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i would put a 2d version and a 3d version as a bonus

you should make it an option on the flash..

If I could watch it on a 3D tv or a 3DS for sure, those $3000 and $250 dollar Items are great, but I don't want to shell out one dollar for some plastic red/cyan 3D glasses.

Seriously though, if It were on a 3DS, that would be pretty cool. Otherwise 2D is fine

we'll make sure theres a version on youtube since they have the option to use a 3dTV

If you go through with this, dicks in 3D will be the future of newgrounds...

I had a grad class a few terms ago at Drexel where we had to create a short film using stereoscapy so I messed around with 3D a good deal. I'm not a huge fan of movies I see in 3D but I think its mainly because the theater is a piece of shit and never swaps the bulbs so its too dim. I'd say as long as you guys don't have stuff popping in your face a bunch, and avoid ghosting that occurs when the convergence/divergence of your eyes becomes to great - 3D would be pretty cool to see on NG. I happen to have a pair of 3d CM glasses from the class though. I'm not sure if most people have them just lying around. Also, watch out for when protruding 3D hits the edges of the screen. There's a way to make it look less jarring by having an invisible gradient mask that makes it disappear before it hits the edge which for some reason looks less strange. Or so I was taught. I just graduated and am finishing up my thesis, but I'm in the area and might be able to help out if you guys need anyone. Eitherway GL;HF

thanks! and Ill play around with that masking technique

As a person with poor vision and light sensitivity, seeing things in 3D is a horrible strain to my eyes.

So it's not my favorite form of entertainment viewing.

But it is still cool. However for those who can't get a pair of 3D glasses, be sure to submit a normal viewing version.

i promise it will be a bonus type thing

The guys who are on a stick have a good grasp of the whole 3D situation.

No !! go to fuckyouself 3D !

(i know that lil troll like the back of my- oh hey that's new...)

Personally, I have to agree with Jazza on the whole 3D glasses Mk III. I saw Tron Legacy, and while the movie was good, the stereoscopic effect didn't really enhance it at all. Plus, didn't studios try to bring back 3D glasses back in the '80s?

everything you make is beyond the charts amazing

thanks homie, I appreciate the vote of confidence.

If i can spend a dollar on a Mc Double, i know i can get some 3D glasses. It looks really good. I can't wait!

I'd get 3D glasses for NG

Sell em in the store.

It'll be cute to see this done once, but God forbid that this goes beyond your one video.

I still don't like 3D, its a neat thing but it takes away some of the fine details of things. I do need some red blue glasses for my computer though.

youtube does have the option for other formats,

idk man 23 dimensions might be a bit much.

lol I get it

i busted out the red and blue duke nukem glasses and they burn the eyes like a motherfucker. it looks cool but i wouldn't wanna sit through more then 5 min like that. I'm not sure how the new 3d works but if it where possible to convert it to use the new glasses(like the ones they gave for avatar or tron) it would be awesome.

It's always painful to look at 3D things without the glasses :(
Also nice knowing your a brony <3

<3 goat faint Ftw

i heard a couple of rumors that you were brony so checked out your page. When i first saw your banner, i pissed myself laughing.

Well then, all i can say is welcome to the ever growing herd :3

<3 goat faint Ftw

How about I crop you a pony sig mister chamberland? All of the top bronies have one by me. (Its like a fashion statement)

I'll even let you pay for it!

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