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Toon Boom commercial is a Toon Boom commercial.


Informative, though.

ha who gives a fuck who sponsored it?

not like you gonna use either ha.

PS youre wack.

Whats a pitch bible? I'm too lazy to watch the video...

maybe this is the wrong place to post something like this.

around 5:00 to 6:00
that's pretty much how the new generation mlp has risen to status it has.

they base it on 3 things.
Facial expression.
Clean, colorful, simple designs.
Exaggerated emotion.

Most humans are attuned to emotion, we express it, we bottle it, we live it, we deny it, or embrace it.
a very interesting topic brought up in this discussion, thanks Mc.


Great find, thanks dude. I've been considering putting together a pitch, this is great.

I didn't know you were pitching already; why haven't you shown me anything yet? We both know your writing could always benefit from a proofread or two :P


Thanks for sharing!

lol ill be sure to remember this - thanks for sharing - best of luck brotha!

What are the demographics to consider when marketing your pitch? I know about the TV ratings as a rough guideline, but I can't find specific age ranges for the genders before 18 years.

Also, when she talks about explaining a character, is it really bad to compare it to another character (esp. one that hasn't been on air in a while, or ever)? For brevity's sake, it's easier for me to say his as imagination is as vivid as Calvin's (Calvin & Hobbs).

I think the problem with that is your taking a shortcut to your description and your puting other peoples characters into their head. You're better off trying to be as brief, yet as descriptive as possible

Thanks for the information bro.

that was an entertaining workshop.

Haha, I totally know her. Its been a while, but a few years back when we met Heather was the head of new development for Cartoon Network (she's not there right now though)... she definitely knows what she's talking about. (I didn't watch the video so I'm not sure if that was mentioned, but... yeah)

Anyways, awesome find. Best of luck on the stuff you're pitching.

OoooooOOOOoooh... good stuff.

This has the potential to be endlessly useful...

Man she does have a crazed look...

completely off topic (please don't be mad), I seen art for "Jing" on your page. I just so happen to be internet pals with Mr. Griffen. he showed me the background art for the game, but he never mentioned that it was you. Did you make the BKG's for the game??? If so, real nice job dude, I was real upset when he told be He wasn't going to finish it...I was like "wtf are you going to do with them bad ass backgrounds"

yah That was me.. He was having problems getting the game to play smoothly :(
I was bummed too. he was nice enough to release the art back to me, so maybe I can do something with them down the line.

I just finished proof reading your Pitch Bible. I must say, it's probably the most well thought out X-Rated Transformers fanfic I have ever read. Great work buddy!

lol, think bay will like it? :3

Off topic:

Seriously, why don't you just ban users like kisame? Because If you ALLOW them to harass people, you're no better than they are.

kisame also spammed my inbox too, which I do believe is a violation of the terms of use.

I dont allow him to do anything, hes banned from my pages and PM, you should do the same.

I'm a bit confused with your place on the NG staff. You aren't listed on the staff page, but you are considered an admin.
Clarification please?

Im not on that list because Im not staff. I do work on a contractual basis, and I help from time to time with the mod stuff. That help?

Good but can i have your madness sprites

Sure. just rip them from the games Ive made, like you did nexus..

But my swf decompiler is not working anymore because its unregisterd version

awwww, that sucks.
I guess you'll have to find another way to steal peoples work :(

Man, i guess i will download swf decompiler in my brother's computer so that i would press sothink swf decompiler and i'm not going to press convert to fla

yah dude! whatever it takes to not be creative!, go for it.!

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