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New Minigame with Frosted Comin' Soon

Posted by MindChamber - April 3rd, 2009

Wanna get rid of that china post, the bodyworks image is yuky in the mornin when Im having breakfast,
and what better way to do it than talk about a New mini-Game coming From frostedmuffins and I.

It will be similar to the Pico Blast game, and hopefully just as fun.

we are aiming for Pico Day , and it will have medals, yay.

New Minigame with Frosted Comin' Soon

Comments (77)

Sounds great, I'm looking forward to it!

lmao, the pic.

Sounds good, then again, when has anything you submitted been bad lol?

sounds great,im lokin' forwrd to it... it will be a great game
your animation is really good :P

what ever happened to rise of the p-bot? or whatever it was gonna be called

backburner.. i had a HD crash lost alot of BGs

Cool. Looking forward to it MindChamber...

How could you suspend me from sending you messeges

easy, theres a button right next to your name that sayz 'block User'

When you work with Frost....that can only mean something I will truly love.

Pico Day? or Sooner?

Pico day at the latest

Prepare for a cockslap if on May 1st there is no Rise of P-Bot.

Looking forward to that and the various merchandising opportunities :)

lol :3

that bodyworks thing was pretty fuggen gross tho, glad you changed it XD

ya and they smell funny. holding a human brain in your hand is cool though

When are you planning to release a developer API for badges?

Cool! Will it have NG medals???

\Whoa!!! An IRON!!! No way!!

Yay for medals! I'm not working with anybody this month for Pico day so if you need something epic/cheek in tongue made for this awesomeness hit me up, i'd be only too happy to! Either way I loved Pico Blast so i'm looking forward to this.

cool ill let ya know

lookin sexy ;)

stop lookin in the da mirror >:c

I take it Voicegirl will play a part in this some how?


the pink knights a dude

I'd pay alot of money to play as that badass in CC

Great! I'm looking forward to it, probably it will be fun, and coming from you I know it will have cool graphics.


Medals? Yay...wait, are they hard, easy, or medium?

can't wait!

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