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dont you know that transformers are for pussies!

why dont you be a real man, and get some good action figures, like power rangers.

dude that look sweet man lol my dad loves classic transformers or should i say the REAL ones. when he rented the movie he was pissed that OP had lips ( as well as i) and that megatron wasent a gun lol. but anyway that looks nice man wish i could get one to show it off on my night stand or have a transformers room one day and when you open the door it makes the transforming sound well anyway peace man and i wish i could get one

that transforming for the door is a good Idea.

Uhm, yes you should post pics of him as well. Wtf is wrong with you, asking a question like that?

Briefly, thanks a bunch for actually leaving a review! That means a lot from to a aspiring flash artist. Cheers!

wow can't believe you found one of those dude ^^ nice

How much does this cost, retail?
Not that I want to buy it, I just want to know how much the makers expect back after pulling this feat off.

man that is friggin sick dude o.o any idea how much that cost XD?

I reckon there'll be a sequel for the most recent transformers movie
I heard that megatron figure shots real pellets in gun mode or something, is that true?

Ive heard of this to, tho I never see one. it is possible tho since the barrel and chest of the original megs is mostly empty.

i want one. Seriously.

luv teh pic!

Transformers! Robots in disguse!

That's fucking awesome.

If only it could fire.

I think it was a Japanese version of megatron
ah.... japan....
nothing like anime, nitendo, ninjas and Aum Shinrikyo

Dude i always loved your animations and stuff.
Is that the key that allows flash users to bring good FBF animations?
Is the key to life playing with megatrons?

Actually, it seems to be a very good toy. Do you think i can find one on eBay. And how much did you pay for it?

lol, MindChamberz for the world :D

I have some toys still, but not really any I've made beyond putting together stuff from a kit. That's impressive you doing it yourself, but the gun(s) do scare me.

Take care!

Agreeing with most people who've posted: Starscream is FAR better! He transforms into a JET.. With missiles and everything. Megaton turns into a GUN? How he became deception leader, I'll never know!

He's better when he gets turned into Galvitron in the Movie.. (Not the recent movie, but the old one. The DECENT one!)


Seriously! that is a cool looking Transformer! I can see why they would stop manufacturing it though. Cause it really does look like a real gun! You could fool anybody with that! lol

Even the smaller one looks deadly.

That's not bad...I read that you picked it up for 93 dollars....that's pretty fair considering how cool it is.

Don't you have a Optimus Prime one? I'll bet you do. Is it true he was origionally a Fire Truck? Not a Semi.

What do you think of the New Transformers Animated Series on Cartoonnetwork? It's by the animators of Teen Titans so it's very "anime-ish"

I think it's just "alright".

Bumble-Bee's still a dork but he has cool electric powers!

They even brought back the Dino-Bots.

wow, thats fuckin beastie i'm happy 4 u but it's just that mindchamber... i don't think it's mother approved you'll put an eye out! ahh fuck it i'd go on a stick-up spree with it hehe if only it didn't take 35 min.s to make it transform lmao! imagine playing a prank on someone and then police happen to see it hehe mmm wait officer it's just a toy watch umm give me an half hour i swear it's a toy!

Oh shoot! I thought that toy was only a joke. Wickeeeeed. Im a long time fan of Transformers. My lil bro just got into it xP I hated Michael Bays movie though, there was so much i couldnt recognize. Like they erased all the good stuffs away that kept the original cartoons alive. Its just not the same as it was back in the old days, the good old days. Plus, i was extremely unsatisfied with Megatrons look. I HATED IT. BAH. I curse Swedish fish on the guy who redesigned him.

Starscream is so memorable... *sigh*

*Transformers old tune in my head*

That is... Undeniably fucking awesome. I love transformers, and I'm impressed at the detail of this, but I haven't ever gone to those lengths. I grew up partially with many of Megatron's different (and if not changing) looks, but the old handgun was most memorable to me. I never knew the model or the details on it, but it is still fresh in my memory. Is this a new model of Megtron (25th anniversary???)? Or one of the old ones? And on top of that, how much did you pay for the little guy?

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