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Congrats to all the NG Tank Award winners..

Posted by MindChamber - March 8th, 2009

Seriously Congrats to the winners, and all the nominees, you guys earned it man,

/* */
uploaded a clearer version


Kind of ironic that youtube has the clearer version, usually its the other way around.

ya I uploaded a gig file, where as on newgrounds I was limited to my normal 15 megs

thanks but i'm still not giving you my tank

Love the video, congrats to winners. I would have preferred for Easy Way Out to win best cartoon, but they're both great anyway.

you did a really good job on this vid

all winners were deserving indeed! and big ups for making this movie, MC! Great job!

thanks ruc, you da man

most of the crap- i mean stuff you make suc- i mean is so funny.

Must have been a blast to make.

Was Tom the one who said lets do a few different takes of things or did you guys decide together just to make several takes and by the end realized that all the funniet should all be in the vid? I love when Tom moves his hand twice but says nothing!! And when he dances. (CONGRATZ BRAD!)

I also am curious to know how far MGF came to being in top 5.

Also is it just me or are you guys hinting that user of the year next year will probably be the person that generates the next best product in the NG store?

Lastly Tom sitting by green screen (curtain) is great! I'm sure you jut threw that in last second!

I usually just turn on the camera and tell tom "Go" haha.

I only give gim the ruffest of outlines, and the rest is improv

You're never on AIM anymore :(

I am now, chatting with Oney

Toms such a great actor :) and your an awesome editor!

nice dude, also what the fuck was tom doing at the end?(crouch position lol)

k l8s

Great video, but unexpected movie winner. Could have sword it was going to be bambee or Easy way out. Is it staff who make the final pick or users votes added up?

I'm guessing a bunch of people are going to post up a bunch of mock Tank award videos next year before the actual one is posted. I'm just pondering if anyone is going to fall for it.

I added it to my list of cool YouTube Videos.

<a href="http://johnny29.newgrounds.com/news/post/238719">http://johnny29.newgrounds.com/news/p ost/238719</a> :)


tank you for making that.. it was pretty funny :)

also NG is getting more and more into the video business.

Soon it will be a hentai site with vids.

When Tom's name comes up at the bottom of the screen, what does the text to the left of it say? It's only there for like a second and the quality is never clear enough to read it.

no text just icons from the site. like the game icon, movie icon, etc.

I am a fan of fancypants 2 I cant wait to play it great job to the winers

Was the end all that important? I already know that Tom isn't working on Pico2.

I was kind of hoping that Metal Gear Funnies would win, but whatever.

lol, why? it was epic

Congratulations to the winners.

Not that big a user of the Audio.portal, but is mostly pleasantly surprised, when I do visit it, so Waterflame is definitely one I will remember to check out

RaNaeNae deserved that award for her organizing here on Newgrounds. Congratulations to her

Chuck's New Tux wasn't my favourite, but It was well animated and drawn, so I can understand that it won

Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2, however, is a little surprising to me, since it doesn't seem to best fill out the criteria listed for consideration on the nomination page.
The criteria being:
* Overall concept and originality
This is probably where I wonder the most. It's pretty, fluent and entertaining, but gameplay wise, it's is "just" a platform adventure, not exactly the most original of all things. I do believe that some of the other finalists showcased a bit more originality in gameplay.

* Game mechanism and controls
Simple and easy controls made FPA:W2 easy to play for all. But the movement and jumping could be quite difficult to control at times, as well as moving just a little bit, without rocketing into great speeds, which did make things, such as the snail challenges, quite frustrating.

* Replay appeal
The amount of Replay appeal is limited (from my point of view) in most Platform adventures. Most people play through them to complete them, and then replay them again much later, out of boredom or of nostalgia or something. Personally I have only played this twice since its release. Not because it's bad, but because it doesn't really have that replay value I seek.

* Level of difficulty/accessibility
As mentioned earlier, it is an easy and accessible game to play, with an okay difficulty in it. Not too hard and not too easy. However I do feel that some of the other nominees had these qualities too.

Still Congratulations to the winners, and hopefully they will continue to deliver quality stuff in the future.

all valid points!

cool gratz all!

relpy to me to make me feel special

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