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Robot Day 2020 Winners!

Posted by MindChamber - August 30th, 2020

Ok Folks, This get harder every year, so Ill say again what I said last year:

Just know I understand and appreciate the work that went into every submission, and if you didn't get placed just know this is all subjective, and I hope you had fun creating and keep creating.

With That Said let's get on with the winners


1st Place:

This game really had a little bit of everything. A refreshing Claymation style, simple but really fun mechanics, and just a great sense of humor and polish.

2nd Place:

This was super hard to pick, but Ozrks colors and style just kept me coming back. In-fact all his Robot and android designs are something to behold, please give this dude a follow.

3rd Place:

absolutely nuts rendering of p-Bot,and the fact that its hand drawn is wild, love the subtle shading in all his colors.

hit me up with your paypal Addys in PM guys.


Close Calls : (1 year supporter)

1) https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/761165

the Story has me intrigued and the musical number had me WTF'd :)

2) https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/959415

Bringin' da Crunk' and da' meows all at the same time!

3) https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/guisergestalt/robot-day-2020

Love the details, and organic Moebius vibe in this work.


Honorable Mentions.


Awesome piece with some bad ass Choir, and foreboding electrical effects


really great design Id like to see more of!


amazing concept work here, with a roided-out Pbot at the ready.


This was a blast guys.. I really wish I could choose more winners, but I got bills to pay too, lol

Hopefully we can do this again next year.



Aw man, these are so good! I'll just have to try harder for next year.

yours was very good, believe me this is all subjective! keep rockin

Thanks for the mention! I will come back next year harder, better, faster, stronger.

I legit cannot believe this is actually happening!
What a game changing momment this is.
We got 2nd place guys, we did it!
I dunno what to say... Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

I started WAY late, but thanks to my ability to rush decently, I was able to crank out a toon and make my friends laugh...in the end...isn't that all that matters? :P

But yeah! I'll be back and better than ever for next Robot Day. You can count on it!

I feel honored, specially among so many great work.

Damn, I had a lot of time make art to celebrate Robot Day 2020. But I was procrastinating. Oh well, at least the others are spectacular.

Congrats to the winners!Really stunning entries this year.I also feel like we got a lot more submissions in general than last year.

For sure man.. also great job on yours dude.

Thanks for the years sub! Gratz to winners!

Oh nice I made to top three! There were a lot of good entries this year so I wasn't expecting to make it, thanks a lot!

The very first game I ever uploaded was for robot day 2012, so robot day is extra special to me. Eight years later I finally managed to win! Thank you!

You did an awesome job, thank you.

see ya on robot day 2021!

The P-Bot drawing is incredibly rendered! I have no idea how to achieve such a feat. Great job to all the winners!

Harder each year cause: more stuff or better stuff?

I'm always gone when this particular event kicks off, but at least none of these submissions have a time limit on them eh... they do look awesome. And you seem like the perfect judge for this kind of event, judging by iconic icon and what-not of course. ;)

Super belated Congrats to them winners!

less stuff, but better each time..


The announcement i read months ago said that it will happen on 26th of august :(((
I thought I still had time until i saw this newsfeed, my almost finished piece is now just a personal piece of work i guess. Or I can just hide it from the world and submit it in a year

This is last year's dude

@EinMeister @MindChamber :(((((