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I would help but I at the moment suck at making music but I can make some god stuff in garageband since it's prerecorded and I only have to mix and match until something sounds good.

I believe garageband loops arent allowed in the audio portal.

Super interested! :D

smart move I suppose, would be fun to watch these again with an original score

and I've got just the song for Mind's madness!

were they really that good that they need to be messed with now?

maybe not, but Im not forcing anyone to do this either.

Has it really been more than 4 yeas for me on this site?


time flies man!

I'd definitely get into this! I've already had some experience with scoring so you're not getting a first-timer.

Looking foward to hearing it, Decibel is an awesome username btw.

Yah no prawb!

I re-score wit all 0's!


haha nice


were you even around here when he submitted those?
not being a smartass of course- ah hell ill go check myself :P

I can ask my brother if he's interested.

@Mindchamber there not so I'm going to use them on my YouTube channel during videos.

well to be honest
i think pico unloaded is one of your best animations ever
even better then your new flashes!

Haha thanks.

Hopefully I will be changing that sentiment later this year.

Wowee, I remember Mind's madness was up on the front page the day I signed up. I loved that one.

Thanks, we need to see more from you man

My minds' is one of the best cartoons ive seen! You still see the sketchings in the art, the detail of all of the tedious work that went into this movie is an existing thing the entire time that only makes the story better. Are you making a sequel?

Im making a "spiritual" prequel involving Hank, Its all storyboarded up and ready to be animated. Ill be starting that animation in the spring. All the music was done by DJBrja

I was thinking of doing the same thing... I'm pretty sure everything I made in before '09 has licensed material in it, if it's not the music, it's SFX I didn't have license to that I took from film classes and shit. It's kinda grimy, but I think some things I'm just gonna ask Tom to get rid of altogether.

Animation takes alot of blood and sweat, never get rid of anything

That wasnt bad man nice job, I liked how you pulled away the beat for the drop and matched it with the city toss, I would definitely have liked more highs and lows in the music to match the other moments in the flash as well.

its a good start though. I dont plan to make my pick any time soon, so take your time with it as well,


Holy craps, those are some gems.
And as for music people, hmmm...

No, i like stole

i no like stole, it bad :(

Count me in. I'll do my best.

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