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Yeah, I love how Bay is keeping the series as really cartoony. He's not making it too serious and I love that.

Also- I've never heard Tom Kenny cuss that much in my life [Spongebob, btw] when he did the voice for Wheelie. Good fun.

Haha a perfect description of the movie. I felt kinda guilty about enjoying a movie purely on the effects and not the plot but when so much ass is kicked one can't help but to be shallow. At least once. I'll be damned if it's it not one of my favorite action movies simply because they stuck to the ingredients of an action movie and stuck to them well.

personally i'd think it'd be better with the mindchamber robot in there :P
Since there's a #2, im pretty sure a #3 is gonna come out. And wreck the whole trilogy with it. 'tis the inevitability of yonder 3rd movies.

I watched it online. It was alright. I think your description best suites it.

"He took all the aspects of movie making he is weak at ; (ei/ story arc , scene progression, creating emotion, empathy, character development), put all these weak traits in a wooden box, and then blew them up sky high."

For sure.

I hear in one scen optimus says to one of them "GIVE ME YOUR FACE" then proceeds to rip its face off, that's awesome.

haha ya, Prime is just straight up nasty in this movie

Visceral? I thought robot don't have organs, not even Transformers!!

Ha ha. Transformers. ha ha. WHAT TRANSFORMERS.

They said 40 robots. All I could count is 5 at most because they all looked the same. Horrible acting and story. This is weak sugar coated trash. The old G1 20 minute episodes had more character development and story than this pile of rubbish.

In the beginning of the movie I didn't know that there was two cars until on got cut in half. The twins!!?!? The only twins are sideswipe and sunstreaker. Why were Mudflap and Skids formatted into and Ice Cream Truck. How is it that the "Black" autobots can't read?

This move didn't have any transformers in it. It's like making an X-Men movie without Wolverine, Xavier or Cyclops. Or like making Dr. Octopus Dr. Alligator in a Spider-Man movie. There were no Decepticons in this movie. Megatron is diminished to an decept Lackey by some wack ass Quintesson wannabe. Starscream is not treacherous and arrogant, but a spineless coward who looks like a cross between a monkey and chicken. Devastator is a big Gorilla!?!!? And looks like a bunch of brightly colored legos put together. Iron hide is sniffing to find the enemy?

The three decepticons in the movie needed to be Megs, SS, and Soundwave. They left out Soundwave? Why? Btw.... that shot of the soundwave satellite shooting out ravage was not an answer to the fan base. That is what we call lazy screenplay writers.

The thing is this....the Michael Bay world of transformers has no rules, so you might as well had megatron change into a hand gun. If pieces of an alien technology can be picked up by hand, yet fall and burn through the floor and turn half of the appliances in the house into mini robo beasties in split seconds then we are clearly seeing a movie with elements of magic in it. Based on ROTF laws of physics the table, plates, rugs, toilet, and plants should have evolved also. Remember the matrix brought back optimus Prime and also Spike who is human back to life. The also Matrix sucked spike into robot heaven.

Just ranting.....

The effects looked good and Megan Fox should seriously look into a career of making porn.

Lol, I know man, but what can ya do? but sit back and smile? This movie will make millions the Transformers universe gets destroyed in the process, but we get to see Prime talk to Spike in live action.

After walking out of the theater last night, i turned to my friends and said "You know, when Bay comes to a plot point that needs delicate explaining he BLOWS IT THE FUCK UP YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!"

This movie is no exception. Forget that it is riddled with gaping plot holes; shit got REAL in this movie. It was pretty much a constant fight scene with a break for about 10 seconds where the main characters are dry humping on a blanket in the desert (no plot spoiler).

Bay finally stopped trying to be a real directer i think and it worked out pretty well for him. I actually enjoyed revenge of the fallen

haha okk then ...cool

I'm holding a contest at my userpage, wanna participate?

oy, what if you only like watching the live action movie, and don't give a shit about the cartoon series?

XD you fucking owned aronkong

im not even a transformer fan never gave a shit about them.....but i will say this is going to be one of the best movies i will see this year. It was amasing,

still want to see it though

That was a good movie.I reccomend to watch it on the Imax

i have always loved transformers just the idea of a living robot with the ability to transform was amazing but bringing it to life is beyond amazing! i own the first and plan to own the second transformers movie! it's supposed to be so epic!

Is it worth seeing purely for the sexy animation?


the 2 second film is to long than the first one

totally agree

Holy crap HUGE explosions! epic!

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