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Unofficial robot day 8/26

Posted by MindChamber - July 30th, 2019

>>>>Winners Announced!<<<<<

I've been pretty bad at trying to keep this day going but I figured let's just keep pushing anyway.

I'm thinking August 26th..

Under a month before madness and several weeks after Clock day.. plus it's a Monday,so you can procrastinate right up until the weekend before!

Depending on the turnout, I'll only be judging art and animation/games this time, that way I'm not dragging out the announcement for winners, and it would be a great incentive audio guys to collaborate with an animator or game Dev.

1st place ..100 bux in PayPal or steam

2nd place..50 bux in PayPal or steam

3rd place..25 bux in PayPal or steam...

Just make sure you tag your stuff robotday2019. So I can find it..

Have fun!!

Let me know if you guys want me to make a thread in the forums




I'll try my best to get something done!!!

neat, i will give it my best shot

how is it unofficial VS the rest of the Robot Day events, you're the Robot Day guy!! i might try

Lol, cause it's not on the NG schedule.. and cool! Gluck!

@SPAGABAglass @MindChamber i thought Robot Day always was and always will be an official newgrounds holiday, hmm...I just uploaded more glass, I might take more pictures

I've always looked forward to this day on Newgrounds, it will be nice to finally participate in it ^.^ I always love seeing the new art, especially the Mega Man themed ones. Best wishes, everyone

Shiiiiet watch me throw my hat in.

Time to dust off some half finished robots and throw 'em in the race!

Whoop whoop!

Im joining in,mate!

Robots turn my software into hardware. Count me in.

Hopefully ill have some time

Great. One of my favourite holidays of the year. Since I didn't make it through the audition phase of ngadm this year, that means I have time to make something for Robot Day. You say you will only be judging art and animation this year. What does that mean for audio and/or game submissions? Are they still allowed? Will someone else be judging them? Are they just not eligible for prices?

If I was the only one judging I didn't want people who submit to be waiting weeks as I went through, but If it's a small turn out then I'll definitely take a listen..It's also more of a hope that people would collaborate instead.. Like contributing audio to an animation, games are a go too!
Updated post

are gifs allowed?


Great to see this is still going! I'll see what I can do.


Do we have to wait till the day or can we upload early?

Early is fine, just tag it robotday2019

Whoo hooo! Less than ten days!

I joined


I'll probably make a game for this, good luck everyone!

Nice! The world is a better place with more robot games

I did not participated in a while - I just need to upload it on 26th and add a tag: robotday2019? =)

Yuppers! Thanks for submitting!

I've had a pretty dry music year so I'm happy to say I'll have a track up in time. Woot, robot deigh participation : ]

cool! looking forward to it.

Sounds fun

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