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Embroidered NG Patches! Word

Posted by MindChamber - May 20th, 2008

With only about two weeks lefts to the BigAppleCon, Ive been hustling getting postcards designed, making Games and Videos list of the the flashes we will be displaying, and trying to come up with new or different Items to have presented at the Con.

Well The First of these just came to the office which was the Embroidered NG tank Patch. Theres just something cool about feeling the stitching of the Actual tank in your hands. On top of that it has an adhesive back so you can pretty much stick it anywhere. Its a nice subtle way to show your NG love.
The 3inch version is great for shoulder patches and backpacks, while the 1.5 inch version would go perfect on a blank cap. more news about the Con as it arrives. Even had some made of my Logo for myself.

In other news, have you guys tried FlashPlayer10 ? Its still in beta but damn is it blazin' I tried out Baron, Newgroundsrumble, and DadnMe, and all the games are superfast now. I have yet to see any real errors aside from some highlighted buttons looking misaligned, check it out.

Embroidered NG Patches!  Word

Comments (83)

That is so awesome!

Can't wait to wear one. Does NG have an official Ebay account? You guys could make thousands.

Will these be available in the store when it's released? Or just at the con? If it's exclusive to the con, can you pack one in with my shirt please :)

we dont have a huge amount sadly. since this is a test run. so I need all the ones I can take with me, [I feel bad for even taking one myself :( ]

nice, i have many band pathces on clothing, it would be nice to have an NG one, do you plan on any angry faces, or will you just keep them as stickers?

that would rock, we'll see how the tank goes.

I've got it! I'm wearing them during sports and crap! ><!

sorry for the fourth comment, but are there going to be more pathces? Such as Tankmen and thr faic?

all depends, if I run out of these I can then throw back the money into making more.

That looks like MindChamber holding the patches. I haven't seen it completed yet.

yes hes my lovely assistant

my life is complete now. when are you gonna start selling these anyway? better yet, when are you gonna release the stoooore >:U!?!?

If theres a shortage why don't you guys just get a special printer that does them? My dad had one like 3 years ago, their really retro mate, get them and print them! Easy!

they print thread??!

those are sweet, but i'm still hopin for a tank pin :)

Do you think they'll end up giving these out with prizes inplace of stickers?


OMG that looks AWESOME dammit I want one really badly

holy shit. I would buy a letterman jacket just for one of these. :)


Y'know... to pin to backbacks 'n' shit, people always buy those. =D

I love patches anyway, gunna get me some. Then I will be Queen. =]

....uh.... King.


Id allways feel dumb wearing a website logo, but that actually looks pretty cool

Im a huge fan of logos, just not phrases. or links.

awww will that go in stores in australia some time?


Woah cool beans,

I'll be there

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