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AnyBody Wanna Collab on a Construct3 Jam?

Posted by MindChamber - February 17th, 2018

Even Though I have a 9-5 that can sometimes kill my nights, I wouldnt mind jaming on a small game, if its simple enough.

I actually have this unused Samurai A  vector sprite that's collecting dust..just needs a few changes and some color swaps... I was thinking basically of a runner type game,  where you jump on enemies, jump over fire pits,  etc. and maybe air  attack-combo floating enemies to keep you going over  large firey pits.

take a look at the sprite, and let me know here


Oh gosh, I am so tempted.
I currently have NGAP15 to worry about though, so that precludes me from most other musical endeavours.

When that's over, fancy us collaborating?

yah no problem! Focus on NGAP15 for sure, that's gonna be awesome.

That is a cool animation sprite character sir, the only thing about it is that it looks very close to Playstations Brave Fencer Musashi game character back in the day. You may want to make some changes before hand.

good call, maybe change up the colors and stuff.

You could just get some sleep, or finish watching DS9, maybe start Babylon 5 if you haven't gone down that rabbit hole, which is damn eerily prophetic in it's epic.

BTW, is it me, or has pizza become damn near inedible, due to high salt and/or sour sauce, GMO pie dough and strange lactose? If I don't nuke coffee's milk in the morning...

ever since my lil last IBS attack.. food in general has been unfun... I have some pizza lately and it was a treat.. but it definitely isnt as magical as it used to be

Last time I had that, was when I was under stress and/or drinking, diet somewhat suspect too. Teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in room temp water works best after a meal, keep the tum happy w/ potassium and acidity

yah, ive learned from jump to chill with the garbage food after a shitty day really fast. and I have some of the vinegar with mother, on tap haha

Won't it be hard to win C3 with the free version? We only get 50 actions or whatever. I started the tutorial anyway. I've been working on my art a lot and I want to make a game, even if not for this competition. And that sprite is freaking amazing.

I was under the impression that all options would be unlocked for the duration of the contest.. But I could be wrong, Ill peep again.

This is seven btw, I changed my name to mess with people and now cast is seven and we're trouble makers.

you guys... such rebels.. :0

Man I sure hope you and Tom make a sequel to Samurai A.

I'm still brain storming a manga version of Samurai A's backstory.