"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
"Do not be defined by your conditioning, Otherwise the rest of the world will define your path."~IntraFace

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That was deep. Now I see why you're so heart set on Transformers and all that. You're one of a kind man, in a world where almost everyone is a selfish asshole you've shown me there still are people who care. I'll never forget how freaked out I got when you wanted to make Red Baron with me, you're a huge inspiration for me. Best of all you always stay true, to newgrounds, to the people who look up to you, and yourself. Awesome blog.

pffft ,

I love you

hehehe, ditto munchkin

Nice to see the softer side of ya. Everyone needs a role model IMO...I guess you ask yourself a lot W.W.O.P.D.? ;)

all the time haha.

and yes I wear the helmet when I say it.

Thats an interesting story, I'll never look at Optimus the same =o

I want to see Cullen wear that helmet btw.

Im so burning you at comic con for going soft on us.


On a more serious note, its nice to see someone actually make good use of these posts.. seriously this is the one userpage where you come away with something atleast semi useful. I was never a tranny fan but it was a refreshing read ... as was your review on the movie.

thanks... I like this blogg thingie

That helmet thing looks familiar....

You know for the charcter selecting on your guys staff info they forgot to put in your need for my whipped potato salad, ha haha
That should of been number 1 for fun facts.

I figure you'll get it someday =^_^=

Mannn!! I can wait to dip my spoon into your salad,!
And if its that good, I divin' in head first and never coming up for air ^_-

Seriously man, that was deep. Probably the deepest, most spiritual blog entry/post on the entire Interweb.

You are truly the god of Newgrounds.

Also, your games and movies kick so much ass.


That is sort of like my life, only replace Booberry with Yummy Mummy.

But yeah, Transformers had a wide impact on a lot of folks. The dialogue remains the most intricate for any cartoon back then for sure.

cullen looks like he might be gay, but atleast he knows right from wrong what

yesssss. and only true gays such as yourself, have such proficient gaydar

I wonder if Cullen ever scours the internet for all the funny and/or awesome Optimus Prime fanart.
Like the "Optimus Rhyme" painting.

Excellent, now try writing something that ISN'T BORING.

whatever. go play streetfighter.

The show's writers definitely knew what they were doing. Prime was strong, courageous, respected, stoic, and compassionate - what 9-year-old boy wouldn't eat that up? I know I did.

Now i'm going to admit i didn't watch transofmrers wheni was little, but my dad (R.I.P.) had made me watch the cartoon movies from the 80's with him. man those were awsome, i did see the movie however, and it was amazing the transofmers looked better and had more personality than i thought they would..really good post MindChamber, ur a NG god right next to Tom Fulp...

this post is hard as TITS

I'm sorry if this seems flippant, but if you met Frank Welker, would you feel some sort of hostility towards him because he represents Megatron?

Thatspretty silly.
I respect Cullen for his work ethics, Welker has those same type of work ethics.

Who did Starscream's voice? I want validation for how I've lived my life based on a transformer too.

great story, and its true, you're never stepping over others, you are always humble, just like optimus prime.

Frank Welker > Hugo Weaving

for life.

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