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Looks pretty solid i'll have to check it out :)

Any animations coming?

yah still working on that music vid, should be up before pico day

Looks real awesome so far, i guess i will have to go buy an iphone now. I really want to see this in motion...

I want to see it in motion too, but I wouldnt get an iphone lol, just borrow someone elses :3

remember its still a small wave based game, just a fun lil time killer

I hope the bitch im fabulous appears after each kill.

that actually wouldve been pretty awesome

i don't even own an ipod....yet so yeah im never going to get this -_- WHY MUST I BE SO POOR AND YOUNG

Neither do I, that's why I borrowed a friends to try it out

AW HELL yeah! time to blow up some zombie minds while bringing out awesome catchpharses!!!

to bad i dont have money to buy it Q_Q

@bocodamondo you moron...read the entire post befor comment.
you can clearly read down there "free"... pathetic...

lol its ok.

but im pretty sure that catchphrase was just a photoshop mock up, but its a damn great idea.

I downloaded it on my iPhone 3GS and not only is the font barely readable but I can't seem to find a sort of play button. I can only seem to access the selection screens but no gameplay or anything.

i take the blame for that font :( . sorry about that :/
i thought it had a cool titanic vibe. looks better on the ipad from the screenshots I saw.

yeah I used to own an iPod touch but then it got jacked by Arabians

dont get bullied, take karate!

Please disregard my last comment, I am an idiot. However, the controls were barely responsive and the camera was a bitch. The font on the selection screens may need to be smaller and are certain enemies meant to be lying down?

Ya I just tried it this morning, it definitely needs to move quicker,. theres a sensitivity option, so when I can borrow back the iphone Ill try that. And yah theres zombies that crawl along the floor. Kinda bummed they are already crawling, I did this cool contorting animation for that., ( a regular zombie contorts and starts crab walkin) I wonder if it was cut out do to filesize or somethin :(

Looks slick man, great work!

thanks trying ta branch out

Have you played Toxie Radd 3D submitted by Xplored?
jesus, loved it so much, brought back a lot of good old house of the dead on rail nostalgia.

Zombies? Booorrriiiiiiinnng...

I didnt pick the game or story idea :c

I'd really like to see Newgrounds go deeper iOS development.
I've been dabbling in the mobile market as well.

yah its a fun change for sure

You should make a RED BARON Ipad Game!!!

would that be fun? touch controls for a brawler? unless its like Infinity Sword I guess., but would that be fun? lol

Looks cool! Unfortunately I only own an Android phone...

ha same here

actually... i dont know. I watched the videos of BATMAN ARKHAM CITY LOCKOUT for Ipad and looks reaaaaaally boring

I think that games like the M BOT would work on a touch control device

lol I dont think i want a baron game like that..Stagger maybe

the whole game looks like it was made out of cardboard btw

I agree it isn't the prettiest game arround. But ya gotta start somewhere

Mannnn, if Newgrounds EVER gets a multiplayer server running someday, we ought to team up on a multiplayer zombie Flash game. Just sayin.

Lol. Im sure that's next right after a proper chat

Pretty fun game, very smooth controls. I actually like it more than the Call of Duty: Zombies app that's out, and it's free, so... bonus points!

Ahhh cool than ks for the feedback

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