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Bomb Dat Bus

Posted by MindChamber - April 10th, 2008

Im extending the deadline to the little competition I'm throwing in the art forums till the end of the month.

Basically using my bus or train template show me your taggin/bombin' skillz. Just make sure you do the art on a separate layer in flash.
I plan to have the pieces in both the movie and game Im working on. Alot of submissions will get in. Only the first 5 will get a Tshirt of their choice from the NG store , as well as a bunch of stickers. you now have till the end of the month to jump on this.

Bomb Dat Bus


Sounds fun.

(Says the person not celebrating over first post)

I'm not quite sure if I understand the concept, but I think I have this right: We're supposed to draw our own graffiti on the bus or train in your template?

(I believe this is the second post, but given the fact that there will probably be a whole bunch of other users who have finished posting by the time I finish typing this message, I'm not going to go and celebrate about it.}

know how, now have <_< >_>


alright, let's go show some bombing skillz! hey, it sounds exciting. lol, and fun!

cool. ill try to make one if i have time.

Gah...If only I had a tablet, I could make something dope.
I'll give the mouse a try.

I might give it a try. I got no experince taggin', but it looks fun.

Also your art is as always, insanely sexy. :3

ok whats up with the Beards on the flash portal page.....sorry i know this is about "Bomb dat bus" it just seems different....

Cheers Mindchamber

i'm no good at graffiti

then draw the goon from popeye I dont care :-D

this is very kind of you. i've always found it kinda fun to either reference my friends or feature somethin of theirs in my movies.. its the equivalent of an inside joke or something... NEAT.

ya,, back in the day when I was pitching Alloy as a show, one of my ideas was that I wanted to have monthly contests to tag the cityin the show, and I pitched it as a way of giving the graffiti artist a place to showcase their work without getting in trouble.Flash finally gives me a chance to do that

sick, i'm going to do one.

aw man, I was hopin the contest would be over the 14th and my entries would be in with not a lot of competion.. o wellz. I guess I got to make my entries hotter then.

Whoah. Awesome contest. Looking forward to seeing the winners.

I see you´ve already had the idea of making a low-alpha layer to add texture to the tags... I was doing it myself tracing your pic manually just to show you how cool it´d look (unless it´d give some frame-rape issues). One trouble less.
Mine´s taking too much time... I´ve dissed a finished pic already. It got spoilt when making it. It looked good and I learnt a lot when making but it didn´t really look like something you´d paint on a bus... The main trouble is that I´m not been on the hip-hop/ street art trend and giving that Yo!Rad authentic look is giving me a hard time...
But I´m not going to quit. I´ll make it no matter what (But I´m still pissed for not having delievered it already.).
Over, and back to work now.

dont me so hard yourself, you're an amazing artist and Im sure the pic you dissed was just as good as anything on the trains back in the day.
let it flow bro :)

in your primary pic
do you mean tracer leads for computers or tracers leads for fishing?

wack. ..and unfunny.

i'm in, i'm working on it right now also it is very kind of u to draw a template thanks

<a href="http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u32/213932/LOOGIEBUSBOMBIN.jpg">http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u3 2/213932/LOOGIEBUSBOMBIN.jpg</a>

it's more of a parody than a submission.

it fails even as a parody.

hmm, yet another thing i've been meaning to get around to doing :/


Damn, NG based competitions. Its seem theres either none going on or 3-4 going on at once. So much to do, so little time.

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