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If NG had a Booth At Big Apple Con,would you go?

Posted by MindChamber - April 22nd, 2008

Last weekend Luis, and I went over to the New York Comic con. We had a good time, met a few users and even partied up with Old Time NG submitter Eric Black. One thing Newgrounds never had was a booth at a con all to its own. Eric has been doing the cons for years and states theres a hardcore NG following thats being neglected here on the east coast.

So my question is, if we decided to get a booth at the Big apple Con would any of you go? It would be a good way to meet some newgrounds users without having a mod meet, get some NG merch out there that isn't available in the store yet, play some flash games and just basically chill, without the pressures of running a huge booth.

If it was popular enough , then we would consider returning to the larger Cons that show up,

so basically I would like a show of hands, NG Booth at Apple con and possibly next years comic con?
yay or nay?

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I would go, but i can't.


you sure? not even for your fans?

::Raises hand::


I would surely go there, only if I would be able to do that.

Nothing ever happens here...

i would love to, but im short on cash and i have school

I Live In London...Far To Young But I would if i lived in USA And School....

Nay....But England Yay!....


I'll try :)

yeah i would if i was able to go

also are you really 73?

Restrictions in time - cash - will. Good luck with that though!

sure will. i'm originally from NY, so i'm there almost all the time anyways

If you come to PAX or anywhere in Western Washington, then I'll definitely try.

I would go but it would depend on when it would be held.

Sure I would, if you bought me a plane ticket.

If you guys need help working on con stuff, i'm an old vet of 13 shows now. Apple con is a good investment. Tables aren't too bad and there's high traffic.
Oh by the way, boo for not visiting me and James Farr at the spacedog booth.

umm fail,,, I did.

I even have pictures of the toys to prove it! Booo on you!

Just to confirm, only people over 18 can go to the UK meet-ups?

Hell yeah I'd go.

If I lived in the states...

I would definitely try and make plans to get there, I'll take a damn greyhound if I have to. I live in Vermont so it's not all that far, I went all the way to Idaho from here for a relationship once (via greyhound), so I'm pretty sure I could make it to NY. Where exactly is it located?

I wouldve been there, but i dont even live in the states, sorry :(

thats why I referenced the east coast in my blog, some of you should read it sometime.

Damn I sure would wanna go, but I aint old enough to go to america, cus I ned passport and stuff :( ah well, maybe when I are old enuf then I'll come to A con :)

dude that con is fucking gay isnt it?

ya its pretty ghetto but thats why it would be cool to take that con over with ng.

you gotta start somewhere,

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