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*clap clap clap* that shit is, well how you would say... Shitty.

At Least I Don'T Have A Receding HairLine LoL :-)

neither would I if I I had your comb over. Then again not everyone is comfortable looking like the berries and cream lad

Have fun changing your name, what do you have in mind?
Gatta be careful, this is something you'd want on a tombstone...

Idea spot:

John Jones
John Doe
John Smith
John Chan
John Wang
John Ortiz

john is wack

First You Jealous of My Anime Collection and Now My Hair What is Next >_<;

your long faggoty lashes.

I put forth Captainamerica Patriotman.

Oh yeah... I know a couple of Jose Ortiz in here (much more common) but dude, don't change your name because of the system, fuck 'em, they are supposed to be there to help you, not to annoy the hell out of you, you shouldn't change because of an obviously retarded error in the system.

Plus, it's a cool name, don't change it.

dunno dude, Jose ortiz is pretty common and blah... and while I agree, it is annoying when you are mistaken for someone else's crime, it becomes more than an annoyance should you actually be detained for it. while that really hasn't happened yet, I wouldnt want it to in some other country.

Why caps for Utah? This place is AWESOME! A 6-floor library, the largest man-made hole (where a mountain used to be), lakes, rivers, and mountains for all kinds of outdoor activities, and thats just North Utah. Theres also tons of plateaus, canyons, and rock formations with hundreds of varing colors, tons of ancient native americans' homes built into cliffs, and just minutes away from the Grand Canyon and Mesquite. There's tons of reasons why Utah is awesome.

At my highschool "Jose Ortiz" was called down to the office almost every day.

You should change your name to "Muhammad Abdul Allah Hussein Bin Ortiz"

it probably wasnt the same Jose called down each time.

Change your name to Joe Smith.

It will help considerably.

chang it to i am a cornic masturbator and you will get a laught every time some one says your name

the joke would be killed cause half the time they always announce your last name first.

Change it to ass bandit that way people know your gay before you even think about rape them.


how do you guys come up with this stuff?

Do it NAO!

Imagine the irony if you were mis-identified and detained because your name change aroused suspicion. But surely the system's not that flawed... Surely.

consider changing to the longest Polish name: Konstantynopolitanczykiewicz

good idea.

Heh, I'm sure the namechecking routines would be much swifter in an outsiding country . . .

My niece legally changed her name. I don't think it was that expensive. I had to go with to the court hearing to be a witness. I hate courtrooms, you feel guilty just by being there.

I'm surprised that you went to Italy... how long and torturous were those flights?! Or are you secretly some kind of world traveler with millions of frequent flyer miles? ;P

I white knuckled it the whole way, but at least, it was a bigger plane .

these flying buses used around here make me shudder :-p

My last name is far worse than yours. The only person who knows about this is Luis. If im lucky, hes already forgotten about it.

Which name do you rather plan on changing? First or last?

Try Garcia. It means brave in battle.

Or, go ahead and dig in:

<a href="http://www.cutebabynames.org/hispanic-baby-names.aspx?originID=61">http://www.cutebabynames.org/hispanic -baby-names.aspx?originID=61</a>

Good luck MC. :)

lol, I rather not even bother with a spanish name.

Something weird, but not overly obviously like when Nick Cage named his son Kal-el

Id keep the last name tho.

Change your name to Admiral Ortiz.

That way if anyone asked your name you could firmly pat them on the back and say, just call me Admiral.

It makes people feel better, try it at work.

Hah funny, I know someone whos first name was Sir, and Middle was Ivan.

its a cool way to get people to always speak to you with respect haha.

Dude, you should totally change your name to a Slovakian or Russian name, like Micek or Vladimir. Not only do they sould manly, they're pretty rare in this country.

Or, you could finally ditch the human names and finally take over earth with your Decepticon army, MEGATRON.

lol dont temp me

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