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Great post! I can imagine the pain and the struggling to see a dream come to life. Reading this shows it, this is an adventure within itself, The legacy of Alloy. There's your next title.

Dang I remember this guy. glad he is still around. :)

You had a Sega Saturn, and I bought in too early, w/ the 32X. Went to check your old website from NG Wikia, and it brought me here, to find Alloy again. Glad you're still plugging along! How's brass Alloy doing? He should in a glass case looking badass. Meh, I've got issues w/ 2 old tractors with brass issues, leaking gear oil every time I drive on an angle, Tractor Supply Co just moved into town, maybe there's some hope..

Sega Saturn still one of my favorite systems.. I gave the brass Alloy to AdamNG as a gift and he's restored it actually. He looks amazing now...
Sorry about your tractors though

You are so cool. I want to be you when I grow up.

A washed up animator turned mailman?...:*(
*Runs away crying

No. Awesome. I want to be awesome when I grow up!


you are a legend. I truly respect your work, it's always been a big part of my life and gave me a less shitty childhood. I am very lucky to have you as a good pal and to own the Alloy figure which I promise will be taken care of! and as I mentioned before, I will make resin copies of Alloy soon enough, and JUST maybe I will use a resin copy as a base for a recoil figure!

It is I who should be humbled by a cool dude such as yourself, looking past the crap art and design and see what I was going for .On more than one occasion, you've inspired me.... And I cant wait for the day you start inspiring others with works and worlds.

Your an inspiration brother. This was a great post, and I really sympathise with how hard you work to make your dream happen. Ironically, Im in the same boat myself now, lol.

But at the very least, you did achive that fame right here! One of the most well known Newgrounds animators to this day!

Too bad that it was before the time of kickstarter and youtube. I really belive you could have got something going with that character, it was a very good idea

Sure Alloy didnt become a show, but here on the internet it can be debated he became something much better! The mark of the beginning of an era where people can watch creations on pc, rather than consistantly relying on tv, where the creative freedom and quality to the day is getting arguably worse.

No matter the fact, you are an animation pioneer, and thats something no tv animator can say this day and age!

Good luck with everything man! Really want to see you grow!

Also, hate to be a meddler, think we will ever be able to read that Alloy script?

Thanks so much for that post it means a ton. Let me get someone to proof read it first and I'll post it up one of these days..
And just keep trying btw.... I heard once, Todd McFarland got rejected 300 times before finally getting a job at marvel.! While I've taken a huge break from art and animation in general,I don't plan to give up on it just yet..

Amazing story! It's incredible to imagine how far the character has come and the potential that it had. I would still be totally down with watching/playing a full toon/game of Alloy, if it ever comes out! :)

thanks for the love!

I remember watching your animations as kid and loved them so much. You pretty much solidified my love in Pico as character... so much that I made a NG account based from him.

It was a embarrassing time, but I never did regret it. But I did had to make a couple of new accounts to escape the cringe.

No matter whatever hell life throws at you, you're still somebody great to me and the rest of us here man.

Haha, thanks for the love man, and glad you became part of the community. It really is like no other site out there, primarily because of people like you <3

That site was such a work of art man... hope it hovers around on the Wayback Machine for all eternity at least! Wonder why you decided to take it down?

Interesting story behind Alloy. To think it could've been a show, or replaced Alien Hominid, or even cooler: been a GBA game!! Wonder if you still have the file for that, if it's anything you have/thought about giving out to the public? As a homebrew ROM? Would be really cool to load onto a cartridge and play around with for real. :)

I feel like a lot of artists aren't so aware of where they get the influences for the characters they draw btw, kinda depressing having a new idea and realizing later on that it wasn't a new idea after all. Certainly difficult to really put out something original when everything's been done...

most art is inspired by something. Thats just what art is, a reflection.

The Alloy test rom is out there in the wild, just gotta find it.. warning though, its broken and not much of a game.

All cool. :) Would still be fun to play if it turns up! Most homebrew games don't work that well anyway, it's just that thing about playing custom content on a console not meant for such content. And this in particular. Nostalgia that never was...

As for art being a reflection, that's true... interesting way to look at it. I guess I was thinking more of ideas. Inventions. Scripts. Concepts... in the context of art. As new contexts appear, new ideas can be made based on that context. Like this witty image: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/keryth/beets-by-dre

...without 'Beets by Dre' this wouldn't have the same link, so as such it feels like there really is room for something 'new' in the context of something else, even if that something isn't new itself, but rather just a change of formulation, foundation, something that you can build upon even further. Breaking down and borrowing the bricks of old houses to build new ones. Sort of.

How's your bones? I sure am dreading another winter with no heat in the truck, it's madness.

Not bad.. but my hip is slowly give me trouble.. it's alot of steps

You old labrador, hump some more legs. Only thing that helped me was lying flat on the living room floor for 20 minutes or so, but that was more for the spine just above the hip.