"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
"Do not be defined by your conditioning, Otherwise the rest of the world will define your path."~IntraFace

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We'll have to play some more. :3

yay, cant wait for you to spam your 360s on a a controller :3

It really HURTS not having an internet connection im my home.
Especially when I read things like these.
I want to play it online (or with anybody...) so BAD.

(Plz, broadband in home, Dear Jesus, I really asking you pretty please, Illuminate my family so we can have net in my house... I'll do whatever.
And if you can't, please refer me to another deity who can. Thanks a lot.)

haha, hurry up man

btw Ryu rules badly

I feed ryus Tostadas all morning.

yea im like you, i do one move to get them annoyed and then i Rough em up

Man haha, I had no choice . He would crouch in the corner and jam on the jab!

now that you got people like this to rage quite you need to master the character of dan!

your peobebly better then mme :I

Yeah me neither but my dad is!

Awesome! Make sure to give him my username. He probably could use some cheering up after having such a lameduck for a son.

true tales of human drama

true tales of a couple of guys having a good time, and the twats that thwart.

This is why I drink. Probably same as his parents.


I could tell thats shopped by the pixels and the fact that your beating me

lol K

Were it me, I'd just drink a beer and tell him to fuck off.

I thought it was pretty obvious that Im just poking fun, but I guess not

"MindChamber responds:
ah look, another nobody trying to look tuff on the interwebs, typical.
and its called 'ribbing' , dont be so nearsighted.. no wonder why you're such a worthless mod."

"MindChamber responds:
OR you can also take the pole out of your ass and realize we are both just ribbin each other, but thats expecting too much. BTW, hows that A.D.D goin"

look out we have a HARDCORE INTERNET USER in our presence.

haha Zendra is a douchebag, and gothclaws is a poser, nothing hardcore about any of that. But Im just stating the obvious here, kinda like your fail metal gear flash

The hell is the guy above me talking about? THIS IS ABOUT ME!!!!

ehh just another troll that doesnt get it.

This happened a few hours ago on XBL

Parlux: Holla did you see Mindchamber's userpage?

Me: No, why?

Parlux: Guess what he put on there!

Me: How the fuck should I know?

Parlux: It's all about me!

Me: ...ok.

/attention whoring conversation

Playing against you as El Fuerte was one of my two vived SF4 memories when I visited the office for Wizard Con last June. The other memory was me getting ass raped by Mike while he was using Rufus :(

lol good times.

mike still does that :(

That's the second time I heard about Mikes street fighter 4 skills with rufus. I MUST KNOW HIS GAMER TAG AND CLAIM VICTORY!

Haha Ok,
'he plays on the newgrounds account.

Lol'd hard. Something tells me that this isn't the only time a kid's been brutally owned by a mod.
Anyways, I suck at most fighting games.

I've never played these games

i hate sf4 i prefer blazblue

of course you do, Blazblue is broken


I could so take you down.

sweet! I need a challenge, I aint getting one from Parlux :3

hit me up on live

Is your real name MindChamber?

it sure is funnystuff!

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