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Robot Day Winners

Posted by MindChamber - December 3rd, 2022

Hot Damn! we got Robot Day in this year by the skin of Our synthetic membranes!

So without further ado


Winner: Robo-butcher


By PitiGameDev

"After losing multiple times due to those rogue robots, I think the scrap pile is starting to make sense. A nicely rendered piece that works good as a promo for the game!" -Syrupmasterz

"The rendering and set up is pretty good ngl" -DyingSun

"I enjoy the rustic 3d look this one has, along with it's doom-inspired posing.

It pairs for an awesome-looking piece of work."

-ProffessorDunce -

Honorable mentions:

RobotDay Figurine

Icon of Sin



Winner Cross Strike

"Very well crafted and presented game, one that i see has potential to be a top tier arcade side scrolling shooter similar to its influence Mega Man. I want to see more." TheExtremeH

"Clearly takes influence from Megaman, and does good by this with a mostly linear gameplay experience with slight backtracking elements, that give the user a fun gameplay experience. Not bad at all." - ProffessorDunce

"A fun jump and shooter that was a blast to play! Lots of care went into the enemy and level design and the final boss was satisfying to beat, even after getting all the upgrades." - Syrupmasterz

"Well presented, crafted well, I see the potential." -TheExtremeH


Winner The Transforming Tank-Bot

By Coco199X

"Another day, another crotch joke. I enjoyed this little short, and the 3d animation is pretty good too! They're packin' a lot more down there than what meets the eye." - ProffessorDunce 

Honorable Mentions:


"A cool project that was, unfortunately, a couple of days late for Robot Day. The action and the heart and soul of the project is all there though, so it just needs more in-betweens to smooth everything out, and we'd all love to see a remastered version someday!" - Syrupmasterz



The theme of the Battlebots by Manvineo

"It might not be as metal as the 56k, but it's just as bumpin. The classic jungle drums paired with sick synths make this super nice on the ears." - ProffessorDunce

"Other songs had robotic synths or robotic elements, but with the robot effect vocals, lyrics and instrumental, BattleBots was Robot Day through and through." -SyrupMasterz

Honorable mention:

56k of Doom

"My personal favorite. It reminds me of old metal remixes I'd hear on internet videos so often years ago. The modem screeches make such an interesting use of the theme, and fit perfectly with the already pleasantly abrasive guitar." - ProffessorDunce

Comedy Audio:


Stop that

By Fersto, LuckyDee, SummerOlives, and VoicesByCorey

"Corey commits his first robot homicide" - TheDyingSun

"Even after listening to it multiple times, I still smile and chuckle as B0T and the Creator get fed up with R0. Would love to see a toon animated to this someday!" -SyrupMasterz

"The dialogue these two metal-made-meatheads prattle on about is an enjoyable back and forth. The voicework is crisp and high quality. 

Inclusion of a that's-what-she-said joke scores bonus points". - ProffessorDunce 

Honorable Mentions:

Nightmarish Bionic Giant Mechanical Spiders by Durinde

"Narration about spider-shaped amalgamations of flesh and cybernetics in an ad while pop music plays got some big laughs out of me. Well played. :P " - Syrupmasterz

Thanks again to everyone that joined, all of you were kicking the judges asses this year and making those choices even harder. Its always great to see what all of you come up with!

And of course, goes without saying, but we enjoyed all of the entries, not just the ones that won or were honorable mentions.

My favorites list got a whole lot bigger after all of the judging, and I'm looking forward to seeing what all gets followed up on, since a few different things had cliffhangers. :) -SyrupMasterz

This year Robotday almost didn't happen, so I wanted to thank @syrupmasterz and @tom for stepping up as PrizeMasters, as well as judging and for @thedyingsun, theextreamh, and proffessordunce, for all stepping up to judge and organize Robot day this year, it means a lot!

Ill be awarding 1 year subs, and getting addys in the DM for stickers and stuff.


Oh and I plan to have the next Robot day on our regularly scheduled day. The 26th August

See ya Next year!



Congratulations, everyone! I may have lost, but the winners truly deserved the prize. Good luck next year!


well congratulations for the W holders! time to go home now

Congrats to all the winners!!

Congratulations to the winners and a hearty round of applause to the honorable mentions! Looking forward to next year's Robot day as well.

Good times were had by all and now the world has more Robots, just in time for the holidays! :P

It was an honor to help out too! Robot Day is always fun to check out, so lending some prize money was no problem since I had some extra bucks in the fun jar this year.

And of course, goes without saying, but we enjoyed all of the entries, not just the ones that won or were honorable mentions.
My favorites list got a whole lot bigger after all of the judging, and I'm looking forward to seeing what all gets followed up on, since a few different things had cliffhangers. :)

well said!



Thank you to all the NG mechanics!

Congratulations to all the winners who participated in this event! It was really cool! My activity on newgrounds started with madness day, now I have met my first robot day! And especially thanks to MindChamber, for paying attention to my work, it was very nice to see you in the comments

Omg, thank you so much for picking us for comedy audio! That one was so fun to make and I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it! Cheers for Robot Day!!!

Congrats guys!

Congrats to the winners!

Congratulations guys!

Congratulations everybody!

it was a pleasure to judge so many fantastic entries, congrats to the winners.

this was great fun. Congrats to the winners! lookin forward to next year!

Great submissions everybody! Congrats to the winners and the many participants that had shown their talent through and through. You all rock!

NG's Robot Day was a happy day for me, seeing so many cool creations!
This was my first time participating and I am thrilled that I didn't expect to win in the movie category...! This is an honor for me, and I want to thank everyone I met at NG and everyone involved in Robot Day!

Am I seeing this right? Omg, I was surprised to find out that I got picked! Composing the battle theme for BattleBots was a fun endeavor as I was enjoying myself tinkering with the vocal effects for the song, and I am so glad you guys enjoyed it! Live long and prosper, Automatons!!!

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