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Any Unity3D or Construct3 Programmers out there?

Posted by MindChamber - November 23rd, 2021

I'm looking for a programmer possibly "remaster" some older games,

Preferably someone who has a real knack for fighters and combo systems.

I will be making a lot of these characters as low poly models.

So I would like to do these games in a 2.5D style (think Street Fighter4 or DeadCells)

down the line, the plan is to convert the models into 2D sprites which I'd post in my assets page after the game has had its run..

The First Game I'd like to tackle is a remake of Alloy Arena..

you can play that here... Its a fighting arena-type brawler similar to Madness Combat.

. I'm hoping to have the same type of scoring system, based on combos and juggle time, etc.

and hopefully, add a boss in there.

The next game I'd like to tackle after that is a 2v2 fighter with only Pico school characters. with that game Im hoping to get something similar to "Head2Head"

Link me to any games you've made in a similar genre. If you don't have one maybe show an unfinished prototype?.

Alright, get at me while I still have some money left, lmao



what francise are you remastering?

starting with smaller projetcs, like Alloy Arena..

@MindChamber the only person i know in this community with advanced technology like that would be in the madness community

best way to find out is to put out some feelers

One dev team that comes to mind which I am not sure if they are available for you to consult them BUT I wanna bring any suggestion I can think of if it helps ...

Maybe you can look into the Sonic Smackdown team on their discord since that one at least has a fan game that comes closest to what you might be looking for in look terms at least.

Just in case you could share this post on Twitter as well to get a bit of a bigger range in terms of attention

Those are the quickest things i can suggest at the top of my head

good idea thanks

Madness Accelerant remaster?

Madness already has the perfect remaster, it's called Project Nexus!

I saw your reply to my alloy arena review i wanna reply back but for some reason newgrounds couldnt do that
but i hope you find a dev out there, ill be looking forward to see alloy back in action again <3

Resident pico remake =3 .

Seeing this made my day! Really looking forward to the Alloy:Arena remaster (now time to practice getting 50000 points)

I wish i knew how to use Construct and Unity but sadly I'm kinda stupid.. So i only know how to make games in freakin scratch

Thats still way better than I can do!

ESO TILIIN i mean epik

Your still active dayum

and you just got here XD
"Joined on 9/10/21" Welcome :3

@MindChamber i wanna ask you something hoe did newgrounds look in 1999-2000

it looked had a ton of graphics, all around the site, lots of flash buttons and cartooniness

@MindChamber was the logo red and it said NG. And on newgrounds there was 10 times more violence and sex

Id say there's more sex and violence now than before, but it's better situated behind a proper age wall,... and Parents should always be monitoring what their kids see online anyways.

Make a newgrounds rumbleā€ 2 for consoles