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the way you describe this, makes me want to hug you.

robots are aweosme

wheres my money by TC is my favourite

xKore - Beast Mode: <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/391650">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/391650</a>

When I heard it in PuffballsUnited's Stealing The Diamond, I was hooked.

None of those songs are Dubstep. If you want to know what genre that stuff, which has a wobbling tune to it, that you're listening to is, it's called Brostep and it's not even a real genre, it's more of a form of a joke. To learn more about it visit: <a href="http://dancefever5000.wordpress.com/2010/10/06/what-the-fuck-is-brostep/">http://dancefever5000.wordpress.com/2 010/10/06/what-the-fuck-is-brostep/</a>

if what im listening to aint dubstep, then why not link me to some?
who wants to read walls of texts of people telling me what I listen to is a joke,

So link me to something I can appreciate .

well thanks for showing me.

For a second there, you had me worried I was missing out on something,
It was a great beat, with a true dubstep rythm.

That however didnt keep it from being utterly boring, and repetitive.
and sampling voices from an 80s film didnt make it any better either.

If what I listen to is indeed brostep, well then that's what it is, but its far from a joke. Subgenre of an already sub genre? sure.. But thank god people are creative enough to break out and spin shit into new or sub categories.
Let those that fear change run around and categorize everything they can in other regain some missplaced sense of self worth.

Im gonna enjoy what I enjoy

bring on the brostep

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA zyWAiMbf4

I like Deathstep, the mix of Dubstep and Metal. Korn's new shit isn't the best of it, but it's the most well known.

It's a fact that people still think that Brostep is a joke genre, neither you or I can change that. I just don't like when people have the wrong image of genres in their head. Fine is for me that you still enjoy what you want to, I didn't make these two comments to change your music taste. Just try and spread the word about "real" Dubstep if you can and don't make people think that a wobbling tune automatically means that a song is Dubstep.

its all drum and base. if you really wanna get anal about it.

also how much of a joke can it be when people need to evangelize dubstep in order to correct people?

Sorry I just take dont take anything from a few ipod djs on turntable.com as gospel.
but thanks

"Joke" is the term people use for genres that aren't really made official as far as I know. People don't only missunderstand the genre, they put wrong information on wikipedia and on other sites and spread the wrong information about them. Mostly companies also make the people that listen to their music think that, what they listen to is a certain genre when it is in fact another genre, they go with the trend as they label certian music with certain genres. The few people who know about the genre dubstep, like me, sometimes want to clear it up so people don't misslabel music.

Hello, ive never comented on your pstts before so im just checkin it out & saying hello :) Have a nice day Hunn :P

I'm a mostly metal guy, and appreciate most music. But dubstep. Shit. I have also found a fucking place for it, been playing newgrounds dubsteppers on my radio show...etc.

Also, dude...check out this guy, dubstep beatboxing. Gotta wait about a minute before it really goes mental, but fucking cool nonetheless.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAba9Mjoinw">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAba9M joinw</a>

Wonder if I could throw some metalish guitars in some dubstep..somehow. haha.

i love dubstep too dude

hey bro , i know im going to sound like a troll here BUt man I LOVE DUBSTEP/CHILL msic lol like deadmau5, robot science, skrillex, doctor p, etc, and im just 14 mking some music , can you share it ?

<a href="http://fullnotice.bandcamp.com/">http://fullnotice.bandcamp.com/</a>
<a href="http://fullnotice.bandcamp.com/">http://fullnotice.bandcamp.com/</a>
<a href="http://fullnotice.bandcamp.com/">http://fullnotice.bandcamp.com/</a>

Dubstep's pretty cool, but my username originated entirely of my passion for electronic music. That's what made the "TRON" part.

...whoa, that's deep...

Im sorry, but dubstep sucks. I dont understand what there is to appreciate in a style of music that is all synthesized. Even if you dont agree with me when i say dubstep sucks, it is undeniable that dubstep requires little to no talent to make. Go listen to a song by heavy metal bands Disturbed or 5FDP and come back and tell me that those arent some of the most talented people you will ever see. Every single note of that music is produced by them and their instruments, not some synthesizer.

synthesizers are instruments too!

I only have one thing to say......WAAAAAAABWAAABWAABWOBWOBWOBW EEEEEWOMPWHWHWOMPWOMP...lol well one more thing i love dubstep so much i could chop it up and snort it! I love dub step so much i bought a tee shirt to show the world! It makes me want to pop and shuffle all night fackin long !