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Madness Day and Blam Juice

Posted by MindChamber - September 25th, 2008

Well Madness Day is now over and Im still settling down from the buzz.
There was alot of really cool submissions this year, and Im glad I was able to be a part of it this time.

I hope I didn't creep too many of you out with my freaky submission.
It was fun hustling on that thing and The last two days before I submitted were killer but it was fun to finally upload something again.

Nothing really compares to the high you feel while you wait there all giddy for your submission to pass judgment and read all the cool and retarded comments. Especially the retarded ones, Those never get old haha.

Anyway if anyone was curious how I was able to stay up for so long have a look at my Blam Juice!

The tank flavored Exlixir with enough vector nector to keep you animatin' for days on straight! haha

Actually I have planned to have these available for the next time we do an east coast con.

But here's the cool part. I had these done purely for sample purposes and to get an idea of what the cans would look like., The fact that these cans will be at the next east con is still up in the air, and the final design isnt even finalized, so that makes these puppies some pretty neat collectors items.

So Just to show how amped making that submission got me, I will be mailling one out to the first 5 five winners of Madness day..

Hope you guys enjoy them


BTW, just know Im doing this personally so after the winners give their address info to bob they need to do so again for me, just make sure you have BLAM JUICE IN YOUR subject.

Btw I uploaded the Movie to youtube,I was getting alot of PMs about how my movie was crashin comps etc. Its really is just a quick and dirty flash so ya, its not gonna play all that great on lower end computers, so I uploaded it, but the compression raped it, so if anyone has better suggestions let me know.

/* */

Madness Day and Blam Juice



holy shiiit! i've not seen your submission yet, but holy fuck thats fucking dope

awesome. I'll come next year just for that

holy shit i really want that blam juice. >:0

You should have a whole chain of soft drinks.

Blam Juice (more taurine and ginseng then legally allowed >:(!!!)
Vector Nector (apple juice with crack?)
Gradient Radiance (some kind of tea)


haha yeah that would work perfect

blam juice

your flash submission (regent was better)

lol, I think Ill live

honestly, i really don't like the can design as it is. I think you should either have only the agnry faic or the tank, instead of tryin to jam both of them on there... idk what i'm sayin here

looked kinda plain with just angry face, but who knows its a work in progress

hurry up with that blam juice dude!!!!!!!

When are you guys gonna have some West Coast Action?

you had it at comiccon and friggin pax, dont be greedy >:c

Madness Regent was a bit to short. As for my minds madness, it was awesome. And love the little comments on the pic, "and that's a good thing" <3

I know what you mean about submitting a flash. I do it about once a year, and the anxious feeling you get as you wait to see if your Flash has passed or not is quite weird.

But with your level of quality I'm sure you don't worry if your flashes pass or not. It's just me :'(

It'd be cool to see an art contest for Newgrounds soft drink designs. Tricky's Tropical Twist? How about some Pico Punch? Egoberry Awesome Juice, perhaps?

lol egoberry

I dont know, that drink seems dangerous :c


12th line, "me at " you meant to say "meet", but you misspelled it. Just thought you should know.

i meant to say "be" fixed now



What do tanks taste like?

I sorta agree with ansel, i dont think the newgrounds needs to be so prominent, maybe the word blam juice could be more menacing and have a handrawn quality.. i bet it would be such a conversation piece drinking a drink with a big angry face on it.. therefore i almost think itd be tempting to have the face and then blame juice but in a red or something that isnt outright apparent ... but rather subtle name.. the driving factor being just this unhappy emoticon.. it would kinda align with the mood that the shirt gives off... ive had alot of people ask what that means and why anyone would want a shirt with an angry faice on it.. and how unprofessional i am wearing that to work....

....i digress....

I guess all that can be written on the side, Ill revisit it soon

I think you should just call it BLAM. Or Newgrounds BLAM.
Puttin JUICE on the end of a drink name is like putting ADVENTURE on the end of a game name or THE MOVIE on the end of a movie name. Just makes it seem a whole lot more generic.

I think you should just throw out a design contest for kicks.

cool idea about the contest

you should put it in a shot glass an call it a Blam Slam.

I am not sure which is more dangerous Skull and Crossbones on a Drink or the Angry Faic on a Drink....I dare not drink it, but sure as hell I will buy it!

What does it taste like?

I'm quite a health conscious fellow so my beverages usually range only to

fruit juice

I've never been able to HANDLE the intensity of those SUPER CAFFEINATED drinks.

Kona Coffee pretty much gets me wired enough (it's much stronger than "Folders")

But given the association of the image...I'd say this Drink Packs a PUNCH!

(Maybe someday...Newgrounds can Patent their own Novelty Soda! Kinda like at Comic Con...SquareSoft sold "Phoenix Down" drinks in Fancy Glass bottles...no Joke...I saw then for sale at Toy's ad Joy's.)

kona coffee sounds yummy

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