StickSlayer will live on Forever.

2009-10-22 11:56:53 by MindChamber

Ben Spurgin (aka Spurginator) has been gracing newgrounds with his creativty for almost a decade now. I loved his over the top flair for the dramatic, as well as the ridiculous, and I rarely found anyone who was able to marry the two so effortlessly.

No matter what medium he worked with,be it film,games, or music, he attacked it with the same Zest and flair that only Ben could do. At times Ben would come to me for advice, but I would always go to him for inspiration, and thankfully I still can through his submissions.

I feel selfish in saying this, but I'm more pissed than sad that he's gone.

We had plans man!!!..I wanted to see both of us grow, compare notes, goof on each other. Whatever. Thankfully he left us his StickSlayer , Power of the Geek, Peeman cartoons to watch, and forever will his work be immortalized on NG, for the old and new flash artists alike.

And to Ben's mom,

well you know how I feel, and that feeling is echoed throughout NG and every upcoming flash artist hes ever inspired.

StickSlayer will live on Forever.


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2009-10-22 12:04:13

Man that really sucks.. :<


2009-10-22 12:04:24

:( it sucks when an NGer moves on.


2009-10-22 12:04:28

So, what was the reason that he's gone? Kinda' sad though, cause (no matter how much I love stick animations) StickSlayer was awesome.


2009-10-22 12:05:35

^ Ben passed away from a heroine overdose on October 13, 2009. ^


2009-10-22 12:11:06

Owh man. Thats totally messed up.
I mean, taking heroine isn't a smart thing, I guess. But an overdose would suck. It would suck indeed.


2009-10-22 12:25:41

That legendary man left this world?????? I remembered he let me test out his Pimp's Quest game back when he was working on it.....


2009-10-22 12:34:28

I've been following his work since he started submitting way back in '00/01. It's sad to see a Newgrounder go. I also remember he wanted to do Pimp Quest 2. No more Stick Slayer. :/


2009-10-22 12:36:14


I don't even know what to say...

I'm shocked.

His flashes were creative and funny and it's terribly sad that he is no longer with us.


2009-10-22 12:41:35

r.i.p. ben...i wish you were still with us but sadly your not. you wont be forgotten ben.


2009-10-22 13:03:25

I used to watch Stick Slayer when I first came to NG, and I loved the concept. I didn't know much about him past his movies, since back there wasn't the social aspect the site has now. It's a shame he had to go out on account of drugs. Shooting H is like playing Russian Roulette, only you never know how many chambers the gun has, or how many bullets are in those chambers. I'll watch an episode or two and drink a beer for the fallen.


2009-10-22 13:17:22

Didn't know the guy well, but I watched the first few episodes of Stick Slayer a while back. It's terrible that he's gone.

R.I.P. Ben Spurgin. :,(


2009-10-22 13:29:38

Oh man...that's never good.

Rest in Peace, Ben.


2009-10-22 13:38:20

Ah dude! I feel ya man. I lost a best friend too. (Only to Cancer.)

Find Peace dude, often the main reason why most artists 'are' so creative is that they do so much drugs. It's a sacrifice of life, to the dedication of one's art.

Newgrounds should have a "Hall of Fame" section.

A place dedicated to deceased artists with great art.

Take Care Bro.

No Anger Okay?

It'll just make you feel worse.

As long as he isn't forgotten, he lives though his art.


When Brudda IZ died, it was a sad day. But he did what he loved. Life is all about doing the meaningful things in life that are meaningful to you. That's all that really matters really. uru7Q


2009-10-22 13:53:05

RIP Ben.


2009-10-22 14:20:52

20:11 rtil aw man i've been banned from mindchambers page
20:11 rtil no fun!
20:11 Ixintro what were you gonna say?
20:11 rtil i was actually gonna pay my respects to that guy
20:11 nuac ahahahahahaha

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

not really in the mood for your trolling ,or his. bug me later.


2009-10-22 14:32:30

it's so sad when you've got to say goodbye to an NGer :'[


2009-10-22 14:37:54

It really sucks that he died from a Heroin overdose, and I've lost family members myself (but not from drug overdoses). The man had as much a role in making Newgrounds into what it is today as you, Tom, Wade, Dan Paladin, Em Kaah (where is he now is a mystery to me), McFretN, Sirkowski, N0-G0D, Krinkels, Adam Phillips, and many others. I really looked forward to Stick Slayer 9, Power of the Geek 4, Generic Man 2, and Pimp's Quest 2. He planned on having at least 250 shots in the latest Stick Slayer. Who will continue build upon that is anyone's guess. In other words, Ben Spurgin wasn't just one of us; he was THE BEST of us.

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

I looked forward to SS 9 as well. I shot off a PM to his moms. Though I know shes probably too distraught to think about such things right now, I told her I would be honored to push my side movie away for now, and finish Stick Slayer 9 for him.


2009-10-22 14:59:10

He did a short piece for my old ng under attack movie :*(


2009-10-22 15:00:26

As sad as this is, it is so cool that he created a character that so many of us Newgrounders feel a connection to.
R.I.P Ben "Spurginator" Spurgin your work will live on forever.


2009-10-22 15:03:50

When Psycho Goldfish gave me the news I thought it was some sick joke. I can't believe Ben is dead. We always talked about collaborating in some way, either a game, or on some metal tracks, but I guess now we never will... He was one of the nicest people I've ever known, turned me onto alot of great music, and was a truely gifted artist. The world has lost a great animator, guitarist, musician, and human.
Hard drugs are a plague.


2009-10-22 15:52:30

I don't know what to say... he was such a great person.


2009-10-22 15:57:30

aww man thts awful just awful he will live on we should make a remembrence flash day about him and use his previous flashes as inspiration R.I.P Ben Spurgin


2009-10-22 16:04:56

Aw shit. :(


2009-10-22 16:33:36

R.I.P Ben, Jeff, Adam and Brain
(AKA StckSlayer, Regret, Livecorpse and TheGimpsta)


2009-10-22 16:37:34

I prefer to not let death affect me. I dont care anymore, shit happens. If your religious and he was a good person with a few sins then theres nothing to fear, hes kicking it in heaven. If your not and prefer the thought that nothing exists in death then he went out like a champ in that he created one of the most memorable series on NG and made some kicking music. He didnt die homeless and suicidal with nothing accomplished, he died a man who gave his audiance a few moments of happiness watching his movies.

But whats happened has happened, and there is nothing mourning will do. I learned that 30 minutes after my moms funeral. You can cry or get pissed, but the best medicine is laughing at the good times and moving on. S'all I can say really.


2009-10-22 16:44:31

I may kill myself this is IT

MindChamber responds:



2009-10-22 17:23:38

HEROIN? Damn dude he pretty much killed himself. That's such a waste. It sad he died but come one, he o.d.ed on HEROIN? Damn.....


2009-10-22 17:30:03

I waited and waited for the next one to come along. Especially Pimp's Quest, which was just too fun for me when I joined up on Newgrounds all those years ago.

Any who, that's fuckin' terrible... Wish the mother best of luck to deal with this tragedy.


2009-10-22 17:36:23

Ben was one of my early inspirations, sad to see the news.. :(


2009-10-22 17:38:07

Wow.. I'm so sorry to hear that. I grew up watching his work on Newgrounds, I can recall all of the episodes and how much they inspired me to learn Flash all those years ago.

RIP Ben.


2009-10-22 17:52:51

Oh man that sucks. Pimp's quest was one of the first games I ever played on ng even before I had a account. Rock N' Roll does horrible things to good people.


2009-10-22 18:01:34

that sucks. I just saw one of his animations and it was great, he sort of made something simple over dramatic and just plain awesome. :'(

MindChamber responds:

He was definitely destined to be one of them crazy directors. Along the lines of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.


2009-10-22 18:06:18

That's a realty nice tribute, Jose. Couldn't have said it better.


2009-10-22 18:46:11

ugh i was so excited for his next film. it shows in his work he was getting much better, too.....ugggggh

rip ben

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

ya, the art was actually catching up to that crazy vision of his


2009-10-22 18:50:21

Stick Slayer was one of the first things I ever watched on Newgrounds and I have very fond memories of it.

Rest in peace, Ben. We love you, man.


2009-10-22 18:55:55

*sniffle* we will all remember him..

MindChamber responds:

Except you,.... since well , you just signed up this year and you wouldve been 3 when he was around.


2009-10-22 19:00:33

Man that is sad..
Gone gone, the damage done.

Rest in peace..


2009-10-22 19:06:58

oh wow, i grew up watching this guy's stuff.



2009-10-22 19:38:07

Did he pass away?

That's sad. I've never heard of him, but it's sad to hear nonetheless.


2009-10-22 19:50:55

What an awful feeling it is to have lost a friend. One of the first movies I remember watching of his was Stick Slayer vs Xiao Xiao. Funny shit.

Sorry for your loss

R.I.P Ben


2009-10-22 20:15:39

Newgrounds is full of heroin addicts and murderers.

MindChamber responds:

and you pretend to be both, but mommy allows you to be neither.


2009-10-22 20:20:44

Watching every episode I have to admit Ben deserved this role of inspiration. His work had elements in it which I would never have thought to see in such early flash files. There was some pretty good 3d, some slick animations, after episode 6 it was just nuclear epic after nuclear epic.

A damn shame to have lost him, I too can feel his loss now.

MindChamber responds:

definitely. He treated flash more as a medium instead of a gimmick


2009-10-22 22:00:30

Its sad I had forgotten him, seeing only a few way back then. Considering his flashes dates, they are extremely well done. After seeing his last SS, no doubt the next was going to be the flash worth watching. It sucks his comeback was cut to soon.


2009-10-22 22:45:38

I wish this were some sort of sick joke - I remember laughing my ass off when I was a kid to the first Stick Slayer. That cartoon really cheered me up when I was down. I can't believe this happened!


2009-10-22 23:32:29

Tim Jewell also died recently, it's sad these guys are pretty young and seem to be in some sort of psychological pain.


2009-10-23 00:03:39

He was an idiot for doing heroine in the first place but may he rest in piece and all that shit.


2009-10-23 01:19:10

You would finish Stick Slayer 9?

I completely support this, dude. That would be really awesome of you.


2009-10-23 03:24:09

Since I have discovered Newgrounds, I have been constantly visiting the site searching for funny, creative and just plain awesome content, of the likes a man would find nowhere else than here. And I just took all that for granted, and sometimes I forget that the Masterminds behind all that wonderfull creativity will eventually pass away. I have never heard about Ben Spurgin, hadnt had internet long enough for that, but I checked out alot of his flashes, I really enjoyed them, so full of unspoiled awesome!
It cinda makes me sad to see such a teriible message on a site wich normally is filled with joy.
May you live long Mindchamber.

MindChamber responds:

ya I dont mean to be too somber about it, I kinda just wanna say hey, this dude is gone now, but he was pretty cool, check out his stuff


2009-10-23 03:34:45

its sad he's gone (although i'd never heard of him till now) but at the same time its good that he's pushed NG forward as a community. I just watched his demo real and just from that i can tell he had a vision. i can understand why you'd get inspired by his flash. i'm going to have to watch stick slayer now; it seems pretty epic


2009-10-23 10:03:28

You should definitely finish Stick Slayer 9 for him once things cool down a bit.

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

I would definitely be honored to. I just want to help him finish his vision