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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars March 25, 2005

This cant be a good thing.

Alot of us animate violent cartoons for fun, and at times for a release.

Showcasing an animation of reflected this killers intentions will only bring down more heat on newgrounds,

Lets just hope
our pieces wont be more scrutinized , and questioned by the closed minded.

Just because there are few out there to weak to carry on.

im not sure which one video you're talking about, but as long as the content has some type of artistic redeeming qualities, Im pretty lax about the subject matter, regardless of how controversial it can be. Just really aint a fan of topical overnight attention grabbers.

im raising awareness of the red lake sk0l sh0t 10th aniversary


Hey. Let's go get Outback. They have loaded fries.

Ohhhh! no one beats 5-guys fries tho!

Oh don't even get me started on Five Guys. I could eat that every damn day.

This video is entirely accurate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcJFdCmN98s

haha definitely That place gives me a total meat high




Is there a chance you still have the Alien Snatchattack sprites?

Somewhere..but they're pretty bad

It's like mario got too old.

Thanks for subscribing! You're great too!

Hey, do you still go to church? I'm looking for a cheap (temporary) rental outside of town (somewhere in PA), and I think I'd like to try going to services again. It's funny the questions we ask when we get older!

BTW, have you seen the remastered version of Robocop? I noticed a few frames added and removed here and there, quite good!

hey buddy,.. aside from having to go to church in catholic school, Ive havent since. But I do agree it can be comforting. And yah the remastered Robocop is great you can see all the handcraftmanship in the miniatures

Once I get my stuff squirreled away here, I planned on roaming around PA and south, looking for a small patch to farm.. so soil quality, rocks and hills are a concern, takes time to suss out. Still hoping there's a few hidden extended stay hotels in some small town somewhere... not everyone advertises on the internet.

I'd have had this shit worked out months ago, but the buyers of the farm really were (are) skittish, doubted it'd even sell at all. Also hoping I can find someone to haul the tractors and shit, after I do find a place, and hope it doesn't all bankrupt me.

So, life's good? Got a handle on everything, all your projects been perfectly tackled lately?

That sounds really peaceful.... So you sold your older ( assume) bigger farm and are looking for a smaller one?

Things are a bit better, I was finally getting into a decent rhythm, of going to work, then the gym, then getting in a few hours on the computer 3dmodeling and or drawing.. I wasn't getting anything done particularly quickly, but it was nice to get back into art, even if its more of a hobby for me these days..
Things did screech to a halt though when my external drive died and I lost about the last 2 summers worth or work and tinkering.. . put me in a funk, but I quickly reformatted my drive and gave myself a fresh start.. really would like to get back to contributing to NG more again.

Yeah, the old 14 acre spread got sold and (soon) proceeds split between my bro and sis. Unlikely I could afford or operate more than that by myself, unless there's critters involved... a steer takes about 7 acres of corn to feed before butchering, more or less. Even with my crap cut, I still have some options at subsistence living, such as it is lol

Damn, the external drive was that unrecoverable? If the board or bearings go on a mechanical drive, put it in a baggie in the freezer for a few hours, then get what you can off it before it heats up again. It's good to have a healthy routine, especially now that summer's over, and huddle-for-warmth winter's on it's way... also quite depressing, but regular exposure to sun always helps.

Im not sure whats wrong with it.. I hear it spin with no extra sounds.., the computer recognizes it in my drive manager, but its no where to be seen in my computer ,, it fails when window tries to install a drive.. but Ill try the freezer trick thanks.

thats crazy how much land is needed for lives stock.. I hope you find something small and manageable

Actually, it might be a bad MBR (boot sector), or maybe the board has a hairline crack, bad capacitor maybe (though not nearly as much as in the past). It just went wonky, all of the sudden? I've never had hard drive failure... but then again, I was always careful while LP's were spinning ;)

A steer can weigh as much as a veedub yo, I'd rather take deer and groundhogs for free anyway... still gotta take down the corncob grinder, pack it away (since no one else wanted it). What sucks is my cousin's got the best equipment, like a 6' wide rototiller, that works off a PTO, it's like a dirt blender turbo 2000. If they used them more on commercial farms, they wouldn't have to spray for weeds as much, or at all.

sounds like youre gonna miss the big farm, I hope you find a nice little farm that will give you a piece of mind :)... Ill keep fussing with the HD, till I give up and start redoing what I lost

I was told that past written and artistic works, if destroyed, would give better impetus to new and better works... dunno if I buy that |: Like you, I look back at my old stuff and say, "Shit, that ain't bad!"

My biggest concern is fracking/ tainted well water, and any unmoveable rocks just under the surface... though, given a hard winter, I could split them; water has a way of expanding.

How old are you?

older than time