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The BigAppleCon Postcards have arrived.

Posted by MindChamber - May 29th, 2008

We'll be giving these out at the BigAppleCon next week

I think they came out pretty sweet. At first I was a bit put off that they are a tiny bit dark, but I love how rich the colors Look. Its pretty cool to see my art in solid form and on something you can actually hold.

I did get a few gripes about the statement on the card as being a bit pretentious.
"The Most creative Group of Artist, animators, game designers, and musicians on the Web"

I dunno, I think its true, and isn't pretentious at all. maybe if I said "The ONLY Group of..." or " The Most Talented group" or " The most respected" <---LoL

In terms of the sheer amount of creative talent, we are certainly the biggest. And being creative doesn't mean we don't still have room to grow... Y'know?
I think its safe to say we ARE the most creative group on the web, and it really makes me proud.

The BigAppleCon Postcards have arrived.



Can I have one plz?

I liked your old banner better.


lol, i think newgrounds has earned the right to be as pretentious as they damn well please. :D

Awesome, it's a huge shame (for me) that I can't make it anymore.

the gods will be displeased

Don't forget YouTube and their array of talented vloggers! They just ooze with creative juices and sheer talent.

Also, on a more serious note.. Could we see a higher rez version of that image and will these be handed out at San Diego Comic-Con?

I linked to a bigger image from that link under "cards" also check the art forum under my name for a better image with typos tho :(

as for seeing these at comic con, probably not.

thats awesome, yo is it ok if i can print out one of those cards so i dont have to travel all the way to NY to the big apple to just get one?

Nice, I really like this.

Aw, darn shame. Guess I won't have a chance to get one then :(

So, your MindChamber model is actually done, right? It would look awesome enough without the cards in it's hands. Great work on both projects!

The first few people at the convention to accuse the postcard of being pretentious will get punched in the face by myself. After a few rounds of that, we should stop hearing people say it...though I worry it might give the people the wrong impression about us.

hahah actually that sounds like the right impression

I've been to a lot of flash web sites, and this is without a doubt the most creative and best place to go. I really can't speak too much for the music, but I know the Newgrounds Audio Portal has some crazy stuff. But too bad I can't go, I would love to meet all you guys and get one of those postcards. If I was going, I would so go up to The Swain and call the cards pretentious just to see if he would live up to his word.

Swains like 7 foot 5, I dont see why not, lols

Looks like I picked the wrong Con to go to. I'm headin' to Comic-Con San Diego. Oh well... I'm sure I'll meet the NG Crew in person some day.

Is it wrong that I've been on this site for years and I don't recognize the baby-looking character next to Foamy?

Very vibrant and cool-looking.

Ohh, I see a green little star on there. Star Syndicate I guess??
Nice work.

Cool, Lol I'm a collector of postcards now. Ever since I started designing them for people and collected a whole bunch from the ComicCon they're just cool to have stacked up in my room.
Now I'm going to have an NG card. Nice.

Holy fuck, the tank one is sexy. Can you save one for my next order?

Y'know the massive tank taking up all the writing space on the back does kinda defeat the object of being a postcard ,'=.

theres enough space to add a stamp and say HEY I SAWED TOM FLUP!!!

its a novelty

I made the top one my desktop

I wish i could go to the con............. T_T

is the baby Marcus Peblo?

yup! good idea


also like how you have your little model MC holding the card, you whoer ;)

Of course we are the most crative. We really are.

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