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I gave this 5 before I even watched it. I know that I shouldn't (Yes It's dumb but I did anyway cause I always get the same greatness I expect from you dog in every flash you make!~) but I'll watch it after I am done with christmas festivities. ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
MindChamber Ortiz!

PS "MMM Numma Nums" -alarm sound- "SNAKE MY PEBBLES!!!"

dont do that! seriously thats a more of a diss than anything.

ah well, Have a good Christmas!

Did you purposely spell cocoa wrong on the author comments and intro blurb?

haha i was out of it when i posted...fixed

Happy Christmas MC :>

Dumb question, but do Americans show Raymond Briggs' Snowman at Christmas?

Dang! My bad! I did not mean to Diss you! Never!

I must say that the flash was to perfect! I just read that you voiced frosty! My review explains how good a job you and Voicegirl did! Truly Epic!

Oh, and you're lucky to work at NG! Reasons: Tom is truly very awesome, NG office rocks like no other, You get to do what you love for a living (I imagine).

Thanks for the holiday wishes man!

haha all good, im glad you liked it !

I have no audio in this computer but I will watch it as soon as I get home.

I hope is as good as the madness one you made last time.

eh, i ts a a fun lil short. nothing like the madness one.

Haha, nice.
Happy Holidays!

well done dude, one of the biggest lols i got off this site

^_^ cool thanks

I loved it when he turned to the kid with alf his face melted off. That was hilarious.

When snowman's face is all melten and he faces the kids yelling, it appeared like "See my son, THIS is reality of life" What a mirth =p

Damn, man. So you're a talented writer, animator, and NOW I find out you are a hilarious voice actor too. You tryin' to make the rest of us feel bad?

Really liked it, and well-performed, man! My favorite part was when Frost'D was struggling to open the door. You sold that shit, and I'm talkin' audio-visually, the whole package.

haha thanks,

I loved it man. So how many KEY frames did you put into it?

It was good dear, well done :)

<3 ^_^


"your mosted retarded ideas"

you are an unending source of unintentional hilarity

and your pathetically limp-wristed attempts at spoiling the fun of others is embarrassingly apparent. , seriously , go draw or somethin.


fail D:

So, instead of spending your holidays having fun, you make a flash for the losers at newgrounds?

making flash IS fun, but you wouldnt understand that.

i don't need to draw , i'm on newgrounds! and don't come begging to ME when i have millions of dollars from the flash API i'm about to put on my half-assed mario parodies.

wow, putting me down for adding ads to my flashes, that I give 100% to the voice artists, and musicians that contribute to my flash is kinda low.

yah I think im done with you.

you don't exist anymore'

ahahaha. look silly, i know you're self-centered, but i wasn't even talking about you. plus i don't watch your cartoons, so i wouldn't know whether you use that thing or not anyway.

for someone who's always being SUPER sarcastic and is SUPER good at it, you sure don't know a joke when you see one !!

"i don't watch your cartoons,". And Ive seen every flash you posted, fav'd alot of them too. I have yet to harass you on your userpage tho. I guess youre just a dick.

Haha, this guy right here ^ Nice work on Frost'D. Making any advancements on the A-bot model?

thanks, and Im still working out the kinks, once I I think I got all the angles right Ill probably post a thread in the art forum, to keep people on me to finish it.

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