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I want 2 live?

Well as Luis said you made it back in at least physically a complete state.

HAHAHHA, OMG I luv you.. youre the only one that got that.


I wuv you tooooo

heh, well Dfox already covered the shuttle transportation (its to get the shuttle back to launch site after landing)

The airplane parachute idea has been explored but unfortunately a system like that ends up being way to heavy for it to be feasible.

Also the shuttles are being retired because they were originally designed for 100 launches or 10 years and they are already over both limits... their replacement will be rockets:
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orion_%28spacecraft%29">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orion_%2 8spacecraft%29</a>

But what is neat about these ones is that they have a launch abort system. What would happen if the rocket experiences a major failure like Challenger is that the nose tip is a rocket that takes off the passenger area and then deploys a parachute to save the crew ^_^

I think flying would be 400x more interesting/scary if this new method of generated power gets off the ground:
<a href="http://www.thestar.com/article/238291">http://www.thestar.com/article/238291 </a>

wow thanks for that article, and yes I was wrong about that picture, but it has been stated that they were looking into bringing shuttles high enough into the atmosphere by plane so as to avoid a dangerous launch..

going back to rockets seems like a step backwards.

When and if you crash dont get into the pisition they tell you to on a plae.

Cuz if u do u will die.

Its true the airline is trying to kill you.

Do you know why they want you to get in those positions?

Its because its easy'er to settle for a payment for a death than a seut/suit/sewt.

Be aware the airline is evil.

Oh yeah, one more thing to add to my previous comment.

I'm not sure if you've put thought into this factor, but plane malfunctions or crashes almost NEVER happen during flight. In fact, I can only remember one plane crash in recent history (it was on the anniversary of 9/11, I believe '02 or '03) where the plane actually had a problem in mid-air. Almost all crashes occur during takeoff and landing, like the recent one.

So, it would be great if the parachute system could work during takeoff and landing. Maybe if a problem is detected (I have no idea how that would be done), the seating area is ejected, but with some force to get it up in the air so the parachutes can actually work. I think that's the main problem. Making a parachute system work during takeoff and landing might be difficult, but the success of such a system would hinge on it.

But yeah, I mean I remember one plane crash where during takeoff a bird flew in one of the engines and it exploded, causing the plane to crash. It wasn't far off the ground at all.

Gawd I have that bird Story, its the worse. But yeah, this is supposed to work for both mid air and take off/landings the second set of parachuts would deploy, possibly even without the full detachment of the cabin. simply a rapid decent without death!

that link you posted is to an image of a plane *transporting* a shuttle, not launching one...

dammit, shoulda read the comments first... though J.U. didn't give me a heads up like he could have.

whos J.U.

anyways yes that was a pic of the transoport I know, but there has been planes designed for oribtal research that don't launch from the ground, as well as collaborations with Virgin galactic. Point of which is they are willing to look at alternatives now that theres competition

Best way to not being shot is not getting into a gunfight. Funny how that works.

hahahahaha amen.

piss is sterile or w/e you cant get an infection just so you know. you can actually piss on open wounds it helps disinfect them.

i was waiting for someone to be anal enough to point that out...lol

I like your theory....... interesting.

i have an unhealthy obsession with spiders

aren't you supposed to be in the army or somethin?

im off guard this weekend hyuck hyucka so tha brass let me go home for a couple days

the air force is actually pretty cool aside from all the washing and cleaning and shit!!!

heres an idea, free public parachuting lessons to any and all whom have fear and paranoi of p[lanes, yippie :P

i was scared as shit the first time i flew a plane, the pilot was an old farmer in the bushplane, more than likely durnk >.>

lets all just take the scenic route, driving can b nice, u get to see the perty... n dull countryside (well depending on where u live i guess)

i survived a plain crash :( damn United Airway XD

My late grandma wouldn't fly on a plane with us. She said they were dangerous. *sniff* She got on a train, and that was the last time we saw her alive. Her train was involved in a collision. A 747 fell on it.

Pfff I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU DUDE.... PLANES ARE WORTH SHIT!!! why not just put fucking parachutes instead of bigger wings and shit...

lol great idea on those blue prints ^ xD