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It's good to see you're feeling the fire in your heart MC.

Truth be told - I haven't had much time for X-box and I feel it's for the best, I actually have ALLOT of stuff on my own that I should be working hard at.

And though video games are fun, the persuit of your dreams and goals is far more important.

There will always be rainy days for videogames later. Right now...it's time to burn some day light.

Good Luck Mc. And may the force be with you.

And I mean that in a Buddhist sense. Ommmm......

lol thanks, and I agree, games in moderation, its tuff tho.

Don't take any shit from that damned software!

Sweet man its been too long since you released a new toon, lm looking forward to it!

I know it may sound weird, but I'm Harry's inspiration, so... you can thank me as well.

Are you using a mac?

There was a bug with CS4...

its nice to see u back in the animatin game mindchamber any chance of an M bot t shirt?

that be cool, gotta ask Tom though


No doubt that this animation is going to consist of absolute WIN,
Keep enthusiastic about it whilst fighting of SUCK .


looks awesome. I love all your stuff but i hope that this time u'll put a little more animation frames :) but damn if i lost a big part of my work i'd kill myself. hmm actually i did kill myslef when one day after straight 7 hours of animating flash fucked and i lost 100 frames :(

this will definitely have more frames i promise :3

If it takes me a fucking MONTH to finish an orchestral score, I don't entirely understand how it is you plucky bastards seem to pop these things out.

Of course, I'm really lazy. On an unrelated note, I had filet of fish last night. Fucking DELISH. Now my colon wont stop singing though.

ewwww man

Pico day is in a week. Can you finish by then? :O

Pico day s in a month, and i doubt it

Hulalaoo is the best troll ever. He tries so hard and he can't speak English for shit.

You and him have so much in common!

loooooooooooooooool... well thank god I don't draw like I talk.

cause then I'd be you.

Hey is the d00d on Profile picture robocop?


"Pico day s in a month, and i doubt it"

Oh yeah... I must've mixed it up with april fools day or something. And it was just a joke. If you can pump out a good, long flash in less than a month I will worship you. That takes an amazing amount of skills. I'm surprised how fast some people on this site make animations though.

its nice to see my favorite artist back on track also that mus really suck to see all your hard work go up in flames because its a lot easier to get rid of then to make it

Lol stop lyin' I. Ain't. Even on your favorites.....


sorry codent think of anything els

The development of A-bot AudioPlayer, M-bot Game, Pbot cartoon.
So next would be About G-bot or F-bot, wouldn't it?

I-Bot gets some attention next, I also have the parts needed for that A-bot player. just trying to think if I just just make a figure and not bother with the transformation.

that scene better relate to a series of penis jokes.

yah the one on right sayz "This flash makes my balls feel all Krinkel-y"
the one on the left sayz " >:c"

Leaving the cock jokes behind (cock jokes might be Jonny's intelectual propiety here in the NG) I'm actualy ancious on seeing how the things comes up with I-bot,
For me THIS is the burning news.

About A-bot transformation, it shure will be a lot of work but it will be amasing if it has a full screen mode with the A-bot full sice, a small sice with the big buffers box (like the one on A-bot's user header) and a minimised bar mode (like Winap does)

How pretencious am I? XD