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Robot Day 2023 Winners

Posted by MindChamber - September 2nd, 2023

Sup RobotHeadz, here is a list of this year's Robot Day winners.

Now remember if you didn't make the list, it doesn't mean your submission wasn't awesome, art is subjective!

It's winner's time


1st Place:

Almost missed this one! A Slick puzzle game with its roots set in old school Wario woods mechanics, it has loads of charm, great art ,music, and solid control, This was fun to play and great to look at..

P.S. This is why proper tags are important when doing NG contests, I missed this one, and possibly would have saw it after my judging!

2nd Place:

Punk/ska is not my jam, but there is no denying this still slaps. The puny lyrics are on point, and the music and singing is pro quality. Plus that amazing song cover art by Daker777NG

3rd Place:

amazing Piece with a stylish face design,insane detail and lighting to the mecha bits.

I just really loved staring at this one.


Much Love to everyone who took the time to make a submission for Robot Day, like Seriously, it means a lot.

Honorable mentions:

This platformer is great, slick, and addictive, some moves can feel abit sticky at times, but it had the hallmark traits of classics like Mr. FancyPants and 'N" would love to see more of this one, maybe with a little splash of color.

awesome job.

A nicely detailed group shot of the gang, with some really pleasing colors, would make a great postcard

Great design, and concept, enjoy the TF Prime-styled design as well.

Love physical art and this one is just great. I cracked when I realized he had a face.

the hammered metal paneling really sells it

Awesome design and great use of colors

Great pixel art and animation

Super Slick work

Great job adding so many characters in there, ended up being a perfect site skin!

This one is a banger, the drops are solid, and the melodies at the end are just haunting. Please don't ever stop.

Hits all the right notes with that NES charm.

Winners send me your paypal details in pm,

losers send me your death threats.




Congrats everyone! A ton of super cool submissions this year!

I’ll kill you. I’m kidding.

Love all these winning submissions, they look amazing!

I take full responsibility for being a knucklehead and a bad tagger. A potent mix of shame, pride and appreciation stirs within me today.

good stuff of the mechanical variety. gj everyone

Great entries! Thanks for keeping Robot Day going and thank you everyone who made stuff! Imagine a <<V>> animated series.

Amazing work everyone! Happy Robot Day to all

Very good and fun entries!

A shame I couldn't join this year, but I will do my best to jump in the next Robot Day!

we missed ya buddy <3, all good, see ya next year

congrats for all the winners here and for everyone, hope yall had a cool robot day :3

Great job everyone it was awesome to participate this year again!

Congrats to the winners! This was so fun to take part in!

I type the comment myself to send mindchamber and thanks for him i showing the newgrounds art pictures. https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/jdyjohansson/fr-alt

Oh my gosh <3

What great entries and I was thrilled to participate, congratulations to the winners.

thank you for an honorable mention and congratulations to the winners!!^^

<Beep Boop... Robot Day 2023 = concluded... Shutting down...>
Congratulations to the winners! Lots of epic entries, the Kaiser Hedd Kannon was my favourite. Looking forward to next year!

@JDYJohansson Hey JDY this picture looks amazing the friendship reunion such as alt and original thanks for him. https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/jdyjohansson/friendship-reunion

very cool

had a real blast! long live ROBOT DAY!

Oh, wow, thanks for including me in honorable mentions. Also, congrats to the winners.

How but BEEP

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