..I can recommend some good BOOKs that can help...just PM me.


Your Extremely Brave expressing your Vulnerabilities and Inhibitions to the ENTIRE WORLD.

But I hope you feel better though.

When we expose our weaknesses...we evolve and become stronger.

Take Care ^_^


plus if you get tired, you can just slap your girl and ride the waves


wow reading some of these comments has me wondering if anyone picks up on sarcasm these days.


fat chicks need love too

I like fatty chicks too. HUG ME BROTHER BHAHAH :(

hey man. don't worry about what everyone else says. the only thing that matters is what you think. all those other people who disrespect you because of who you are are just assholes who are self centered and have never been laid. look at me. people make fun of me all the time because of what i do and what i like. doesn't bother me one bit. you just have to ignore them.

i think A

lol soo tuf

I don't get why this is a big thing...

Liking bigger people is nothing strange...
at least in my opinion...
Did something change in this world while I was asleep?

Why do people care if someone's gay or like's certian types of people...

Same with religion too...
Just because you don't have faith doesn't mean your not a good person...

And also...
That chick is HOT!

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