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i figured it out. now i know how to defeat him


what is the rhythm you need to tap for A if it's not button mashing? I've come so close to beating him but I always fuck up at the end and he regens. gr8 art tho

When is the pussy version out? :(

hopefully tonight or tomorrow, but its ultimately up to frosted

That was one of the most epic games I've played in a long time.
Well done sir!

I finally beat it, I must be a masochist :-P

I enjoyed seeing all the little touches like the "animal orb" and the mecha-knights popping out. Really fun and light hearted, just beastly to grind through though.

thanks for sticking with it,

hopefully we can get that updated version before it gets buried

lol after a bit of practice I got every medal except the ground spin attack cuz I can't seem to do a ground spin at all. don't make it too easy, since if I can do it after a few tries than anyone can. :D

life says you messed up the TKO medal after adding the quality setting

Hi your game Da Pink Knight was really great and I enjoyed playing it even though it was hard to get into it in the begining =)
The only problem I have is that the TKO medal doesn't seem to work anymore =(
I blocked the canon balls many times before I or the robot had the first amor break but still I won't get it )=
I hope you'll fix that little bug (=
Anyway the game was just great thank you I had a good time with it =D

Great! glad you liked the game!

and yes I sent the bug to frosted, hopefully we can get it up soon, thanks for the info!

You have my votes
and my bow
and MY axe

Awesome game dude, only people that know how to play can win it

you need to fix TKO it doesn't work anymore crappy p.e ver

Finally I can get the medals now

The difficulty wasn't actually the problem for me. TKO is still broken and the ground spin attack is badly programmed. I can get the spin going, but it only does two hits, even though I'm spinning for a while

Even though you're not the programmer, you seem to be dealing with the comments, so:
You can get the Mary Poppinz achievement by repeatedly hitting 'A' AFTER beating the boss, when the screen whites out (you continue to attack, and never miss).

Other than that (and the TKO medal which has already been mentioned), I quite enjoyed the game. Plus the new P.E. edition made it run faster on my slow laptop, which was nice.
I do miss some of the challenge, though.

ah whoops, thanks for the heads up

FrostedMuffin must really feel honored to work with you, and that game is awesome, I love the character sprites, they look really clean and polished.

I actually feel honored to work with Frosted, hes one hell of a work, and never gives up on an idea.

Damn, I was so buzzed I beat it then I realised it was the easy version. :(

I don't feel like a man anymore so I'm gunna play the hard one untill I beat that bastard. Great game sir, it's great to see something challenging every now and again!

haha its cool, as long as you had fun.

I deflected three cannonballs from the boss, but did not get the medal for that.

Great game, though! One of the most masochistic I've ever played!

that medal is not working atm, we will get it up as soon as we can

Dr. Rockzo love that game. Almost as much as COCAINE! Great job MindChamber...

I really liked the game. I really like the art style. I'm glad you drew the castle crashers in your own style rather than emulate Dan Paladin. I especially liked the mouse over animation on the buttons in the main menu. In contrast to that awesome smooth animation, the mouse over animation in the medal menu seemed really clunky.

I didn't think it was too hard or too easy, but mostly because it ran at about 8 fps on my laptop. This realllly messed with the game mechanics and made combos all but impossible (and this was even on low quality). I would recommend looking into ways of speeding the whole game up for slower laptops.

I'll have to try this on my desktop to see how the game plays with a faster processor.

Overall, awesome game with sweet animations and i enjoyed beating it (even thought i was super super slow).

sorry it was so slow, its a flash10 game with a ton of code on just one boss, most boss have a few pattens, and when a boss changes form thats just basically another boss. But THIS boss changes patterns depending on his armor level, and he has quite a few, which is nuts.

If you could, try this on a desktop,

I just cant take the "Dizzy The Boss Before First Armor Break" Medal.. i was trying to figure out how to take it.. and the only way to dizzy the boss is when the pilot repairs it or when you hit him three times with the cannon balls or else.. but nothing, no medal.. to understand if it was me that was missing something i tryed not the P.E. version here: <a href="http://www.java-gaming.com/game/3433/Da_Pink_Knight/">http://www.java-gaming.com/game/3433/
and after i hit three times the boss with the cannon balls i earn the medal.. problem in the P.E. version or its me?? Cheers, and awesom game!!

fixed now, try again

the ground spin , how i do it ?

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