"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
"Do not be defined by your conditioning, Otherwise the rest of the world will define your path."~IntraFace

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i will never forgive u if u die NEVER


Whats his boot up command buttons ALT+AIR?


Sorry it's had some how double posted again sorry for that no Robocop no!!!!1

Robocop moves slower than a Zombie, so will be hard to you to kill us :3


you know im kidding, i luv ya buddy


Chances are people here will pay tribute to you by drawing robot dicks. lol

now thats what im talkin about

Ridicule what? You sound pretty normal to me, though I've been here since '01...
Where the shizznit did this picture come from? Robocop 1-3, right?! If anyone should be made fun of after biting the big one, should be me for not knowing... a screencap from the TV series? amirite?

Its from a terrible tv mini series called robocop prime directives, lol

can I have your organs if you die? plizzz

i eat like shit, you wouldnt want em.

Even if you die, your work will live on.

Cn't fult you there... robots kick ass.


Don't die quite yet. I need you to insult me a few more times.

I dont remember doing that, but if I did, you probably deserved it ;3

So dubstep transformers porn. I can do that for you.

now we're talkin.

Thinking about your mortality I see.

Life is life.

People will remember you the way they want. It's as simple as that.

But it's not to be concerning don't you think.

It's somewhat shallow to think of how other's will think of you when you die.

Rather, the only one you need to make peace with is yourself.

Fame is fleeting, fickle, and forgettable.

But what you feel in your hear is forever.

words to live by. or die by, er.. wait. Also I dont think its shallow to want to be remembered as who I was, faults and all.

You know, instead of dying... why not become a cyborg instead?

Id love to, but its mega expensive

dude its not worth it man

Ah well...I was just being poetic.

Like saying it's preferable to not care what others think, just do what you must. Cause when your dead, I think the only voice you'll hear is your own thoughts. So it's like...when monks meditate, they are practicing not being overwhelmed by their own self-destructive feelings.

What often fears me is what actually might happen after death, or even the few seconds before while the brain is still cognitive.

But to listen to faults and all...that puts a broader aspect on it.

Well in that case...here's what I think of Mindchamber.

-Mindchamber is stern and fierce in his opinions, because he is an honest a true brother. He can also be sympathetic and understanding to the meek, but will lash out to any asshole deserving of his scorn and criticism.

-He is a talented musician and film maker with lots of ambitions, but seems to be distracted by other things. Time is everyone's enemy. "Let us run with endurance the race set before us!" -That's like my favorite Bible quote, although I rarely follow it.

-He came up with some of the coolest characters for Newgrounds. Red Baron and the Bots being my favorites.

-His obsession for Robots rivals a Brony would for Ponies, but this is a defining characteristic to his aura. Poetically, he respects Robots for their cold logic that strives for emotional understanding.
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BehG3BmtDCc">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BehG3BmtDCc</a>

-He claims that he sucks at Street Fighter, yet somehow he kicked my ass.

-My only regret is 'if' I'll never get to meet him in person to shake his hand.

The fact that we cannot choose the life we currently have, we make the best of our surroundings. And I'm glad that thanks to the internet, we can be more connected in more ways. And through simple Pen-Pal style writing, I had the privilege to know someone 'pretty darn cool'.



But dying isn't a prime directive......

Be a man! Take this shit into your own hands! *Opens crayon box with a pistol inside* Now make daddy proud.